Friday, 29 January 2016

Beach Dreams...

I have holidays on my mind in a big way this week
 the beach is beckoning and I am feeling the need to feel sand between my toes,
 revel in that crusty crunchy feel of salt drying on your skin
 hair that takes on mild dreadlock tendencies
 which should be something as it is so short now
 afternoons spent walking the long stretches of beach
 cups of tea while floating in the pool
  and most importantly going to sleep to the sound of the waves 

of course there is also a downside to all of the beach loveliness
there is the sand that gets everywhere
the nuclear level burns on the bottoms of your feet getting from your towel to the waves
constantly having blurry sight from salty air coating your glasses
not to mention the whole crap shoot that is my packing method
I prescribe to the pack with abandon and chuck it all in in ten minutes school of packing
I believe it adds a touch of random fun to the holiday
the family will grumble the whole bloody time of course

The one thing that isn't packed with abandon is books
this is a deadly serious process
Phants and I start building our piles a few weeks before
then there are constant revisions and discussions
until we get the right balance of literature and beach reads
not to mention we have to have sufficient variety for every possible reading mood
we are nearing our final piles but they aren't quite there yet
we deviated from the process this process last year after heckling from Sinus Man
 and then we had to go to the bookshop as we ran out of books
the shame ... no fear this year though as the process is happily back in place
not many sleeps to go now
happy painting all...xx

Ps there is a new youtube video
and Barry tries to steal the limelight of course...


Anonymous said...

Going to sleep to the sound of waves. Heaven.
I really love your posts. XO

Jennifer McLean said...

you know that I love you and your videos but I have to tell you, Barry totally steals the show. Here's wishing you abundant sand between your toes, perfect temperatures and a butler to keep you sufficiently hydrated with all sorts of flavored tea. Love to all. Have a fantastic vacation my friend. We'll talk when you return. :o)

Anewdawn 16 said...

love ur video nd ur work as always ....mazingly talented u r

scrapmanufaktur said...

Wonderful sketches as always! Happy Friday! Stephanie

PaintingWrite said...

I LOVE Barry - he's gorgeous!! Where will he go when you go on holiday? Your description of the holiday sounds amazing (apart from the sand and salt - I'm not a fan of sand sticking to your sun cream!!) Do you still take actual books with you - I used to and half my case would be taken up with paperbacks. Not since I converted to the kindle (Not for all books some I still like to have an actual paper version of) but for holidays it's a godsend - 100s of books all in one little gadget!! Hope you have an amazing time. I'm sitting here listening to Storm Gertrude (Britain has adopted the American thing of naming all our storms although Storm Gertrude doesn't really sounds quite as alarming as Hurricane Gertrude would!!) Still, the tiles are rattling on the roof and the rain is hammering off the window - so glad we've already been out and got soaked walking the dogs this morning!

Giggles said...

Oh and a big reminder to sinus to remember his underwear this year!! Enjoy the waves and relaxing!! Love the video, thanks for so generously sharing these little creative lessons!! Love them!!

Hugs Giggles

Laila said...

Have a great vacation and I hope not too much of sand all over.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I do envy you! All we get here is icy waves and floods when snow is melting, and oh yes, there's a lot of sand, too.
On the ice, so people wouldn't break their limbs...

Your paintings look so delicious!!

Saskia said...

Beautiful work!!!

Smiles, Saskia :)

Ritu Dua said...

I have done so many of my vacations on the beach fact have lived very close to beach too and made many many memories in flip flops!! So glad that you are upto doing the same :)

Beautiful work great textures!!

Rita said...

Is Barry coming with on holiday?
Enjoy! Enjoy! Well deserved. :)

Sandra Busby said...

Fabulous painting as always!
Well firstly, I admire your ability to read more than one book at a time! I can't do this at all... I have to finish one book before I start another and concentrate solely on that story!
Meanwhile... I miss the sun so much - The weather here has been entirely pants - and I mean giant, flesh-coloured Granny pants - for what seems like months! Right now it's raining and the winds are very high... everyone is feeling (and looking) blue... Roll on Spring!!! Meanwhile at least I get to read about your sun-shiney life!! Have a fabulous holiday! Now I am off to watch your video :0)

Sandra Busby said...

Hahaha! Love the bit where Bazza makes an appearance! Made me chuckle! :0)

sirkkis said...

Thanks for great post and video.
Happy weekend ♥

Linda Kunsman said...

Barry is a darling! Brilliant projects here Tracey! Love that mango and thanks so much for the video-I love watching you paint.And oh man... the beach... and sand between the I wish it were summer here. Especially since we had a blizzard and had over 30 inches of snow dumped on us:( Have a super vacation!

Kate Robertson said...


Loved the video, and meeting Barry and hearing your voice. Have a lovely time at the beach. Wish I could go with you, we are buried in snow here in Idaho,USA.

alarmcat said...

I've been beach dreaming a lot myself lately. It's the only thing that gets me through cold winters!! What a juicy looking mango...yum!

Dea Lenihan said...

Lovely video! And you said you are in the middle of summer--I am so envious. We have several feet of snow--beautiful--but I'm DONE. Love your style. xo

Faye said...

I absolutely loved the video of the mango painting. I learned quite a bit from seeing you actually doing the work. Hope to see Barry again some time soon.

As for the snow, it is getting a bit tiresome after one week. Now most of it is frozen hard although quite a bit on the driveway has thawed - finally.

Helen Campbell said...

Ah, the sound of the ocean waves and the warm sun beats all the pesky little bothers of being at the beach, don't you think? Wonderful drawings... adore your mango. Thanks for sharing the video. Happy PPF!

Janet said...

I love falling asleep to sound of water whether it's waves at the ocean or a stream trickling's all so relaxing. Too bad I live in the desert!

Thanks for the video. I'm terrible at watercolors but you make it look so easy. Happy PPF!

Maria Medeiros said...

beautiful artwork as always! Love the mango! looks really delicious! :) Happy PPF!

Tammy N said...

Very nice video! Your work has a bright happy look to it.

Anonymous said...

that video is great!!
The colors are so rich and yummy!!
You write of beaches and sand beneath your feet and I'm watching a full on blizzard,, minus 36 Celsius windchill,,,,
thats a bit sad,,,
but I'm happy for you,,, lol,,,

denthe said...

Oh, when you describe it like that I feel such a longing for Australia that it almost hurts .... I can very much relate to your packing books, it's the same here. One vacation when the kids were still very small I thought I wouldn't have time to do much reading, and horror, I ran out of books before the first week was over. That'll never happen to me again! :-) Love your map of Australia!

Catharina Engberg said...

Couldn't help myself from daydreaming abit while reading your post about beaches....mmmm Well it´s still a few month till Sweden gets there. Hope it will be a bit warmer than in last summer though!

peggy gatto said...

Thank you for the instructions! Love your art. Have a wonderful time!!

Marji said...

Fab mango! You make it look so easy. Barry's cameo appearance is Oscar quality with his equisite expressive expression for his supporting role. Lucky cat and lucky you to have a new studio buddy. Have a wonderful vacation. Missing you already!

DVArtist said...

As always wonderful art. I live on the beach but it is cold and windy and not the ocean of dreams. The Oregon Coast USA LOL

Nordljus said...

Barry is such a sweetie! Great video, I always love to see the process of how a painting comes together, and how it is done. I always forget about layering with watercolours and am get disappointed with the result. But I'm learning. Patience, especially. Sand everywhere, dried salt on your skin - oh I hated those beach holidays! But a holiday at the seaside with lots of time for reading and tea does sound lovely. Have a great holiday!

Indira said...

Great video! Love the colors of the mango. Makes me want to grab one and eat it.

Enjoy the beach and beach reading. Now-a-days, I am more inclined to read books on my tablet. Keeps the load light.

Thanks for visiting my blog and for the ovely comment.

Unknown said...

Brilliant minds, love this post. Keep working and sharing your talent.