Friday, 22 April 2016

Buchi Mama...

 Did I buy the tea above because the packaging was awesome?
 Of course I did. It was just what I needed to brighten the place up 
  and get me all inspired and keep feeding my lino printing obsession.
  Those seed pod designs inside are all sorts of wonderful 
 and make me think of a good friend's love of all things pod related
 so put that together with the designs that look like they were printed and it is just awesome.
 As an added bonus the tea is lovely. I love it when it works out like that.
 Nothing worse than having something wrapped up in gorgeous packaging 
 and whatever is inside tastes like a trucker's armpit...or ear wax...  
 I hate earwax... it is just gross and weird

There were lots of wonderful non ear waxy things this week though...

Phants had to endure a train ride that saw a baby/ devil child
lightly, and creepily stroke the back of her neck the whole 30 minute trip
she is still shuddering at the mere mention of it a few days later
and of course leading to all sorts of shenanigans while we put ninja skills to use
 and touch the back of her neck at every opportunity
it has been fantastic fun all round really so thanks you creepy devil baby for giving me a new fun weapon in my tormenting Phants arsenal

I also got to see a bloke's car getting glad wrapped
or saran wrap, cling, plastic, or sandwich wrap or whatever other bloody names it has
it was inspired... the entire car was being completely covered and snuggly wrapped in an entire roll of the stuff by a young guy outside a construction site as I walked to the post office. He was laughing like a madman as he circled the car and obviously having a great time doing it
and as a bonus I got to see the bloke who owned the car come out and promptly turn purple and start losing it as I made my way back from said post office
made my whole afternoon

I have also been busy drinking copious amounts of Buchi kombucha
while I await the arrival of my very own scoby/mother from that very company
when it arrives I can start making my own 
and save me from bankrupting us buying the stuff
I can't tell you how excited I am at the thought of having my own baby scoby
I have already started thinking of names for the scoby/mother
I am wavering between Buchi Mama or maybe Alice
I considered Scoby Doo but that just seemed too obvious
I only have a few days before it arrives to work out a name though
so the pressure is on

mugs from Mitchell powell, Mixed Media Monkey and Brigitte
I also got a few more cuppa paintings done
some illustration work sorted and out of the way
plus I started filming for my upcoming lino printing class
which launches in mid May
of course I got a bit distracted along the way with that filming
and made a video about all  the different types of lino I have tried in the last few weeks
It is below if you want to have a squizz

So all round a fab week
I am off to consult a names list to find a suitable one for buchi scoby
of course if you happen to have a good one in mind let me know
Beryl perhaps...or maybe Felicia...?

happy painting all... xx


sirkkis said...

Beautiful paintings as always. Love the colours this time.
Happy PPF xx

Jennifer McLean said...

You're a nut, a totally lovable nut who gets squealing happiness out of the most wonderful things. Gotta love you for that. I vote for Scoby Doo.

Paper rainbow said...

Cling film wrapped car...that's new to me! :) that tea
looks too good to drink!


I love how you always have funny little incidents to relate to us in your blog along with your awesome illustrations. I was just bemoaning to Sandra recently that I have absolutely nothing of interest to talk about in my blog these days - life is pretty quiet, which is no bad thing. I can imagine poor Phants shuddering as the child stroked her neck - how bizarre. I'm not sure I would have been able to tolerate it for the entire journey or more than 30 seconds!
What does that kombucha actually taste like. I've read about it and how it's meant to be really good for you but the idea of growing your own mould/culture/gross little thing just sounds a bit off putting to be honest - I tend to throw things away when stuff starts to grow on them so the notion of encouraging that and then making a drink out of it sort of weirds me out!

Valerie-Jael said...

Lots of fun work again. I loved the saran-wrapped car story. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

Granny Annie said...

Every time I look at your work I think of my dad. He loved tea and he would enjoy your paintings. I also think they are marvelous!


Sandra Busby said...

Hehe! Over here it's toilet roll that is used to wrap cars... at least that's what goes on between Charlie and his mates!! I will mention the Cling Film idea though - He'll love that! I once went to a show when I felt my hair being played with. It was nice and relaxing and I was loving every minute, that was all the time I assumed it was Paul doing it... But then I realised that both his hands were in his lap! I turned to find some random middle aged bloke doing it, which totally wierded me out!!! I could not move fast enough! Anyway, as always your artwork is bursting with unique character... LOVE IT!!!!! :0)

Anonymous said...

I would have loved to see the purple bloke!!! have fun making Kombucha. I did for a while but it never came out quite as fizzy as the commercial kind I like so I gave up. The fermented fizz was what I found so refresshing. Be great to hear how yours turns out. I think I let my scoby get too fat and it didn't work as well. Happy weekend with your seed pod lino ideas. xox

Anonymous said...

beautiful paintings!!!
You always have such a great interesting blog post,, you always make me smile!!!

Liz Powley said...

Yes, you are secretly evil :D I have this fantastic image of you creeping around the house like some slightly crazy superhero, sneaking up with the creepy fingers of doom :D

Lots of lovely artwork happening. Great to hear and see. Linoprinting is a must investigate of mine and I have some of the tools and have played with stamping, even did the printing bit in high school. I will investigate further eventually. Thankyou for sharing your experiments :D And your results are gorgeous as always.

Happy PPF!

Best wishes,

Kristin Dudish said...

Buchi Mama!
Seriously. Look no further.

Unknown said...

I saw your video last night, it came up on my email feed. LOVED it. Man, oh man. I wish I could have seen the whole car story unfold. What a hoot!

Neesie said...

I have to admit Trace, I've never got that near to a trucker's armpit or tasted earwax and oh boy I'm extremely glad about that!
I have to admit that I actually thought to randomly touch Phants neck would be quite fun... but as I read on I realised that's just what you did...I should have known you'd never miss an opportunity like that.
Now come on admit it... you're on a roll this week and you pretended to wait for a bus, stopped to use your phone, or whatever whilst waiting for that guy to return to his car didn't you? There's no way that you would miss such an opportunity for a good laugh. I have to admit I wouldn't either. What a giggle.
I'm completely flummoxed for a name... in fact I'm completely flummoxed to the whole thing. You really have a bizarre (sorry that's unkind) I should say 'unusual' palette!
I actually watched your video this morning and thoroughly enjoyed it. I really must visit the art store soon.
Oh and before I take up all of your comment space, I must say I love your illustrations. All brilliant as usual, especially the West End packaging.
Have a wonderful weekend and maybe ease up on Phants now. You know she'll probably get you back at some stage.

Linda Kunsman said...

I can always come away from your blog learning new words, getting some good laughs, and seeing your brilliant illustrations-and now lino cutting too!

Faye said...

Some totally awesome illustrations, Tracey. I enjoyed the post, especially the bit about the creepy neck tickling. Makes my spine tingle just thinking of having a total stranger, even if a child, touching me like that.

Studio Kaufmann said...

I wonder why the guy was wrapping his car. Sound like he was anal retentive, heck I don't even wash my car. That's what rain's for, right! Good luck with your lino adventures :)

Beth Niquette said...

I love your artwork, as always--but I got a real kick out of your story. Hahahaa--you made me laugh! Thank you!

Rita said...

I used to make kombucha tea several years ago. It's pretty good and supposed to be good for you.
Love all the drawings, of course. :)

ZenziB said...

Tracey, you are such fun!

Giggles said...

So thankful for google, I had no idea what a scoby was.. I am now informed...globbily goo for you!!Love your wonderful illustration... I'm not as nuts about the car wrap... I would worry about the paint job with the sun beating through the plastic... eeks... poor dude. To be honest I'm not a fan of pranks. Poor Phantom...I once had an old man sniff my hair while waiting in line at the grossed out!! I'm surprised she didn't flip out a little... Looking forward to your video!!

Hugs Giggles

JKW said...

Fantastic thoughts. I laughed and enjoyed them all. The art is amazing as usual. Lino is a new thought for me. I will watch the Tube later. I must try this. I remember as a child I believe we did this in art class. Blessings, Janet PPF

Fallingladies said...

I tried to grow my own kombucha and started with a nicely bubbling mess and ended with a flat dead mess of mother stuff. I may try again but when i have more time. I was a bad mother to the mother i guess.....i love your painting of that gorgeous packaging! And off to see the video. Also by the way, did you know the "blog" button on your website does not lead you to your blog... I clicked it the last few times i tried to visit and just thought you hadn't posted to your blog in awhile as it has a video posted months ago...... Maybe it is just me being dumb but i wanted to mention it in case it was an error setting up your website....

Ayala Art said...

I love the mugs!!!!
Hey, I have been carving too! Lots of fun!