I have always been fascinated with packaging
 and recording the products and objects around me
as this collage of blog images shows
and some may say I sort of fell into drawing and painting things like this
because I just grab the nearest thing but it goes a bit deeper than that
I really do think the everyday has a sort of beauty to it
and the objects around me and awesome packaging are constant sources of inspiration

So in a way it comes as no surprise that a growing amount of my work is in illustration
I am getting to work with an amazing array of companies
or a huge variety of different jobs

Companies Like GoodnessMe 

but there is a growing number of brands and companies
that I have been doing some work with
from providing artwork to be used on packaging
headers for facebook feeds or twitter feeds and profile pic illustrations
through to images to be used online and in marketing
to illustrations to be used in cards and promotional materials

So if you are interested in working with me
don't hesitate to contact me at 
I would love to hear from you... xx

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