Thursday, 24 December 2015

Merry Christmas...

Phantom, Sinus and I hope you all have a magical holiday season filled with 
 a grand haul of gifts
  friends and family who think you are special
 a clear run to the checkouts at the grocery shop
 a house that magically cleans itself
no fail recipes and pinterest worthy wrapping
no traffic jams, or surly shop attendants
 a table laden with food that sends your least favourite relative home with a complex
fifty squillion fairy lights
quiet time to catch your breath
a never empty glass of something bubbly to calm the nerves
that the annoying uncle who drives you all nuts falls asleep at an opportune time
and most importantly
that no one gifts you slipper socks... or a foot spa... or regifts what you gave them last year

thanks you for being my tribe and making my life amazing
safe and happy holidays and happy painting xx


Jo Murray said...

All wonderful wishes Tracey...right back atya. :)

TwinkleToes2day said...

Thanks for all those lovely wishes Tracey, I hope they all come true for you too.
I love your colourful tree, it's such a good design.
Have a very merry festive time and a fantabulous 2016 xoxo

ZenziB said...

Happy holidays to you and your fam!

Jennifer McLean said...

I am so with Jo Murray... "right back at ya Tracey!". Love from not so cold Canada. :o)

Terrie said...

As usual you make the best list of good wishes! Hope your holiday is equally joyful and the new year filled with nothing but good things!

Carol said...

Thanks for the wonderful wishes and sending you the same :) Merry Christmas!!

Rita said...

Honored to be part of your tribe.
What a colorful, lovely tree!
Best wishes and Merry Christmas to you, Phoebe, and hubs. :):)

Jackie PN said...

And all the same wonderful wishes for you Tracey!!
Oops- I gave my dil's slipper socks this year! heehee
Sending love and happy wishes
xoxo Jackie

Sandra Busby said...

Lol, wouldn't all of that make the perfect Christmas!! Wishing you all an amazing, healthy, happy and productive New-Year!! xxx

Prairie Jill said...

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Best wishes for a very happy new year.

Giggles said...

This is so funny!! Sorry I missed it at the appropriate time!! Yes some of that happened!! lol Thankfully gifts were thoughtful and useful, and at a minimal since stuff is what we are purging!!

Hugs Giggles