Friday, 12 August 2016

A return and a request...

I am celebrating my return to my blog with a champagne glass as two weeks away has felt like an eternity, maybe longer than an eternity.... an eon perhaps
 especially as those weeks have been a mad flurry of old furniture needing new  homes, new furniture needing to be delivered, placed and in some cases constructed
 not to mention making about five squillion decisions every hour of that time
 some of which are great fun like paint colours
 well fun until I change my mind every five minutes 
 and then go through the whole process again looking at 50 swatches and checking them all  in different lights, and against furniture and me asking Sinus to go out and hold branches  away from windows so I can check what the light will be like when the trees are pruned...  and then removing spiders from Sinus's mop of hair while reassuring him that the noise he had produced on walking into said spider's web was in actual fact a masculine growl rather than a girly squeal...
only to land back at my original colour choices... yep I am that annoying person
and don't get me started on kitchen appliances, door handles and everything in between
too much choice, too many ideas, and pinterest fuelling it all like petrol on a fire... a scary scary combination

 Of course as the next few months will have all sorts of construction like a new kitchen and new bathrooms, not to mention removal of walls etc 
and yes I am the total madwoman who does it all the wrong way round and gets furniture before the construction... crazy I know, but sometimes being visual necessitates things in the wrong order 
to top it all off it has all also necessitated pre emptive decluttering on an epic scale
we are talking clearing the decks and empty shelves decluttering
I did the research on decluttering... thank you pinterest for making me feel horribly inadequate, yet oddly fascinated as they show all those perfectly organised and coordinated shelves and cupboards
and can I say only keeping things that bring you joy concept is a stupid idea
because there is no way known the iron, mop, vacuum or pretty much any other cleaning,  type appliance would still be still be around... no joy in those suckers so the house would be empty but still look like a home for lost dust bunnies if I listened to that one

Plus in one article I read about just keeping a page or two of a book you love... seriously that person is a monster... who tears out a page from a book to keep and hurls the rest... dear god it is enough to drive a sane person to consume vats of chocolate I don't know what is... when I told Phants about it she went the colour of a washed out albino and looked like she was going to throw up... there are evil evil people in the de cluttering movement
But happily we all survived and things are moving forward and I have managed to get some time back so here are a few of the sketches of late... plus I am doing a huge lino block
it turns out that carving the bejeezus out of something is quite therapeutic at the end of a very long day of decision making and decluttering
construction doesn't begin in earnest for a few weeks so i am going to make the most of the quiet and paint like crazy... and finish and get the lino class up and running
and get some new youtube videos up
 which brings me to the request part of the title of this post

In fact I am recording some next Tuesday after a few people suggested I do some question and answer type ones and so I will answer any question you want to ask me
except physics questions... bloody hopeless at physics
so if there is something you have always wanted to ask then pop it in the comments below or drop me an email, or message me or on any of the social media platforms which we all live by now

in the meantime happy painting all...xx


  1. It's so wonderful to ready your blog Tracey. Good luck with all the renos.

  2. you do realize you'll hurt c-granny's feelings if you don't send pictures. Let me change that, c-granny will hurt YOU if you don't send pictures. (she just started to laugh and yelled before and after pics!!) Hehehe.

    My mind went as blank as a blank canvas when I read you want questions. I always have questions, you just confused me with such a wonderful request. I'll try to clear out the cobwebs (God you made me shiver with the spider reference, hug to Matt for that!) and come up with cogent questions.

    Glad you had such a wonderful vacation. I bet you're gonna LOVE your new and improved home. Good luck in the interim.

  3. I hope the construction goes fast and smooth, rather than the typical norm lol
    Pineapples! I just painted some too ;oD

  4. I got out of breath just reading that blog post Tracey - SLOW DOWN!! I honestly hadn't noticed your absence of two weeks but only because I've been absent for the last month! I finally wrote a new blog this week because I finally painted something new.
    Anyway, it all sounds like you're rushed off your feet over there with all you've got going on but I'm sure it will all be worth it once you've completely razed your house to the ground and rebuilt it!!

  5. Tell me about brush care?

    Do you use the same brushes for gouache as watercolor?

    Tell me about studio organization?

  6. Yay for renos! I love doing them, hate the mess. But it's so fun to completely change things up. I buy the furniture first too, lol. Love your painted champagne. Hope it tasted as good as it looks.

  7. Fun art today, I am sure all will be well in the end. The only worse hing than having all that hassle is never getting anything new.... Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  8. welcome back! Lovely work, it's so hard to get the proportions right on wine glasses and bottles!

  9. You make me feel happy with your rants. Glorious!

  10. I am with you about those organization freaks. Partially I think it is a ploy to sell you things. And why save a piece- what good is a couple of pages but to make another pile of something-along with ripping up the book. Thanks for reminding me I am not the only person on the planet who actually likes a small bit of clutter as it is all the pieces of my life. (Not talking about hording although maybe that is true for my art space.) Good luck with everything in your construction/cleaning. hugs-Erika

  11. Nice to know I'm not the only nutcase about colour, shade, hue, and all that jazz!! I thought it was me behind this post. Yes that de-cluttering during the paint process is truly cathartic. I'm surprised those two weeks didn't wiz by. I find I blink and it's ppf again!! Love the fun artwork this week, can't wait to see your big lino!

    Hugs Giggles

  12. It's so wonderful to have you back in the bloggie world and it looks like you're going to have a lot going on over the next several months. I certainly hope you'll post photos along the way. You're a beautiful, wonderful woman and friend and grateful to have you in my life. xx

  13. mmmm.... champagne and chocolate....

    great to see your blog again! Also I seeyou are doing very exciting things!

  14. OK question: if you could be any animal, which would you be?

  15. Have fun with renos!! I mean well let's face it it is hell. We are having some done. We will have the roof taken off and have to move our for 5 weeks.
    Pass the champers

  16. I am so with you on the decluttering! As my husband says, the only thing they don't want you to get rid of is *their* book.

  17. Fun art and post. Good luck with the renovation. Recently, I did decluttering of the garage and the attic. Called a service called Junkaholic to remove everything I did not want. Cost me a couple of hundred bucks but it was worth not having to bag them all and take to the recycling/garbage dump.

  18. Understand that remodels are the hardest things in the whole wide world other than serious illness... but there is a revenge in karma and that is that architects have the highest divorce rate! Decluttering is a hoax... they know we will buy again so it is an evil plot to have us all remove the mess so we can eventually break down, like ten chocolate bars after a diet, and spend again. Also, books are never clutter. EVER. I' happy with my messes of stuff, part of my lovely creative process. What I am doing, however, is downsizing a bit, and so giving some things away to those in need.... really, art supplies I KNOW I don't want but the kids I know who have not can use them and have a ball. A great set of dishes that were gifts that are not who we are. But I've always done that.... Meanwhile, shells and Buddhas, and every single silly note ever sent to me including from my downunder gurlfriend is tacked onto the wall and sitting in front of books that line shelves and so it goes. PFFFT to declutter!
    I've missed you AND also have been staying of Social media because I am sick of American politics, depressed because of American politics, and super busy.
    What I want to know is how you wrangle the courage to teach when others have taught before you.... I am thinking about my own videos, and yet, great teachers have already done it and I don't know I have anything to add. How do you get over that hurdle?
    XOXO credit cad ready when lino class is ready.....

  19. Oh my goodness! We've though about possibly moving in a couple of years, but maybe it's not such a good idea. I had never heard about tearing out pages from books you love, which I think is evil too. I love your pineapple composition, by the way. Blessings!

  20. pinterest is evil when it comes to redecorating, you find way too many things you want to try or buy :p

  21. Wonderful work as usual! Sounds busy but definitely worth it -- and I agree -- I would never tear out and keep one page of a precious book!!

  22. You are making me dizzy! And as you know I am going through the exact same thuing. Exhausting, but will be well worth it!! Very excited about the finished result for bith of us!! :0)

  23. So nice to have you back. OK, you know I love your art and all of these are fab. However, Pineapples have been showing up in my life everywhere!!!! They are suppose to be good luck. Hope so. Have a great week.


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