Friday, 8 April 2016

A Fiddle-y Week...

 The title is not a typo
 and no my already non existent punctuation skills have not deteriorated further
  this lino print is of a fiddle leaf philodendron
  I tried to do the whole clever title which I am not too sure I pulled it off
 but lame arse  titles are a bit of a trademark with me by now I would think
  I love these plants an inordinate amount
  the leaves are like great green shiny plates
 and they seem to be scarily hardy, and cat proof
 despite Barry attempting to have a bit of a climb yesterday
 Happily it was intact, as was Barry 
 which is a good thing as I swear the guy at the nursery blanches with horror every time I  come waltzing in looking for something else to kill
 I garden the same way I do most other things
  which means with no organisation and by the seat of my pants
 so it is inevitable that a few won't make it
 but these babies have been thriving... at the moment
so immortalising them before they cark it is a bit of an insurance policy
 and proof that at one time they actually looked amazing

So I started with a sketch
which I loved...a lot
and thought I would do it as a lino print
not sure it is the most obvious idea
because we don't all look at a complicated leaf structure and see a lino print 
but all's well and all that and it was great fun 
so that means it was a success all over the place if I do say so myself

I am carefully limiting myself to some lino while work jobs are drying and things
to save myself from going down my normal obsessive rabbit hole
which would see the family not being fed
 or perhaps their meals being turned into subjects
which has certainly happened on more than one occasion
and perhaps we would find clothes piling up
which I might just try to write off as an installation
or another possible subject
I have tried using that one before though and they didn't fall for it
so in the interests of family harmony I am showing uncharacteristic restraint

 It is funny how you just can't kill old habits off in some things
when I was teaching lino printing in my past life as a high school art teacher
I always got the students to draw in the black and white 
so that they could see clearly what to carve
and now I can't seem to shake the habit myself
but it does save a bit of brain ache along the way
and I admit that I love how this turned out so I see many more in my future
I have even started drawing up a plan for an online class
I am loving teaching Delicious Paint and think this would be a fun subject for another one

Mugs from Katja, Mo, Donna and Sandra
 Finally this week I am sharing the latest Cuppa paintings
I am loving the new ones people are sending in
and hope many more come my way... 
the pile is still looking healthy but I am loving it so much and madly painting away
which means I am having the mild anxiety of worrying that I might run out of them
it's not going to happen any time soon
but even still... always room for more!

happy painting all...xx


Unknown said...

I'm so enjoying your lino cuts. Yet something else you are making gorgeous!! You are an inspiration to me and I'll have to get mine back out to give it a go!!!!!!!

sirkkis said...

Amazing technique for me. Love the result, the green plant.
Happy PPF xx

froebelsternchen said...

Fantastic artwork always! I feast for the eyes!

Clare Lloyd said...

Super print

Anewdawn 16 said...

I love making my own stamps as well :) urs is lovely as is all ur work !!!


great name for a plant! Like you, I have a tendency to kill plants so we haven't had any indoor ones for years and the garden just looks after itself (well, that's not true at all S looks after it but it's a country cottage garden so the wild look is how it's meant to be anyway!) I have just bought three succulents to keep in my art shed - they tend to be hardy so fingers crossed! Anyway, your lino cut is fab although I'm a fan of colour so love your illustrations best as they are always so wonderfully vibrant.

Paper rainbow said...

Your work translates beautifully as a print. Who would have thought it as your work is always so colourful. I love the strong lines of your print.

Sandra said...

I also love your print and would love to know how to do it.

Laila said...

When I quit work I intended to do all the house keeping that never got done while I was working. Guess what? I still don't prioritise it. Life is too short to get hung up in it, I do what I need to do and once in a while I do the rest. Life is good. Love your art.

Linda Kunsman said...

well, not only are you a brilliant illustrator but you are a natural at lino cutting-brilliant art!

Sandra Busby said...

Lino cutting is completely alian to me... I have never tried it and it looks all sorts of complicated, so I think I will leave to the experts, of which you are clearly one of! Gorgeous! And Love the painting too! :0)

Anonymous said...

I remember this lino cutting in my grade nine art class, I wish I had paid better attention because my 59 year old self loves this and would love to try,,
your work is beautiful ( as always ),,
such an inspiration you are,,

GlorV1 said...

Love the cups. Great job on the lino cuts. I know very little about it, but I'm learning from you. It seems like a lot of fun. Have a wonderful day Tracey.

Abela said...

Very good drawing, I am following your work since Google+ and I feel great.
Saludos desde España

Abela said...

Very good drawing, I am following your work since Google+ and I feel great.
Saludos desde España.

My name is Erika. said...

Wonderful cup sketches again! Love those! And your wood block print is very nice too! :)

Giggles said...

Wow love the lino really is spectacular in all colours ...and of course your amazing cups are fabulous too... I came back to watch and listen to the video it was awesome... Can't wait to see what you do with all of them one day... very exciting project.

Hugs Giggles

Anonymous said...

Lino is a mystery for me, have never tried it, this looks great like your drawings.

Old habits, I know. One just have to do the same as in writing: kill your darlings!
It's so hard!

pauline said...

Tracey, i so love your lino cuts!! And your sketch is the best. i would frame that. I've only tried lino cuts once (way back in high school) but you make me want to try it again. Your work (and you) are always such an inspiration for me. Thank you. xx

Anonymous said...

You are so tempting me to try carving....
If I spend one $ on this it is your fault.

Laney said...

The lino cut is great and i love the print you made. Also love the colorful version and the cups! Happy PPF!

Carmen said...

I am obsessed with lino cuts at the mo too and think my final piece on my course will be done in them. I made the fatal mistake of forgetting to reverse the image on the last one. Doh. I like that tip of drawing in black and white.

Love your fiddly plant print! So gorgeous - also love the colour of your lino tile - mine is boring brown!

Nordljus said...

Wonderful lino, I really love those lines, and a fantastic sketch too! And oh my, I haven't seen that cup for ages! It seems to have wandered to the very back of the cupboard. I should get it out again.

Maarit at Violets Corner said...

Wow, fabulous paintings, I so like them. Happy Friday!

Love and hugs

Maarit at Violets Corner said...

I like the lino too :)

Serena Lewis said...

Fabulous result, Trace! Love it! Great idea for a class too. :)