Friday, 2 September 2016

Proofing The Next Vase...

This week has been all about the blue and white again
 I printed an edition of the large lino block of a vase which was awesome fun and resulted in half the house being blanketed in blue and white prints which was truly a sight to behold
They were printed onto A2 size paper so they were covering every spare surface
beds, floors, countertops... they were everywhere
 but it was a complete joy and Astrid was a fabulous printing assistant as it turns out she  has quite the talent for spotting uneven ink on the block and it is quite fun watching someone who happens to be a tad height challenged carry a wet print with the breeze wafting... it was like watching an adorable smallish person carrying a blue and white sail
 so she's not just a one trick pony with her ninja fence climbing abilities it turns out

Today was all about proofing the next block
and I am almost happy with it
it looks pretty close when I slipped it in the frame which is the first pic on the post
 and while it isn't quite there yet, it is very very close

Barry the cat was supervising and despite the whole walk across a wet print incident
 followed by his genius tip toeing across the perspex I roll out the ink on
 and finally rounded out with the constant flicking of his tail across ink 
he kept me company the whole time and watched with interest as every print was pulled
until he was bored at which point he meowed with increasing volume until I put his favourite box on the table so he could nap

I was kind of panicking about proofing this one as I believed bloody Sinus when he said he could carve the background for me to save me some time
so I was happily starting to carve the giant ginger jar I had drawn up
and we were chatting away and then he proudly showed me my poor block
needless to say a lot of repair work was required, including the need for superglue
but it has survived relatively intact after my initial misgivings and it is close to being sorted
Turns out he needs way more practice before being let loose on a block again

 Between drawing up blocks, carving, proofing, doing illustration work, ignoring jobs and chores, harassing Barry, buying even more fixtures and fittings and choosing endless stuff for the renovation I squeezed in some more painting
it was about the only time I felt sane all week
which is saying something I know
happy painting all...xx


Valerie-Jael said...

Fantastic work, wonderful colours! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

Lynn Cohen said...

Tracy your art never disappoints. I have been enamored all week with this big round blue and white vase. Watching on Facebook as you carved the design and now seeing it in all it's splendor finished. Bravo you for all your fine accomplishments and bravo too to your young helper. Wishing you a creative week ahead.
I also enjoy anew your creative lettering, so much more aware am I since taking the SBS Klass.

Jennifer McLean said...

Pretty kinda sorta totally awesome my dear. You blow me away finding more and more interesting things to paint and print in blue & white. I can't wait to see your master bedroom with it's huge collection of finery. Hope you're also enjoying all the buying of fixtures etc. We're reorganizing the kitchen, that's why I'm writing this at 2:30 in the morning, you're my bedtime treat before I collapse from exhaustion. Mom's still going strong. Thank God she's a silent stepper as someone noisy could keep the building awake all the rest of the loooong night. Hehehe. It's gonna be great though, to stop losing stuff in the kitchen will make me endlessly happy. Yep, weird here. (*jenn raises her hand enthusiastically)

Giggles said...

Impressive as always!! Your painted vase looks so real I feel I could reach into this page and pick it up! Thought it was a photo at first!! Blue heaven for blue lovers!! Can't wait to see some of your finished will be showing it off I hope!!

Hugs Giggles

Ritu Dua said...

These are incredible...I totally adore that vase...looks like actual blue pottery piece! And that jug is outstanding :)

Linda Kunsman said...

gorgeous work all around Tracey!!

Anonymous said...

These are so amazing, cannot believe how you can carve, what a wonder!!!!!!!!!!!xox

Anonymous said...

Omi, this is the best post yet. (I've said that before, I know) This is sooooooooo beautiful! I do keep seeing the squarish vase in green as I've seen the lino block whatchamacallit.... Huggs

DVArtist said...

It is always a pleasure to see your art and these blue and white are amazing.

Unknown said...

Tracey, you are one BUSY lady! Everything is absolute perfection, is so crisp looking. Gorgeous!

Rita said...

These are totally amazing! I hope you have these gorgeous prints framed and on your walls. :)

Alicia C said...

i have always adored your watercolours but I don't know if there's anything on earth that beats a nice lino block or woodcut - I miss doing that

Katie Jeanne said...

You have mad carving skills, Tracey. Oh, my!! These are so fabulous!

Jennifer Rose said...

so much gorgeous blue :D

very intricate work

Tammie Dickerson said...

Super awesome!! I see that you are not a one trick pony, either!! You've been up to so much in my absence! Keep up the great work :)

Sandra Busby said...

There is something about these blue and whites that seems to be a real pick me up! I'm trying to decide on colours for my new kitchen and I am considering a complete re-think!! :0)

JKW said...

I totally understand the 'sane' part. Your Blue and White art is amazing, I love that period. Blessings, Janet

denthe said...

wow, these are wonderful! I love the big vase, it is so beautiful. The blue and white reminds me a bit of Portugese tiles.