Friday, 6 January 2017


Welcome to 2017...
 and happy christmas, have a safe new year, stay warm/ cool and hope you survived all the  celebrations and all the other things that I didn't blog about in the last few weeks while  being very absent from the blogosphere
 It turns out that having about 50 balls in the air at one time 
 doesn't just lead to you dropping all of them
 you then stand on them, do the windmilling arm thing and end up flat on your back seeing  stars and wondering what on earth just happened

The renovation has progressed, the stopped, then progressed again
Christmas was survived
jigsaws were done, books read, tea drunk and mangoes consumed
resolutions have not been made
I only know the day of the week by checking my phone
I have no clue where the right shoe of my favourite slides is
plus I have decreed that meal prep beyond opening a bag of crisps is too hard
but I have painted so all is well with the world really...

 renovation hell has entered a new phase here
in fact as I type I am surrounded by all manner of things
that don't belong in the study 
including a wooden model catapult, a ceramic phrenology head, a packet of crisps, which may or may not be dinner tonight,  a cheese making kit and two feather dusters!!

These and other paraphernalia have been stashed here while the rest of the house is a complete blanketed and taped bomb zone for internal painting
which would be mildly tolerable if said painters were in the house
but in true tradie style they phoned at lunch time to say they wouldn't be showing their faces again until Monday
so after a brief half hour of muttering 
and googling how to inflict a boil type curse on their slack arses
I realised it actually meant that I in fact had the house to myself
well Barry is here snoring his little cat head off but he is in such a deep sleep he is barely here!
Sinus is at work and Phants is staying with friends I am in the rare position of actually being able to hear myself think
hence the first blog post in over a month!!!

And I am sharing balls
ceramic blue and white balls
that have been a bit of an obsession in recent weeks

My desk is actually groaning with half finished and almost complete work
and my brain is brimming with ideas so despite the chaos of my immediate surrounds
my creative life is going ahead like a whirligig on steroids
so I am thinking that perhaps chaos is my preferable mode for creative output
who knew!!

so the brain is brimming, the to do list is beyond epic, ours lives are in a permanent state of madness but that is kind of just how I like it... or at least my creative brain does

I hope you all are having a magical New Year
and that you have all chosen your words for the year, 
have made resolutions you have already broken, and that life is in general,  fabulous
I am off to revel in the quiet
happy painting all...xx