Friday, 9 December 2016

A Blue and White Break in Transmission...

It has been too long since I blogged
 renovating and running a business from home just don't mix it turns out
  so nerves have been frayed, and tempers getting a touch shorter 
 well not short so much as it hasn't been out usual laugh fest and we find ourselves lying  around a bit shaking our heads and trying to decide who is more exhausted

Happily the endless renovation of the house is at the stage of pretty much being done
well except for the painting ... inside and out
and the garden which needs a huge amount of work
but construction wise we are done and dusted
 all walls and doors are where they are going to stay... no more jackhammering will be needed... floors are sorted, furniture has been arriving in an ever increasing flurry of deliveries and the fun of decorating is finally starting

Of course due to delays and the inevitable hold ups along the way the painter now won't be able to start until the new year
but when it is all painted in January I will share and give you a tour
At the moment its loveliness is still at the potential stage
as we have a patchwork of walls and raw plaster and endless bloody dust 
but I can visualise it and it is going to be fabulous
totally worth the exhaustion, dust and madness of the last 10 weeks
in fact I am a little stunned at how much we have done in that time...

my way of coping has involved locking myself in the studio as it is the only room in the house not being touched,
 and doing the sort of controlled and realism based work I abandoned years ago
and it has been the perfect antidote and sanity saver
as the dust has plumed alarmingly
and the language turned bluer and bluer
it has seemed an appropriate colour palette to stick with the blue and white

well except for the pineapple  which has no discernable blue to speak of...but it got me through a particularly thorny week
which involved four tradesmen, laundry room demolition, a new floor, doors coming off and going back on, floor wastes causing all sorts of nightmares, wrong appliances being delivered, then one right one, and one wrong one, Barry the cat freaking out at the front loading washer, still waiting on the right dryer and endless rain and storms, wonky shelves, then perfectly righted shelves... etc etc...well you get the idea
it was your typical laundry room renovation... but all through it I just retreated to the studio and tried to calm my brain and prevent myself from slowly banging my forehead into the work table.

but the end is in sight and it is going to be wonderful when it is all done
and sanity is enough intact to survive the madness that is Christmas
so I am off to haul the Christmas tree from the garden shed... well direct Sinus to do it
I don't go anywhere near the back shed... that thing is scary spider zone!!!

happy painting all...xx