Friday, 8 July 2016

Debris Surfing...

This week has been all abuzz
  we are renovating and redecorating the house
  which of course means it is just one big scary mess
  and of course we aren't doing one room at a time
  nope... bits and pieces, higgledy piggledy, here and there
  is the best way to describe our approach

 We are table-less in the breakfast nook
 which has now been claimed by Phants and Barry as yoga studio/ cat vs paper bag zone
and of course I had commandeered the actual dining room as lino class filming studio
 so meal time has been all about creatively perching amidst boxes 
and debris surfing is now our family sport/ dance/ gymnastic endeavour
we could medal in the Olympics if it were an actual sport
I stick awesome landings I tell you

I am assuming hoping it will all come together in the end like on a mad renovation show 
but in the meantime I am taking every opportunity 
to leave the mess and search out some sun and fresh air
while attempting to avoid the sub arctic winds
and to paint up things like the cakes I am denying myself in an effort to get healthy
it is a sad substitute, but in the long run painting them is quicker than the hours of exercise I would need to endure to work the suckers off

Happily teaching my online class is also there to keep my sanity intact
the Delicious Paint classroom is fizzing and popping 
as 21 new painters joined the fray the last week
it is so inspiring to see the work they are producing and to get to know the newbies
teaching this class is such a joy... seriously

and filming is progressing on my lino class
rather slowly admittedly but progressing none the less
I am a tad distracted half the time as I keep running off to make notes and draw up ideas
I think Phants is about ready to quit as director/ filmmaker because of it
which is rich coming from the one who shot a lovely long bit of the sun reflecting off the greys in my hair which she said it was sparkling like crazy
I suppose it is a step up from her zeroing in one all my chins
but actually filming without mad camera shots and heckling and snorting seems to be beyond my little pumpkin

so when it feels like my brain is going into meltdown
I can't stand the mess a minute longer
or filming has degenerated into a farcical state of duelling hissy fits 
the cuppa with friends project is grounding me
well it means I am keeping my sketching hand in at least
and that is as close as I get to being grounded

happy painting all...xx



Well, I'm exhausted just reading all that's going on in your house/life never mind actually being there to debris surf with you!
Congrats on the class going so well and on the progress with the lino cut class - you're clearly a natural teacher!
I love all these mugs and wait each week eagerly to see if mine will be among them (no pressure!) - I think that sky and clouds one is my new favourite - what a gorgeous shade of blue!

My name is Erika. said...

Good luck with the house. Mine has been in that state for the last 20 years. We- gads. I think drawing cake rather than eating it is a great idea. I should try that. Happy weekend. Hope the winds die down.

Sandra Busby said...

Well it's a feast for the eyes here!! My mouth is actually watering... And I'm exhausted just reading what you've been up to!! We are also living amongst dust and rubble... Though the roof finally went up yesterday. Next step, the wall gets knocked through. Gaaaaaagh!!!

Nordljus said...

Even if it's a bit chaotic, your renovation and redecoration also sounds exciting, and I'm sure will be well worth all the chaos. I'd love to have a bit of renovation in my flat. Especially the kitchen, which looks like some pre-war museum exhibition. I'm sure my cooker is a few decades older than me.
Wonderful tea cups, that black one is stunning, and I love the whale!

Anonymous said...

Madness in your household, no, can't be. Seems another ordinary week for you all. Also trying to get healthy and avoid all cakes. I'm not sure I could paint such appetizing ones without wanting to head right over to the bakery and get one. Glad the cuppa project is a grounding thing and you have so many new students. Good luck on the reno. xox

Faye said...

Good luck on the renovation, Tracey! Your painting this week are wonderful. I always love the mugs and tea cups, but the food looks good enough to eat.

Paper rainbow said...

Your house does sound busy...but that's an exciting way to be I think. I must get round to sending you a cuppa photo. I've got a lovely antique French coffee cup you would love.

Neesie said...

Wow what a busy house!
You're words painted a very comical picture beautifully. I can imagine Phants and you have had some brilliant giggling sessions during photographic sessions.
Fantastic cake and with no calories consumed... even better!
I'm so happy that you are loving the success of your class, and rightly so. I'm also enjoying reading and seeing the students comments and artwork progress. It's great to hear their enthusiasm grow as your techniques and advice allow them to grow.
Adore your cuppa with friends too xoxo

Fran said...

Keep calm and carry on...and draw a cuppa. Love the blue one.

Giggles said...

Well I would have said life is a bowl of cherries...but in your case it's cherries and raspberries! Only because you cover the full spectrum of the arts with comedy, painting and writing! The images you convey through words are always a hilarity. But of course the images on the page are even more scrumptious!! It's the whole ball of wax here... and I don't mean ear wax either!! Love it all as always you are a treasure! Renovating is for the birds!!

Hugs Giggles

Rita said...

Oh goodness! I hope it all does come together like on one of those renovation/redecorating shows.
Love all your sketches!! Happy weekend. :)

Jennifer Rose said...

good luck getting all the house redecorating done, its a job I hate doing and almost refuse to do lol

gorgeous coloured cups :)

Fallingladies said...

Totally love your new cups paintings! You always make everything you paint look so delicious, like you could take a bit of the cup itself! That is supposed to be a compliment but i am not sure it sounds like one?! Glad the renovations, decorating and new class are all moving along! Take care till next.....

Alicia C said...

wow i forgotten how awesoe your blog is Tracey :D :D I also forget it's winter down there. I could use some cold and I'm sure you could use some heat - let's trade!