Friday, 26 August 2016

Endless Blue and White...

My blue and white obsession has continued this week
 when I've not been working on a couple of illustration jobs 
 that have been keeping me a little too much on my toes if truth be told
  and some lame arsed attempts to get my paperwork in order 
  I have been continuing to obsessively paint all things blue and white
 there is something about the freshness of the colours that just makes me happy
 so I am running with it until I get sick of it
 though scarily it really doesn't feel close to running its course yet

Part of the problem is that I had this idea of having some blue and white lino prints of vases above the bed in the main bedroom
the room is all blues and whites and soft white furniture so it feels pretty perfect
but then I had the idea of maybe doing a gallery wall of all different prints and paintings
in blue and whites and can't decide which to go with
the roof is really high and the room is huge so it can take some colour but for the life of me I can't commit one way or the other so I am creating both options and will decide later
I figure that at the very least the online store and etsy shop will both get an influx of new work so no time is wasted, and quite frankly I am having a blast so am having no trouble justifying all my spare time going to creating them
I also know myself well enough to know I just need to go with it until I am done with the idea
or else it will just nag away at the back of my brain
and I have enough things nagging away back there

things like whether it is worth trying to desensitising Barry the cat so he doesn't freak out at the sight of cauliflower... and carrots
turns out he's not keen on carrots either

I also have this nagging doubt that I had an appointment that I was due to go to next week but for the life of me can't think what it is

plus deciding what taps we should choose, and light fixtures, and when to book the arborist and where the lid to my hand cream has disappeared to and the fifty million other random things that sail through my brain all day
it is like a news ticker on speed in there... 
so I shall retire to some more blue and white and try to ignore it
happy painting all...xx

PS here is the next two videos for the questions and answers series
of course after last week's posting of the first two I got a flood of more questions... ok not a flood but certainly more than a trickle so I will do one last video answering your questions
so if you have anything you wanted to ask now's your chance
pop it in the comments below or contact me via email etc... 

Friday, 19 August 2016

Blue and White China and Ninjas...

 It has been a glorious week creatively speaking
 full of blue and white lino prints and paintings
 several more are already started after this tester watercolour was such a pleasure
 and my lino print of the huge blue and white vase/urn made it through the test print stage
 which was a relief after so long carving the sucker
but all was well and even the block looked beautiful inked up

Yet another blue chair was drawn up and painted
I am starting to think I have a problem and maybe should just buy a blue chair 
and be done with it

Barry the cat gained a new quirk and has decided to only sleep 
if a human is also lying down with him

he also discovered the vegetable crisper in the fridge and just likes to touch everything in it
except cauliflower... he is still deathly scared of a whole head of cauliflower

In amongst all of that fun and wonderfulness 
I also had the thrill of watching an actual ninja doing their thing
after going out walking with my great friend and partner in crime, Rach
we arrived home to find me locked out... no clue why I removed the fence key from my keyring, but I did... so while I am busy calling Sinus to get his late butt home to let me in
 Rach scaled our six foot fence like she was a ninja crossed with a mountain goat
Poor Sinus got a very garbled message which consisted of me loudly asking him where his mildly late butt was, interrupted by me suddenly 
yelling at Rach to get down off the bloody fence as she isn't 40 anymore then more panicked yelling and name calling as she scaled the 6 foot structure like it was about a foot high, happily dropping over the fence, nailing the landing and unlocking the gate for me... bloody legend
plus in amongst my panicked name calling  and voicemailing  Sinus I even managed to snap a pic so we have evidence of this madness... talk about multi- tasking

Rach has unparalleled talents it turns out and I feel this now necessitates a change in alias for her... for years she has been Astrid Tagliatelli to my Kiki Von Stroganoff, but in light of these new skills I feel we need a more scaling great heights type name
my suggestions of Heidi was shot down and countered by her suggesting Xena
but that is just silly... who is going to believe someone is called Xena Tagliatelli...
the search for a new name will continue
of course any suggestions will be welcomed...

 so this afternoon the block will be shaped and the final adjustments made 
 so I can print an edition very soon which is crazy exciting
just seeing the palette is enough to make me swoon...

 I also got some youtube videos up which I will attach below for you if you want a squizz
I am answering some of the questions left after last week's post  and on social media
 and the lino class is finally finally moving in the right direction 
 it is all go really

happy painting all...xx

Friday, 12 August 2016

A return and a request...

I am celebrating my return to my blog with a champagne glass as two weeks away has felt like an eternity, maybe longer than an eternity.... an eon perhaps
 especially as those weeks have been a mad flurry of old furniture needing new  homes, new furniture needing to be delivered, placed and in some cases constructed
 not to mention making about five squillion decisions every hour of that time
 some of which are great fun like paint colours
 well fun until I change my mind every five minutes 
 and then go through the whole process again looking at 50 swatches and checking them all  in different lights, and against furniture and me asking Sinus to go out and hold branches  away from windows so I can check what the light will be like when the trees are pruned...  and then removing spiders from Sinus's mop of hair while reassuring him that the noise he had produced on walking into said spider's web was in actual fact a masculine growl rather than a girly squeal...
only to land back at my original colour choices... yep I am that annoying person
and don't get me started on kitchen appliances, door handles and everything in between
too much choice, too many ideas, and pinterest fuelling it all like petrol on a fire... a scary scary combination

 Of course as the next few months will have all sorts of construction like a new kitchen and new bathrooms, not to mention removal of walls etc 
and yes I am the total madwoman who does it all the wrong way round and gets furniture before the construction... crazy I know, but sometimes being visual necessitates things in the wrong order 
to top it all off it has all also necessitated pre emptive decluttering on an epic scale
we are talking clearing the decks and empty shelves decluttering
I did the research on decluttering... thank you pinterest for making me feel horribly inadequate, yet oddly fascinated as they show all those perfectly organised and coordinated shelves and cupboards
and can I say only keeping things that bring you joy concept is a stupid idea
because there is no way known the iron, mop, vacuum or pretty much any other cleaning,  type appliance would still be still be around... no joy in those suckers so the house would be empty but still look like a home for lost dust bunnies if I listened to that one

Plus in one article I read about just keeping a page or two of a book you love... seriously that person is a monster... who tears out a page from a book to keep and hurls the rest... dear god it is enough to drive a sane person to consume vats of chocolate I don't know what is... when I told Phants about it she went the colour of a washed out albino and looked like she was going to throw up... there are evil evil people in the de cluttering movement
But happily we all survived and things are moving forward and I have managed to get some time back so here are a few of the sketches of late... plus I am doing a huge lino block
it turns out that carving the bejeezus out of something is quite therapeutic at the end of a very long day of decision making and decluttering
construction doesn't begin in earnest for a few weeks so i am going to make the most of the quiet and paint like crazy... and finish and get the lino class up and running
and get some new youtube videos up
 which brings me to the request part of the title of this post

In fact I am recording some next Tuesday after a few people suggested I do some question and answer type ones and so I will answer any question you want to ask me
except physics questions... bloody hopeless at physics
so if there is something you have always wanted to ask then pop it in the comments below or drop me an email, or message me or on any of the social media platforms which we all live by now

in the meantime happy painting all...xx