Cuppa Project

The story of the project goes a bit like this...

have an idea and run with it a bit not thinking people will get into it too much
but let's be honest there are only so many times I can paint my own cups
and the idea of new cups is just too tempting
but then people got in and really supported it
and it was amazing fun
and exciting
and creatively challenging
and it really was like having a cuppa with my friends... new and old friends alike
but then in the middle of all this I was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer
and treatment was intense and took all of my energy
 3 operations, 16 rounds of chemo, 30 doses of radiation later
I am healthy and whole, though gloriously lopsided and I have a very dodgy hair do
but I am in survivor mode and loving it
and with more creative energy returning, my mind turned back to the project
for a time I associated it with diagnosis, but all of a sudden I don't see that anymore
I just see sharing cuppas with my friends again
so here is how it works...

I have a pile of mugs and cups already sent to me and they have been dusted off
and are waiting on my desk
but there is always room for more
so I would love you to be part of the fun
here are some of the completed ones
and just because you have already sent me one doesn't mean you can't send me more
what if you got a really awesome new mug this last year
or if you found an old favourite
they shouldn't be ignored or forgotten... send them in

I will use whatever materials I feel inspired to use on the day
from watercolour and ink, though to a bit of mixed media like the one above
or it may be just a sketch... just going to go with the inspiration flow

Some of them are going to turn out like rubbish, and some will turn out to be special
but sorry in advance if yours is one of the not so special results

I need you to send me photos of your mugs and cups
old, new, chipped, daggy , fancy or so ugly it is cool... I need a wide variety

please feel free to share this link
or the idea with anyone you know who has a cool mug or cup
they don't have to be a follower or a facebook friend or anything... just have a cool mug...
or a not cool mug... just one that is loved... sometimes we love the uncool ones just as much

I will printing them all out and painting whatever one grabs my fancy each day
so I can't guarantee that yours will be painted
or tell you when it might be painted
but you have no chance of me painting yours if you don't send me any photos
because sadly I am not psychic...
though I do think it would be cool and would save so much time if I was 

I will post them once a week or so in a blog post 
I am planning on this being a Tuesday post... maybe not every Tuesday... but most
and you can see which ones have caught my eye that week
and if yours is there I will link to your facebook page, blog
or whatever other source you would like me to
you will just have to include those details with your photo ...again... not psychic people...

I have set up a Pinterest board where I will upload them all
and my art page on facebook will be updated with them if you want to follow along there
plus I post them in my instagram feed as I paint them
I tag you once they are done
so if you follow me on any platform then you will see if yours pops up

And I have made a button if you want to add it to your blog...
crossing fingers and toes that it works... find it on my sidebar at the top

 So let's have a cuppa together...

email your photos to

thanks for being part of this both the first time round
and for the re start...  again... it has meant the world to me and bought so many wonderful people and mugs and cups into my life
happy painting all
Trace xx


Unknown said...

Brilliant idea....I'll be sending you a pic of my teacup...I'll make sure there are no mermaids lurky about...could put you off your stroke... :) x

PaintingWrite said...

love this - I fear you may be inundated with mug shots (see what I did there!) Mine has been sent (although I did use the retro camera app on my tab so if you need a clearer shot let me know - i was trying to be all arty!)

Maria Medeiros said...

oh wonderful! :D I sent an email! :D

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh Tracey, this is such a cool idea! I'll take a pic of mine and send tonight or tomorrow. I have a favorite mug and a favorite "dainty" tea cup. I'll send both and you can decide which one to paint :)
Love, Cindy

~*~Patty S said...

This is absolutely brilliant Tracey...
you amaze and delight me again and again and I just happen to have a few photos that I will be sending your way for your consideration ♥

Cynthia Schelzig said...

What a fabulous project!! I will get one of my fotos off to of my polka dot cups:)

Paper rainbow said...

Great idea! I will send you a photo soon!! :)

Currie Silver said...

Brilliant!! you are an inspiration. What a grand way to DO ICAD and engage others in the process!!

I can tell it's winterish for you, Now, as it turns full-on summerish here. [of course FL is always tuned to summer-like weather, eh?!]

enJOY and I look forward to seeing the fruitie loops of your undertaking.

Jehanne's doodles said...

Oh what a wonderful idea! I will send you a snap of my cup. Love the pininterest ones you have done so far <3

Unknown said...

Wonderful Idea! I will use it as an excuse to buy a really cute Tea Cup! I have all boys in my house so the pretty ones have all been broken. Love your pinterest ones!

Becs said...

Fabulous project! If I can find a nice enough mug it's coming your way. Either way, looking forward to seeing what you come up with. :)

Unknown said...

love this piece and love Stash tea!!!!! your work always makes me so Happy!!!!

A'n'G Johnson said...

I love this. And.... I have a lot of tea cups and coffee mugs... so you just let me know if you need any more!

Unknown said...

Acabo de conocer tu blog y me has cautivado!!!!Entre amigas te digo que mi percepciĆ³n es 1° que eres un ser humano extraordinario, tu forma de plasmar la realidad me fascina, los colores que utilizas... me gusta tu proyecto porque a nosotros los que te visitamos nos da la oportunidad de conocer lo grande que eres!!!!!!! Buen fin de semana para ti y para los que te visitamos.

Warratahstree said...

What a brilliant idea. I found you through BlogNation. You have some beautiful work.
Handmade at Warratahstree

Karla B said...

What an amazing idea!I will send mine!

My name is Erika. said...

Great idea. What a way to celebrate into survivor mode. Hopefully this will just be a tough time in your PAST and you can move into a happy,healthy and busy rest of your long life.

Studio Kaufmann said...

What a fabulous idea! I drink tea from an enormous cup that should have been in the movie Alice in Wonderland because I am a tea and caffeine fiend. Will send you a pic of it. Happy PPF

Beth Niquette said...

As always, you not only inspire me with your artwork--but with your courageous heart.

Paper rainbow said...

I thought I had missed the boat on sending you a mug shot... it seems not.. Hurray!! It is such a lovely idea

Irene Rafael said...

Okey dokey. Photos to come soon. Well, maybe not soon but to come... xo irene

Jo said...

What an awesome idea. I can't wait to see them.

Catharina Engberg said...

I have another super-bowl-Indianstyle-thea-cup for you to paint. Will be sending you a photo later! :)

Deepa Gopal said...

Amazing art as always!!!
You are a brave Girl :)

lorik said...

A great idea Tracy - I will get my camera and cups out today:)

Precious Worker said...

Hi trace, I didn't do the last cuppa so glad I can be in this one. Glad you have recovered so well, my hubs has been thru the radiation stuff and so glad he's also come through. I'll be away a lot between now and Xmas but will try to send you some fave cups!

sue said...

What a fun project. I recently found you and am enjoying the art, and celebrating being healthy now. I'll send you a pics of my fav mug from a special student years ago. Blest day!

Laila said...

Oh my, I'll send you cups all right. Some I bet you've never seen before. How fun!

Boo G said...

So happy you are doing this again. I'm so glad you are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

They look fabulous all nestled together in conversation. I've got a sweet one to send, will do. xox

Serena Lewis said...

A wonderful project, Trace! I remember you painted my mug first time around and I may well have another favourite mug-shot to send you. Keep up your wonderful work. xx

Unknown said...

I sent you a pic in your email of one of the best cups of coffee I ever had -in Barcelona! I was a long way from my home and family in Canada so it really hit the spot :-)