Friday, 4 August 2017

Things that make me swoon...

 There is nothing like a good swoon
 some things are just so lovely that they get a few oos and ahhs
 but some go beyond that... they are truly and magnificently swoon worthy
 think gasps of such deep pleasure 
 you would swear you were in the presence of Jason Mamoa shirtless
 if you have no clue who this is do yourself a favour and google it then come back
 if you are being introduced to his gorgeousness for the first time then you're welcome... 
 he's beautiful right
 so what is making me swoon at the moment???
 well lots... its been a swoony week  it turns out

it is bloody gorgeous and the whole range is pretty special
 but a spritz of this and Sinus Man and Barry can fart all they like
and I am still floating on that gorgeous cloud of L'Occitane loveliness
it is like a fart forcefield... glorious...

despite being particularly farty this week Barry is a bit swoon worthy
he has been snuggling up and being a glorious hot water bottle during my midday naps
except yesterday when I woke to find his back half rather close to my head... never been so grateful for having had him neutered... that would have been all sorts of awful!!!
it would have been a reverse swoon...

 walking with fabulous, generous, supportive friends as the sun comes up
who shamelessly laugh while I trip for the twentieth time and you know secretly they are hoping you'll go down in a pile of limbs... you know... true friends

plus I seriously can't believe we live somewhere so beautiful sometimes

Jam drops from Botanica
which I would show you a picture of but they don't last the trip home in the car

a freshly made bed....
who doesn't love a freshly made bed, and when you spend a lot of time in one like I have been lately this takes on a whole new level of wonderful!!!

lemons and limes in a blue and white bowl
it may have taken weeks to finish this painting but it was just such a beautiful subject... 
if you don't follow PMBCeramics on Instagram then you should
she is crazy talented

and this jug... anthrolopolgie is the epitome of swoon!!!

But more than anything I am swooning over the amazing generosity of people this week
We have been feasting on gorgeous meals cooked for us
I'm talking the biggest tray of delicious bubbly golden vegetarian lasagna 
lemons from a back garden and eggs straight from the chook
I received an extraordinary box of thoughtful and love-filled wonder
handmade scarves and jewelry,beautiful stationery and so much love and generosity that it made me weep with the joy of it all

I received incredible ceramics from Studio Kurbitz in Sweden 
which made my strawberries taste extra special this morning
and the strawberries are perfect too...

this last week or so I have received so many thoughtful emails and notes,
and words of encouragement and support
and in general have felt so wrapped up in caring that I have been in a permanent swoon
I think I am getting addicted to it

So what I want to know is what makes you swoon??? 
what am I missing???
what do I have to go looking for???

thank you to everyone who has reached out and made this the best week I have had in months... your wonderfulness is glorious!!!...

happy painting all... xx


Caitlyn said...

I've been doing a little embroidery - nothing fancy, I just found videos to teach myself a few stitches and I doodle them on fabric - and the bright colors against the white fabric is wonderful.

Also swoon-worthy is my Girasol baby wrap, which I'm using less as my babies get bigger. The fabric is so soft and cushy and the colors are so rich that it makes me happy every time I pick it up. I'll have to make a blanket or something from it, which seems ridiculous when I think about how much it cost, but it would be an awfully wonderful blanket

Sandra Busby said...

Ooh...I definitely like the idea of that pillow mist! A force field is just what I need sometimes! And yes, I'm sure Paul will related to coming face to face with your pets back end... I'll never forget the time that Sherlock accidently 'Tea-Bagged' Paul when he was asleep on the sofa! That was quite a nasty shock that he woke up to... I laughed so hard that day that my muscles ached for days! Needless to say, Sherlock was neutered soon after, hehe! Anyway... as for lemons from the back garden... You are SO LUCKY!!! We have blackberries and cherries. That's it. Nothing like so tropical! Beautiful paintings by the way... but they always are. And so glad you are blogging again. I've really missed your posts!

Jennifer McLean said...

see, now I want that spray! We don't use dryer sheets as we're both allergic to them but I so miss the fresh smell. That's an expensive brand though, lucky girl! Hopefully if they see your gorgeous painting they'll want you to illustrate for them then, BAM you're in with all that smells and looks gorgeous, I LOVE their hand lotion too. Every time they're on the Shopping channel I drool.

Oh, I know what makes me swoon. Seeing a new blog post from you then getting a comment on my blog, thanks for that, I know you're busy.

Sending hugs.Please include the cat, lol. Glad to hear you're sleeping, healing sleep. thumbs up from C-granny. ;o)

Abigail Davidson said...

Gorgeous work as always - so vivid and lovely!

SandeeNC said...

lol, well, I tried to order the pillow mist but they kept saying my state and zipcode were wrong! lol Oh well, guess that was a sign I didn't need to buy any!

Christine said...

Just lovely pieces Tracey!

Jennifer Rose said...

Jason Mamoa is def swoon worthy lol
I've always had a things for Colin Farrell and think Charlize Theron is gorgeous

Does Barry need different food for his farts or is he just gassy? :p

your friends sound like the best type to have, there for you in the thick or thin :)

that painting of the lemon and limes is wonderful! Nice and bright and so life like :)

glad you have had a good week :) (even if it was a bit farty :p)

carol l mckenna said...

Lovely creations ~ very dynamic, Tracey ~ ^_^

Faye said...

Dear Tracey, I just went back to the previous entry to see what is up in your life. I am so sorry that you are going through the cancer thing again. My prayer is that you will again come out on top, free of the disease. We need to see your beautiful work each week because it is both delightful for the eye and encouraging for us less talented folks. I appreciate your kind words on my blog and wish I had half your talent. I thought the bowl of citrus fruit was a photo! And the Delphlike blue and white pieces are simply exquisite. So glad you have a redone house to enjoy. It sounds like a wonderful environment (except for the smells from the cat). Have a great weekend.

Susanne Vargas said...

You paintings like the bowl of lemons and limes make me swoon for example!
Btw, I immediately googled Jason before I even read that I should! Yup, not too ugly! ;)
And now I'm off to google that pillow mist...

A Colorful World said...

LOVE your art! Blue & white are my favorites of dishes, ceramics, etc. and you do such an amazing job with them! Really loved seeing all the work you showed here. Also, that pillow spray does sound awesome...what a great idea! Thanks for visiting my blog too...glad you liked the osprey nest!

Robin said...

Hi Tracey! I have been out of blog land for a while due to health stuff. To read what you are going through brings me to thoughts of healing and prayers for you. It sucks and I am sorry. The wonderful thing is all the happiness, love, swooning, enjoyment, true friends...things we sometimes take for granted when we are focusing on trivial things of daily life. Before knowing what was going on your post made me so happy to see all the beauty and love surrounding you. And regardless of why, you are truly blessed in many ways, despite the disease that is trying to take it away. Know you have lots and lots of people, like me, who will be keeping you in their thoughts and prayers. In the meantime, keep swooning...I need that pillow stuff and am very glad your cat is fixed, lol! One spray of cat can ruin a pillow and more. Big hugz, Rasz

Valerie-Jael said...

Wonderful paintings. Enjoy your mist! Hope you are soon feeling well again. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

Clare Lloyd said...

Fab painting, I love l occitane!

sirkkis said...

Love fresh, bright colors in your art.
Have a great weekend xx

artbyjune said...

I love ginger cats. I've had 3 in the past. Now I have my brown tabby...who keeps me going! I love your blue and white China watercolour paintings. They are so clean and precise ..which conjures up the beauty of the China ware.I have a lovely blue and white China coffee/tea jug. Maybe I should try to include it in an artwork, sometime.

Šolanje na domu-Waldorf said...

Swoon worthy for sure. :) Thanks for sharing with us. Sending you positive energy and wishing you well. xo

Mandy said...

1. Lovely creations, as always
2. Sorry to hear you are unwell...hopefully you are on the path to wellness...xx
3 . I swoon over sunshiny days with beautiful sunlight shining through clouds....I swoon when my children show ki dress that's is uneaxpected. I swoon when the delicious smell or gardenias tickle my nose. Lots more too, but I must visit the others in ppf...xx

Giggles said...

I have missed your blog posts so much... I see you did another in July...I was looking for a post a few weeks before that one. Fabulous work...just love your anthropology jug so much, stunning, as is the gorgeous bowl of citrus fruits!!Your blog makes me swoon! My bed also makes me swoon... especially since the kids painted my big bulky set white... and painted the walls a gorgeous teal! Yummy summer fruit makes me swoon and certain perfumes that I love but can no longer purchase in my area! Before and after photos of almost anything makes me swoon as well as cute animals or children being silly or sweet. So many things fill me with joy and make me swoon. Wishing you well on your recovery Tracey! Sending love and light for more energy, and lots more swooning!!

Hugs Giggles

DVArtist said...

Lovely art. You have a fine touch with color and depth perception. Hope you are feeling better.

Lisabella Russo said...

This post is so swoon worthy. I love the lemons painting especially, but all of your art is so very lovely! I hope you feel better soon.