Friday, 7 October 2016

Dusting Off The Blog...

Two weeks is a long time in renovation world let me tell you
 the dust
 the noise
 the jackhammers
 the mess
 it has been epic!!!!
 but happily today the last of the dusty awful stuff is done
 well until Monday at least 
 so I got to spend a glorious hour or two corralling dust and crap
  or at least the worst of it
  and for two and a half long and amazing days
 no dust, no tradies and no noise
 It is going to be bliss
I may even be able to drink a little less nerve calming Dandelion tea
I adore this stuff... not for everyone I know
but it is awesome with just a touch of honey...

 I have spent the time somewhat wisely
 I have been working in a frenzied and crazy manner getting 
 up and going
and by late tomorrow all of the lessons will be open 
and people can work through at their leisure
I always forget how long it takes to upload the videos etc
which perhaps hasn't been helped by our rather dodgy internet connection
i have a sneaking suspicion that believing Sinus when he said he had the skills to upgrade and install an new high speed modem thingy.
I blame the dust for my possible poor judgement in that area!

Other genius things have happened too
I got a new mug
and it is perfection...

Barry has decided it is great fun to help me paint
not perfection
bloody cat has been driving me nuts

Phants got a sleep app
and then spent two days working out how to fool it into thinking she is asleep
It was such a proud moment for her which had me shaking my head
she has some serious issues I tell you

and then today we saw an old bloke in a motorized wheelchair
flying along outside our favourite coffee place at a rate of knots
while wearing a helmet and with his dog riding shotgun
he was getting some serious speed up and they were both loving it
makes your whole day to see something like that.

I am getting back to uploading more videos so I can get more of these lessons open
if you are interested in my lino classes there are some buttons in the side bar showing the various options
If you add the code EARLYBIRD before the 17th Oct
you get quite the discount too
it has life time access so you can buy now and play later if that works for you
maybe I will see you in class
happy painting... and printing all...xx


Jennifer McLean said...

yup, you totally had me at dandelion. Love it too. We have a bunch of teabags full of roasted dandelion tea. Congrats on getting the classes up and enjoy the heavenly quiet. :o)

froebelsternchen said...

Always a feast for the eyes to visit your blog! Happy PPF!

Giggles said...

Love Barrys naughty paw...I see him going for the blue too!! I feel you with the renos....such a nightmare. If you're still married after it's done, call it a win!! Always a fun visit! Fabulous art!

Hugs Giggles

Granny Annie said...

Another great addition to PPF.

Anonymous said...

I love your new cup, and the paw slipping out the side and into paint has me crying, because I miss Jai so. Really, I lvoe all our cats but these slightly annoying guys usually become our best friends and I miss his annoying butt sliding papers onto the floor in an effort to be near me.
I can't wait to lino away -- but will not be able to start the dang thing unless I do not sleep at all until after our trip to California... XO

Linda Kunsman said...

awesome illustrations Tracey!! I know full well about renovation work-noise! and plumbing work, and now a new furnace is needed! to top it off we've been having huge internet problems which hopefully will be fixed this weekend-ugh. So hopefully this comment will go through as I seem to have a bit of a connection for the first time in days.
On another note, I have had homemade dandelion wine so I would try the tea:)

Ritu Dua said...

I am always so happy to visit your blog! It is a treat of its own kind!

BrownPaperBunny said...

Oh wow, you have been busy!! I have two kittens that would really like to help me paint too, little rascals. Happy PPF and good luck with the renovations!!

Anonymous said...

I love dandelion tea too, it's always fun visiting your blog and seeing your charming art.

minnemie said...

That cat paw on the pallette takes the cake! Hahaha. Love yr new cup. Gorgeous!

Rita said...

Love your sketches. Beautiful new cup. All the renovations must be so nerve-wracking all week long. Enjoy the peace and quiet this weekend. That Barry cracks me up! :)

Anonymous said...

i have been enjoying look at your photos on instagram this week..that cats paws really made me laugh and of course love the art

artbyjune said...

Beautiful drawings. Love the cat paw, especially as I am thinking over whether to get myself a kitten.

Nadya said...

Ah, dandelions!! I'm adding the greens to salads again, and also enjoy the tea. Fun kitty paws! Happy PPF!

DVArtist said...

I love dandilion tea. Really anything dandilion. Your art is always so impressive and inspiring. Have a great weekend.

Studio Kaufmann said...

So glad that Barry has started painting even tho he's a little reticent about showing his work. I am glad your nerves are still intact after all the building work.
Happy PPF

Jennifer Rose said...

lol at the cat's paw :) would prob try to steal it if he thought he thought it was food :p

Kate Robertson said...

It's been awhile since I have visited and it's always a treat. Love the brayer illustration since mine has not looked that clean since I bought it. The one with your kitty's paw is precious too. I'd love to pick up that tea cup and drink right from it. Wonderful post.

Sandra Busby said...

Haha! Love that shot you caught of Barry! So funny! I'm glad you have reached a point where you are dust free for a day or two. In my world, the last of the dust comes mid next week, which means a few days later I will finally be able to clean the entire house! Yay!! I can not wait for that... With the clean house will bring a happy Sandra :0) I just love your paintings and Lino Prints. Though I have to say, Dandelion tea sounds so gross! ;0)