Friday, 26 August 2016

Endless Blue and White...

My blue and white obsession has continued this week
 when I've not been working on a couple of illustration jobs 
 that have been keeping me a little too much on my toes if truth be told
  and some lame arsed attempts to get my paperwork in order 
  I have been continuing to obsessively paint all things blue and white
 there is something about the freshness of the colours that just makes me happy
 so I am running with it until I get sick of it
 though scarily it really doesn't feel close to running its course yet

Part of the problem is that I had this idea of having some blue and white lino prints of vases above the bed in the main bedroom
the room is all blues and whites and soft white furniture so it feels pretty perfect
but then I had the idea of maybe doing a gallery wall of all different prints and paintings
in blue and whites and can't decide which to go with
the roof is really high and the room is huge so it can take some colour but for the life of me I can't commit one way or the other so I am creating both options and will decide later
I figure that at the very least the online store and etsy shop will both get an influx of new work so no time is wasted, and quite frankly I am having a blast so am having no trouble justifying all my spare time going to creating them
I also know myself well enough to know I just need to go with it until I am done with the idea
or else it will just nag away at the back of my brain
and I have enough things nagging away back there

things like whether it is worth trying to desensitising Barry the cat so he doesn't freak out at the sight of cauliflower... and carrots
turns out he's not keen on carrots either

I also have this nagging doubt that I had an appointment that I was due to go to next week but for the life of me can't think what it is

plus deciding what taps we should choose, and light fixtures, and when to book the arborist and where the lid to my hand cream has disappeared to and the fifty million other random things that sail through my brain all day
it is like a news ticker on speed in there... 
so I shall retire to some more blue and white and try to ignore it
happy painting all...xx

PS here is the next two videos for the questions and answers series
of course after last week's posting of the first two I got a flood of more questions... ok not a flood but certainly more than a trickle so I will do one last video answering your questions
so if you have anything you wanted to ask now's your chance
pop it in the comments below or contact me via email etc... 


Clare Lloyd said...

Fab work

Giggles said...

When your daughter marries into a hundred percent dutch family you can be sure to see loads of this colour delft blue in many of their homes.. Always charming! Love the tea pot it's gorgeous with the white spout! Loved your last videos so I will be back to visit these ones!!
Thanks for sharing...and enjoy your adventure into blue!

Hugs Giggles

sirkkis said...

Gorgeous work!
Happy PPF ❤

Linda Kunsman said...

well, you can stay "blue" as long as you like as far as I'm concerned-this art is stunning Tracey!! Thanks for the vids again too:)

Faye said...

I for one love your blue and white obsession! Beautiful work as usual, Tracey.

peggy gatto said...

Compliments from a blue and white fan!!!

genie said...

The Delft blue is a heavenly color and one of my old times favorites. How you were able to paint in all of the detail I cannot even begin to imagine. Gorgeous work. Cannot wait to go through your videos. Thanks so much for sharing them with all of us. genie

DVArtist said...

I have to tell you I am NOT a FAN of the color blue. However, this is rich and stunning.

Jennifer Rose said...

cats can be afraid of the oddest things, cucumber seems to be a common one as well. odd animals :p

I love all the blue and white, reminds me of old houses :)

Sandra Busby said...

I have missed so much on here! I am so pleased to finally catch up and I can't tell you how beautiful all of your blue and white paintings are! Absolutely stunning and right up my street! Love the videos too... I feel like I'm having an actual cuppa with my Aussie pal. Perfect! :0)

Faye said...

I absolutely adore all your blue and white illustrations and can't get enough of them. Maybe it's because my kitchen is blue and white! Mostly white and gray with cobalt blue accents on walls, windows, etc.

NatureFootstep said...

This is patterns and colors that I think everyone loves. They are beautiful and you make it look so good.