Friday, 19 August 2016

Blue and White China and Ninjas...

 It has been a glorious week creatively speaking
 full of blue and white lino prints and paintings
 several more are already started after this tester watercolour was such a pleasure
 and my lino print of the huge blue and white vase/urn made it through the test print stage
 which was a relief after so long carving the sucker
but all was well and even the block looked beautiful inked up

Yet another blue chair was drawn up and painted
I am starting to think I have a problem and maybe should just buy a blue chair 
and be done with it

Barry the cat gained a new quirk and has decided to only sleep 
if a human is also lying down with him

he also discovered the vegetable crisper in the fridge and just likes to touch everything in it
except cauliflower... he is still deathly scared of a whole head of cauliflower

In amongst all of that fun and wonderfulness 
I also had the thrill of watching an actual ninja doing their thing
after going out walking with my great friend and partner in crime, Rach
we arrived home to find me locked out... no clue why I removed the fence key from my keyring, but I did... so while I am busy calling Sinus to get his late butt home to let me in
 Rach scaled our six foot fence like she was a ninja crossed with a mountain goat
Poor Sinus got a very garbled message which consisted of me loudly asking him where his mildly late butt was, interrupted by me suddenly 
yelling at Rach to get down off the bloody fence as she isn't 40 anymore then more panicked yelling and name calling as she scaled the 6 foot structure like it was about a foot high, happily dropping over the fence, nailing the landing and unlocking the gate for me... bloody legend
plus in amongst my panicked name calling  and voicemailing  Sinus I even managed to snap a pic so we have evidence of this madness... talk about multi- tasking

Rach has unparalleled talents it turns out and I feel this now necessitates a change in alias for her... for years she has been Astrid Tagliatelli to my Kiki Von Stroganoff, but in light of these new skills I feel we need a more scaling great heights type name
my suggestions of Heidi was shot down and countered by her suggesting Xena
but that is just silly... who is going to believe someone is called Xena Tagliatelli...
the search for a new name will continue
of course any suggestions will be welcomed...

 so this afternoon the block will be shaped and the final adjustments made 
 so I can print an edition very soon which is crazy exciting
just seeing the palette is enough to make me swoon...

 I also got some youtube videos up which I will attach below for you if you want a squizz
I am answering some of the questions left after last week's post  and on social media
 and the lino class is finally finally moving in the right direction 
 it is all go really

happy painting all...xx


Unknown said...

It's so great to see and hear you Tracey, I really enjoyed your question videos.


I have to be honest, I've never been a huge fan of lino cuts and that sort of printing type art but you are in danger of changing my mind as yours always look so wonderful and so very like your regular watercolour ink illustrations! It seems like a very intricate and convoluted process but you make it look so easy!

Beth Niquette said...

Oh, this just fills my eyes! How wonderful!

SLScheibe said...

I am a fan of your chair paintings but you're right, you should probably just buy one :) Super videos too! I subscribed :)

carol l mckenna said...

So good see your creative work again ~ you always make the 'everyday objects' look so creative and colorful ~ Love your artwork!

Happy Weekend to you ~ ^_^

Neesie said...

I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying your video sessions Trace. Fascinating and so informative too. I love this serious of blue and white too and would love to be able to produce such stunning work. I nearly got thrown out of a National Trust castle, when I tried to take a photo of a fantastic huge blue and white vase/urn for you! They don't allow photo shoots, but I'm sure Kiki would have managed it with her multi-tasking skills. Nothing for it but you'll just have to come over here to see it ;D
You'd have to come up with a name for me because we'd probably get up to all sorts of trouble!!!

Linda Kunsman said...

always so much to take in on your posts Tracey. Fab art as usual and you really are doing a brilliant job with your lino cuts!

Loved the videos! So, I would come back as a pet in my home too because of how we always spoiled ours like you:) Thanks for the frankness regarding Etsy etc. I feel it's more upkeep and technical than I'm capable of (and hiring someone is OUT of the ?) hence not having attempted to sell online. LOVE what you said about working on something you're fascinated with and then moving on when you feel you've had enough if that's the case. I try TONS of techniques and used to think it wasn't getting me anywhere but in fact the new techniques inspire me to try things and then choose what I wish to take away from it-or if I even want to continue. Happily doing it all has made me realize and come to knowing that if I HAD to choose ONLY one technique I know what it would be:)

Keep up the brilliant work-you're a doll!

DVArtist said...

Fabulous art as always. However, it is your story this week that just has me cracking up. "She's not 40 anymore" That says it all. Have a happy weekend.

Jennifer Rose said...

great sketch of the ink roller and the block does look really nice inked up :)

Happy PFF! :)
Jen #50

My name is Erika. said...

Glad its been a good week. Seems like you've had a little escape from all the work around your house. Happy PPF-Erika

Faye said...

Great Ninja story, Tracey! Your paintings are so beautiful. I thought the first one was a photo of china at first. Beautiful work with the roller too. Wow, you can draw!!!

Giggles said...

Wonderful post and videos. Very informative! I would love to be a pet in your house or ours...because we pretty much treat them the same!!I laughed at how spoiled yours was because so was mine. They say,"fit as a butchers dog," and mine was because if we ate fillet so did they! Love how you spoke about not going for perfection as much as getting things down on less expensive paper. Great advice for a perfectionist or someone suffering OCD. Your hair is adorable too!! Thanks for sharing a great part of yourself. I've read some really negative articles about etsy! It's not what it used to be! All the best!

Hugs Giggles

Rita said...

That had to be some phone call--lol!
Barry cracks me up. I love to hear about his quirks and foibles.
Lovely what you can do with blues. I am continually amazed by what you can create with linos!!
What's the matter with Xena Tagliatelli? :)

Sandra Busby said...

Hmm... My kids and Paul probably call me all sorts of names - just maybe not to my face, lol!
I'm loving these video's... I have some questions for your next one. Where did the fascination for painting tea related things come from? And just how much tea do you actually drink? ;0)
Meanwhile, when you were describing how you used to be, how you had to have all the planets align before you could paint; perfect subject, perfect reference, perfect everything... well that's me!! I need to get over that!
Love the beautiful vase. That colour is gorgeous! xx