Friday, 29 April 2016

Lino Love...

I have had a busy week with work and a million other things
 the flu included... we are officially the house of snot I tell you
even poor Barry was almost buried in the great kleenex avalanche of 2016
  which means I am squeezing in some lino play where and when I can

 I started filming my new upcoming online class last week 
 and am slowly but surely building it up and it is such a pleasure doing it and immersing  myself in all things relief printing after so many years away from it
 but I keep getting distracted
 for example I am loving the idea of putting down panels of colour behind lino prints
any way to infuse colour into them is a good thing
and I really want to print some using coloured inks... and so many other things 
it is like my brain is on fast forward and all my thoughts are sounding like they are in chipmunk voices 

 In fact I am generally in love with the whole process really
I want to play with some hand colouring as well
not to mention some two piece blocks
and some reduction prints
the mind is boggling like crazy
it is a bit weird how our creative brains fixate on things at times
but it is a nice break away from illustration work
and some watercolour commissions
though the more I do it the more obsessed I have been becoming 

These two blocks are my latest project
and happily they are all drawn up and ready to carve
in fact I even got some carving done this afternoon
and I am really impatient to get to them over the weekend

 and of course there is printing an edition of this one in the work queue
so I can get it into the online store
and  then I want to do a similar one that I can hand colour
so many prints and so many idea and so little time

Happy painting all...xx


Unknown said...

Oh my word. The feather with the color block. I'm dying. I walk past my little carving supplies that I have only tried a couple of times and I think of you every time and want to carve. The only problem is that I'm walking past in a flurry to something else.
Hope the kleenex brigade comes to an end soon!!!

Sandra Busby said...

Your talent is endless!! I wouldn't know where to start!! And I just love those swoops of colour which really lift them to life... Awesome! Hope you are all feeling fit and healthy again soon! :0)

Linda Kunsman said...

I love all your enthusiasm and passion for the art you create Tracey! Your carving projects are sensational, and of course I will always LOVE your watercolor painting! Hope everyone feels much better soon.

Barbara Dane Lapins said...

You are so funny and amazing. Just got back from visiting a friend in the hospital who was diagnosed on Tuesday with Leukemia. Kind of emotionally wiped out and thought I'd just give a quick look on FB for some art therapy, and your posting is right there at the top. Thank you for the humor, and those lino flowers are amazing. Love, love 'em. Maybe when I visit her again, I'll share some of your work. She would definitely appreciate your humor.

Catharina Engberg said...

The leave with golden colour is my favourite. It's gorgeous!

Faye said...

Your lino printing is awesome and so impressive, Trace.

Carol said...

Oh I haven't carved like this for over ...well way too many years. I was in 8th grade :). I loved it then so perhaps I really should give it a shot again. I mean who doesn't need another creative addition to add to their treatment sheet :) I do love what you have going with these. You're such a multi-talented LADY!

Jennifer McLean said...

I love seeing your enthusiastic happiness on a new project. That happiness happened to me last week, covered in glue, news paper and paint, it was awesome to do something so graphic with my hands. Funny, when I made the flowers for the cakes I enjoyed them but never loved it because of the pressure involved. now I realize I'd probably love it for the first time, interesting that artistic talent really can be stretched and reformed to make and do anything artistic at all, not just painting. All my love to you sickies. :o) Oh, mom says eat your chicken soup and take your medicine and get some sleep!! Hehehe, moms.

minnemie said...

LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Espcially the VW combi...bus...camper...hippy-mobile... not sure what it is called anymore as it is "combi" in SA but seems to have a trillion other names elsewhere, and I never can quite pair the place and name correctly. Hope da flu will flee soon...

Rita said...

This is something I haven't tried yet...but have purchased the supplies for making my own stamps ages ago and have never gotten around to it. I LOVE the feather!! The sunflowers are great, too...and the volkswagon bus reminds me of the 60s--LOL! Enjoy yourself. It is always fun to find yourself obsessed with a new art project. :)

Anonymous said...

I must try this for one of my buddhas or ganapati's or sunflowers... and you will be cited as making me buy more supplies. The good news is we carve to replicate missing pieces in furniture, so I have the tools to carve.... Huggs to you, get well soon....