Friday, 29 April 2016

Lino Love...

I have had a busy week with work and a million other things
 the flu included... we are officially the house of snot I tell you
even poor Barry was almost buried in the great kleenex avalanche of 2016
  which means I am squeezing in some lino play where and when I can

 I started filming my new upcoming online class last week 
 and am slowly but surely building it up and it is such a pleasure doing it and immersing  myself in all things relief printing after so many years away from it
 but I keep getting distracted
 for example I am loving the idea of putting down panels of colour behind lino prints
any way to infuse colour into them is a good thing
and I really want to print some using coloured inks... and so many other things 
it is like my brain is on fast forward and all my thoughts are sounding like they are in chipmunk voices 

 In fact I am generally in love with the whole process really
I want to play with some hand colouring as well
not to mention some two piece blocks
and some reduction prints
the mind is boggling like crazy
it is a bit weird how our creative brains fixate on things at times
but it is a nice break away from illustration work
and some watercolour commissions
though the more I do it the more obsessed I have been becoming 

These two blocks are my latest project
and happily they are all drawn up and ready to carve
in fact I even got some carving done this afternoon
and I am really impatient to get to them over the weekend

 and of course there is printing an edition of this one in the work queue
so I can get it into the online store
and  then I want to do a similar one that I can hand colour
so many prints and so many idea and so little time

Happy painting all...xx

Friday, 22 April 2016

Buchi Mama...

 Did I buy the tea above because the packaging was awesome?
 Of course I did. It was just what I needed to brighten the place up 
  and get me all inspired and keep feeding my lino printing obsession.
  Those seed pod designs inside are all sorts of wonderful 
 and make me think of a good friend's love of all things pod related
 so put that together with the designs that look like they were printed and it is just awesome.
 As an added bonus the tea is lovely. I love it when it works out like that.
 Nothing worse than having something wrapped up in gorgeous packaging 
 and whatever is inside tastes like a trucker's armpit...or ear wax...  
 I hate earwax... it is just gross and weird

There were lots of wonderful non ear waxy things this week though...

Phants had to endure a train ride that saw a baby/ devil child
lightly, and creepily stroke the back of her neck the whole 30 minute trip
she is still shuddering at the mere mention of it a few days later
and of course leading to all sorts of shenanigans while we put ninja skills to use
 and touch the back of her neck at every opportunity
it has been fantastic fun all round really so thanks you creepy devil baby for giving me a new fun weapon in my tormenting Phants arsenal

I also got to see a bloke's car getting glad wrapped
or saran wrap, cling, plastic, or sandwich wrap or whatever other bloody names it has
it was inspired... the entire car was being completely covered and snuggly wrapped in an entire roll of the stuff by a young guy outside a construction site as I walked to the post office. He was laughing like a madman as he circled the car and obviously having a great time doing it
and as a bonus I got to see the bloke who owned the car come out and promptly turn purple and start losing it as I made my way back from said post office
made my whole afternoon

I have also been busy drinking copious amounts of Buchi kombucha
while I await the arrival of my very own scoby/mother from that very company
when it arrives I can start making my own 
and save me from bankrupting us buying the stuff
I can't tell you how excited I am at the thought of having my own baby scoby
I have already started thinking of names for the scoby/mother
I am wavering between Buchi Mama or maybe Alice
I considered Scoby Doo but that just seemed too obvious
I only have a few days before it arrives to work out a name though
so the pressure is on

mugs from Mitchell powell, Mixed Media Monkey and Brigitte
I also got a few more cuppa paintings done
some illustration work sorted and out of the way
plus I started filming for my upcoming lino printing class
which launches in mid May
of course I got a bit distracted along the way with that filming
and made a video about all  the different types of lino I have tried in the last few weeks
It is below if you want to have a squizz

So all round a fab week
I am off to consult a names list to find a suitable one for buchi scoby
of course if you happen to have a good one in mind let me know
Beryl perhaps...or maybe Felicia...?

happy painting all... xx

Friday, 8 April 2016

A Fiddle-y Week...

 The title is not a typo
 and no my already non existent punctuation skills have not deteriorated further
  this lino print is of a fiddle leaf philodendron
  I tried to do the whole clever title which I am not too sure I pulled it off
 but lame arse  titles are a bit of a trademark with me by now I would think
  I love these plants an inordinate amount
  the leaves are like great green shiny plates
 and they seem to be scarily hardy, and cat proof
 despite Barry attempting to have a bit of a climb yesterday
 Happily it was intact, as was Barry 
 which is a good thing as I swear the guy at the nursery blanches with horror every time I  come waltzing in looking for something else to kill
 I garden the same way I do most other things
  which means with no organisation and by the seat of my pants
 so it is inevitable that a few won't make it
 but these babies have been thriving... at the moment
so immortalising them before they cark it is a bit of an insurance policy
 and proof that at one time they actually looked amazing

So I started with a sketch
which I loved...a lot
and thought I would do it as a lino print
not sure it is the most obvious idea
because we don't all look at a complicated leaf structure and see a lino print 
but all's well and all that and it was great fun 
so that means it was a success all over the place if I do say so myself

I am carefully limiting myself to some lino while work jobs are drying and things
to save myself from going down my normal obsessive rabbit hole
which would see the family not being fed
 or perhaps their meals being turned into subjects
which has certainly happened on more than one occasion
and perhaps we would find clothes piling up
which I might just try to write off as an installation
or another possible subject
I have tried using that one before though and they didn't fall for it
so in the interests of family harmony I am showing uncharacteristic restraint

 It is funny how you just can't kill old habits off in some things
when I was teaching lino printing in my past life as a high school art teacher
I always got the students to draw in the black and white 
so that they could see clearly what to carve
and now I can't seem to shake the habit myself
but it does save a bit of brain ache along the way
and I admit that I love how this turned out so I see many more in my future
I have even started drawing up a plan for an online class
I am loving teaching Delicious Paint and think this would be a fun subject for another one

Mugs from Katja, Mo, Donna and Sandra
 Finally this week I am sharing the latest Cuppa paintings
I am loving the new ones people are sending in
and hope many more come my way... 
the pile is still looking healthy but I am loving it so much and madly painting away
which means I am having the mild anxiety of worrying that I might run out of them
it's not going to happen any time soon
but even still... always room for more!

happy painting all...xx

Friday, 1 April 2016

A Cuppa Video...

mug from Sue C
  This week  has flown by in a whirlwind of work and play
 there was maybe a bit of a chocolate hangover due to easter celebrations
 well maybe not from chocolate as I ate a shockingly small amount... for me anyway
 but more it was all a bit busy and frantic
 and my brain seemed to be stuck in fast forward for the last four days
 but happily I have managed to get a few new cuppa paintings done in amongst the  illustrations stuff, easter break stuff, getting used to being owned by a cat stuff
 and all sorts of other weird little jobs, plus some lino cutting stuff... that was very fun stuff
 except for when Sinus crept up on me and scared the bejeepers out of me
 how I didn't lose a hand, or take out the shelf in front of me I have no clue
 I know I aged about twenty years... he is creepily ninja quiet when he wants to be
 so there has been all sorts of bits and pieces 
 that have been systematically making me into a crazy woman all week

Mugs from Linda K and Cindy A
In between the madness there was three moments of calm
these three are awesome
plus I had a few new ones sent which freshens up the pile of inspiration
and I even got in and made a video that flips through and shows most of the ones that I have done which is just below
it was kind of cool seeing them all in a big pile and flipping them all into frame
details on how you can be part of it are up above... 
 happy painting all...xx