Friday, 20 May 2016


 This week has been all about painting up food
 all of which was quite delicious to draw and paint
 and it was food I would normally eat
 which is great as you can eat your models!!!
 well the burger isn't something I would eat actually, not even close
and I'm not even sure where it came from except maybe as a reaction to all the healthy stuff
which is kind of weird when I think about it as most of the time now 
 I veer towards the gloriously hippy dippy, raw chocolate, wholefoods, courgette noodles, drink your greens end of the spectrum which I love quite frankly
so the burger was a weird blip on the creative radar perhaps

The good stuff for one job was creating illustrations 
for recipe templates for a tortilla company which is a bit of a dream job really
which reminded me that wanting to maybe illustrate a recipe book of my own
 is a good dream to have and maybe I would have  a great time creating one

which then got me thinking about all the things I would like to do one day

like learn to ride a unicycle
no clue why but it kind of defies the laws of all that is possible in the world 
and I like the idea of carrying one around on trains
not saying any of these dreams are normal... they are dreams after all

I would also like to be able to own a mini horse
or perhaps babysit one
the idea of watching tv in the evening with a mini horse curled up at your feet appeals hugely... cleaning up after said mini horse not so much
so perhaps I should be more specific... I would like a house trained mini horse

another dream is to be able to do a backflip on a trampoline
I mean who wouldn't
and this one gets stronger the older I get because being able to rock up to someone's house as a middle aged chickie and then just pop a backflip on the trampoline 
it would make you cool in anyone's eyes I believe

 I would also like to be able to understand and work bloody snapchat
see a drop bear in person
drive a mini dump/tip truck... you know like they have for delivering small loads from the sand and gravel supply places
grow an extra toe... just in case one fell off... I always thought we should have a spare
 and to be able to whistle

and one day... maybe one day I would like to have a book published of all the cuppa paintings I have done for my Cuppa With Friends Project
ICAD 2016 is starting up on June 1
and I am using it to get me to the 150 mark of cups and mugs painted
i am at about 100 now and I figure as the queen of the half arse if I can get 50 more in over the next few months I will have done great
so if you haven't already done so then send me your photos of your favourite
old or new, fancy or funky, chipped or pristine
send my a nice clear photo and I will add it to the pile
there are more details up the top of this page
or maybe you want to share your dreams in the comments... surely I'm not the only one who has such thoughts am I?

happy painting all...xx


Paper rainbow said...

I love your 'bucket list' and it did make me smile...little horses and trampoline sommersaults sound fantastic although don't worry about snapchat, it's pretty boring compared to a mini horse! Your style is perfect for good illustration. The cookery book is a wonderful idea. Get going on it!!

sirkkis said...

Great post. Love beautiful colours.
Happy PPF ❤

Giggles said...

Fabulous dreams especially the mini need to add a goat to the mix too!!Wonderful burger makes me hungry... but I am kind of like you...into the green things and fruit of late!! Love all the food art and that purple corn is amazing!! So glad you will publish the cuppa project!!

Hugs Giggles

PaintingWrite said...

I love these food illustrations - what a gorgeous receipt book they would make Tracey! Your bucket list is hilarious - I'm with you on the mini horse - there's an advert on TV here just now for Amazon and there's a mini horse called little man in it and she gets a horse flap put in the door so he can come inside as the bigger horses were ignoring him - it's adorable! I'd like to learn to do the splits - I follow too many supple yogis on instagram and the poses they can contort themselves into defy belief! I'd also like to write a recipe book called 'But what do you eat?' to answer all those who ask me that! And someday I'd like to finish the novel I started writing in 2012!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, this post made me laugh, I just love your humor!

I'd eat that burger, right away! It's good that you can eat your models. It must feel a bit easier than "kill your darlings" which is instructed when you are writing.

I sincerely try to take photos this weekend about some cups and sen them to you.

The thought of a recipe book with your illustrations waters my mouth!

My name is Erika. said...

I always love stopping by. Your tea cups are my favorite, but you are a great fruit and veg sketcher too. Have you thought about another class? Happy PPF!

Nordljus said...

Your food paintings look delicious! I've been painting food too this week, including a hamburger. But I usually have the more healthy foods too. I've always wanted to try and make courgette noodles. I always love seeing your cup paintings, what a great idea to collect them all in a book!

Faye said...

Your list of things to accomplish makes me pant with fatigue! A backflip? No, I don't think so, not for me. I suggest just babysitting the tiny horse since scooping up the muck every day might be a bit overwhelming. Trace, I love your post and think you are the best food artist I have ever seen. I hope the cookbook with your illustrations does come to pass.

SLScheibe said...

Ha! A fun list! I can't work snapchat either ;)

Fabulous food drawings. I really love how much colour you bring to your art. Always so lively and fun!

Anonymous said...

I was thinking yesterday that I want to learn to pick pockets. Not that I want to steal things or anything, but it seems like a cool thing to know how to do. I was thinking maybe my sister and I should learn together and practice on each other.

Susan said...

That burger looks good enough to eat! And I had to smile when thinking about a horse whinnying instead of barking when people came. Being north of 70, backflips just don't (can't) enter my mind. Keep up the good work. Happy PPF

DVArtist said...

Everyone has a bucket list weather they admit it or not. However, yours is pretty unique. Your food art is incredible. I don't eat meat but that burger looks pretty darn good. LOL Have a nice weekend.

carol l mckenna said...

Always wonderful illustrations here and I admire your steady focus ~

I am working on persevering with my art and trying not to get distracted ~ I tend to like simplicity ~

Happy Weekend to you ^_^

Linda Kunsman said...

gorgeous food paintings Tracey!! You certainly are one super busy artiste. There is an Amazon commercial that's been running here in which a young woman uses Amazon to buy one of those small (cannot for the life of me think what it's called now) swinging door openings to put into her main door- so that her miniature horse can go in and out -and in the end he's snuggling up to her lap-YES, I want a miniature horse:):)

Elaine said...

Tracey, I don't know what I love more...your paintings or your rantings...well, not rantings exactly, more like ramblings. There's a commercial here in Canada with a mini horse who is picked on by the regular size horses so his owner orders an insert for the door so the mini can come into the house when he a cat/dog door. Now, I'll think of you every time I see it.


Elaine said...

PS Love the ideas for both books.


Linda Kunsman said...

fantastic food illustrations-the colors are awesome-so vibrant!! I was just thinking about that same commercial Nic just mentioned- I love it and yes, of course I want a mini horse now too:):) Happy weekend! Oh, book of your cuppas would be fabulous-great idea!

Kristin Dudish said...

The world NEEDS a Tracey Fletcher King illustrated cookbook!!!

Funny fact... I JUST saw a snapchat drop bear ;)
(And it was absolutely adorable!)
Then, I saw this...
And I am currently smearing vegemite under my armpits... Because even though I don't live in a drop bear zone, one can never be too prepared!

Robin said...

Your food artwork is awesome!!! Your "bucket list" is so fun. I love the mini horse one. I have been seeing a commercial with a mini pony being shunned by the big horses and ends up coming into the house. Got me thinking how cool it would be to have a mini horse too. Can they be house broken? Hmmmm...I would like to write a book, have a place to hang my artwork to sell, riding a bike again...well you got me thinking. Great post!!! Happy PPF. Hugs, Rasz

Anonymous said...

that burger looks amazing, yummo!
The cups projects are all so lovely and so many come with so much love,

Indira said...

Love all the paintings. The cup and saucer is beautiful.

Anewdawn 16 said...

beautiful food illustrations...ur work is always gorgeous!!!!

Granny Annie said...

Delightful all and that is one good looking burger:-) Such talent.


Kate Robertson said...

I love your food art. I could have taken a bite of that hamburger. That mini horse commercial is just so cute, I love it. Your work always makes me smile. Have a great week.


Unknown said...

You work always makes my jaw drop. Beautiful and vibrant!! <3

Rita said...

You illustrating a cookbook--well, people would buy it for the pictures alone!
Loved your bucket list. I've never had one. Hummm. Maybe I should start thinking. ;)

Tracy said...

Never thought about it, but now you mention it, an extra toe could be useful :) Personally I would like to make a pair of shoes. I make a lot of things from scratch, but I've never done shoes.

Beth Niquette said...

I am SO amazed and inspired by your artwork. It must be getting close to dinner now--I tell you, my mouth is watering looking at your art! :D Have a great weekend and happy PPF!

Fran said...

Lovely little drawings. So perfect for a cookbook or kitchen

Sandra Busby said...

Well I think that illustrating your own recipe book is such a cool idea! And I'd be first in the queue to buy one (signed by the author of course)! Those recipe book templates look so pretty!! We've somehow found ourselves watching 'Australian Masterchef' recently. Very different to our one - including the type of food you Aussies cook - but all looks really yummy! Meanwhile, I have no desire to do any of those things, lol! Mainly because I have little co-ordination at the best of times! And I find a dog stinky enough - so a horse can only be even more stinky, mini or not! xx