Friday, 11 November 2016

Furniture Jenga...

The renovations continue... endlessly
 but it is certainly getting to a stage where I can kind of see the end in sight
 The continued chaos is fuelling my need to exert control somewhere 
  so my paintings are continuing to lean towards realism to soothe my poor frazzled brain
 and I am loving the progress on this one... I might even get to finish it later

There may be more realism to come though
as we aren't going to be done for a few more weeks yet
demolition and reconstruction continues at breakneck speed
 but soon we will at least have the right things in the right room again
at the moment it requires us to move things from one to another as walls are demolished, doors moved and different rooms are worked on
it is sort of like a giant furniture and homewares game of Jenga

I have always been a fan of Jenga
not that I have skills in this arena...I am actually pretty rubbish if truth be told.
My Dad however, is scarily good at it
he blitzed us all one Christmas night a few years ago.
Now on one hand as a retired builder you would hope he would be good at it
but his nicknames, courtesy of Sinus, are either Thumbs, or Knuckles 
and the man has never met a tablecloth that he didn't feel the need to spread crumbs over
or a floor he didn't like to drop something on, and he does have a noticeable, albeit slight, hand tremble so you would think he could have been picked off like low hanging fruit
but no... he was a bloody genius at it

I however excel at dishwasher Jenga... and fridge Jenga
I can stack things in those suckers like no one else.
it is a weird savant type ability as I have no spatial awareness to speak of
and don't even mention depth perception
but somehow fridge and dishwasher Jenga are my thing
perhaps I got more from Dad than just my hair
which showed up as it grew in post chemo and led to him walking in one day and me realising we were sporting matching hair cuts... like exactly! 
same colour, sticking up in the same places... the whole hair shebang...

I had hoped my fridge Jenga prowess would transfer to furniture jenga 
to make the furniture moving for the renovations a bit easier
but I totally suck at it... turns out a large chair on a small pouf doesn't work
well it works if you like a cascade of chair and objects with the first gust of wind
but even I didn't believe myself when I said that was my objective
So I will continue to leave furniture jenga to the experts and will retreat to the studio to attempt to finish this painting

happy painting all...xx


Jennifer McLean said...

I have great spatial awareness, you can borrow mine anytime. Just send a stamped self addressed envelope to... LOL. Hope it all gets better sooner than later my friend. Hopefully we can talk soon. xxoo

Anonymous said...

Omi, I also have dishwasher and fridge Jenga. I am in recovery mode now from trips south and elections.... so needd this bit of happy.

Christine said...

love lemons on blue plate! Renos are usually well worth the pain in the end!

Lisabella Russo said...

It's a gorgeous painting! It sounds like you are having quite the adventures...

Linda Kunsman said...

lemons and limes on blue plate = love! Have never played jenga but what an adventure and stories you'll have to entertain us all for awhile (sadly , mostly at your expense).... happy PPF!

lisa said...

beautiful xo

Giggles said...

Oh your posts are always such a plethora of visual fun. Your artistic skills and words skills are above and beyond!! A much needed bit of joy in my week!! Thanks for sharing... Oh and your blog is wonky... last time I saw a blog lopsided like this it was posted from a phone improperly. You may want to republish it so it's centered!! Maybe check it out on a pc... Morag did this once!!

Hugs Giggles

Kristin Dudish said...

Your realistic paintings are blowing my mind!
(Remind me to tell you about my gloriously idiotic family & jenga. lol)

Susan said...

Gorgeous! Looks like I could pluck on of the plate. Stick with your gift. There is always someone to do the other stuff. Happy PPF (on Saturday_

Rita said...

I have frig, freezer, dishwasher, and art & craft supplies jenga--possibly even furniture jenga--LOL! MY whole apartment is one big jenga puzzle. ;)

I love seeing your realistic paintings lately. Love them as much as your loose woman paintings. Hope you can take us n a little tour when it is finally all finished. :)

Fran said...

Beautiful lemons on a gorgeous blue plate.

Faye said...

I love, love, love your realistic paintings, Trace. But I have no idea what Jenga means and can't find it explained except as a board game. Is it something like spasticity? clumsiness? If it has to do with being spatially aware, don't look to me. I really do not do well when tested in that arena.

Jennifer Rose said...

I am a whiz at Tetris, stacking anything else, not so much lol

love the lighting in your painting :)

DVArtist said...

Love your art. The lemons on blue just beautiful. Ohhh when the reno is done you will sit back and say, "That wasn't so bad." LOL Have a great Sunday.

JKW said...

All of your paintings have always been realistic. I love the header too. OMGosh,I just made a huge move FL to Tulsa and had to move twice, first apt. was flooded. Packing unpacking and repacking. Horrendous. Your painting is not suffering though, you have too much wonderful talent. Blessings, Janet

Serena Lewis said...

Lemons and limes on a blue and white plate is a perfect match...GORGEOUS!

I am not that great at fridge Jenga but, sometimes, I do surprise myself. haha

I have missed reading your blog refreshing and you always make me smile with your sense of humour. Thanks! :)

Sandra Busby said...

Wow, I could almost pick these fruits right out of the bowl! They look so real! I just love this series you are doing. Stunning colours! I need sunglasses!! :0)