Friday, 27 November 2015

Toasty tongs...

  You know how some people handle being busy with style and grace
 they sort of cruise through it all with all the elegance of a swan gliding on a calm lake
 well that isn't me... I handle it with the same sort of grace as a cat thrown in a pool
 I hiss and freak out, flailing about like a mad thing until I make it to the other side
and then I emerge bedraggled, tired and rather sorry for myself 
Not that I would ever throw a cat in a pool so I am not entirely sure how they would handle it
 but I think it is safe to say they might not be entirely happy.
The last month has been the busiest of my creative life
I have been balancing illustration work, with a huge order of canvases for a designer and a couple of commissions thrown in so it has been quite a ride
but I am happy that the pace is now slowing 
and I have time to appreciate the small things again
like the greatest invention ever... toast tongs

I bloody love these things
I seem to have rather sensitive little fingers
which is not ideal when combined with the truly nuclear temperatures 
that both rice bread and gluten free bread reach when toasted
those slices are hot like they have been toasted on the side of a volcano or the sun, 
or on the black leather seats after the car has been roasting
 in a concrete car park with no shade for ten hours
and my poor little fingers kept getting burnt 
which led to cussing and dancing around the kitchen like a mad thing
but no longer... now I am plucking those little slices of hellfire with abandon

Yes I could have used normal tongs or chopsticks 
though chopsticks are a bit like socks in our house and mysteriously love being single
but his little eggy type face makes me smile
and he is perfectly suited to the task at hand
the only thing that could make him better would be if they managed to somehow incorporate a teeny tiny whoopee cushion into him so when you plucked those slices of pure molten horror from the toaster it made a fart noise... now that would elevate it to genius
happy painting all...xx

 PS... happy thanksgiving to all my US friends...


Jennifer McLean said...

HOLY COW!! Toast tongs, who knew?? Those must be designed by a celiac, Only we of the GF bread know of those little burnt finger tips. Now I need a pair of those!!! It's not just YOU Trace, unless we share genetically inferior finger tips. Hmm, maybe, ;o).
Mom says hi and tells you to relax by the pool more. You gotta love moms. We're so proud of you with your work. YOU GO GIRL!!
Now, seriously, where did you GET those tongs?? :o)

Kate Robertson said...

Those toast tongs are so cute. Love your drawing of them and the story too.


Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

You always make me smile with your whimsical writings. I am also not surprised that you would have such amusing thongs, and that you'd like to incorporate a tiny whoopee cushion into them. Blessings, my friend and happy PPF!

froebelsternchen said...

So cute - I want to have one now! Great !
Happy PPF and happy weekend- fabulous illustration as always!!

sirkkis said...

How great idea and wonderful painting. Love!
Happy PPF xx

PaintingWrite said...

I love that you have so many weird and wonderful gadgets and stuff that no one knew they needed in their lives! Toast tongs are hilarious - who knew! I have an egg timer with the same little eggy faced er, egg, although he's purely ornamental these days!
I can't imagine you hissing and freaking out - I always see you as so laid back you're almost horizontal! Congrats on having so much work on - I love the idea of being in demand but, like you, I don't like having too much on my plate with deadlines and timescales - it does focus the mind though and would help stop me procrastinating instead of painting which I do a lot more of in the winter months (I think I was a bear in a previous life and the instinctive need to hibernate has stayed with me!)

Neesie said...

And here's me thinking you'd gone all posh on us having toast tongs! It wasn't until you mentioned you'd like them to fart that I knew... Trace is back!
I'm so happy to hear of all your success and commissions etc, but I missed you. Your fabulous painting, your hilarious writing and unique style to both. Now you deserve to head into that pool to perfect your swan dive! Maybe even relax a little?
Happy painting to you too xx

Šolanje na domu-Waldorf said...

Love the egg face! :) Great illustrations!

Julia Dunnit said...

Love 'em. How come you dont have to go on a twenty minute hunt for them every time you put toast on. No fair.

Sandra Busby said...

Well you truly know how to paint a picture! Not just with a brush but also with words! That poor cat! I could see him just as described - but since he is only a figment of your wild imagination, thankfully it was okay to laugh, which is just as well because this post almost had me crossing my legs!!!

Linda Kunsman said...

You DO have quite the stash of wonderful gadgets to draw don't you? Marvelous drawings Tracey! Happy you have all those commissions but also glad you can make some time for your own art.

Catharina Engberg said...

I still use my fingers without any problems, but that thing do look nice. Feel like having a toast!

DVArtist said...

Ohhh toast tongs. Duuuaahhh.... I usually do the no no and stick a knife or a fork in the top of the toast to pull it out. Glad you are so busy. Have a nice weekend.

Faye said...

Toaster tongs, not of metal of course, is a wonderful idea. I use a plastic fork myself, but the tongs looks so much more efficient. Love your sketch. I love that you have energy again to do all the art things you love.

Nigel said...

Glad to hear things are calming down a bit.
excellent artwork as always, but didn't you know you can use a single chopstick for toast (of any variety); just grab the end and spear it!

Beth Niquette said...

How cute is this?! At first I thought it was the neck of an instrument...your explanation (heehee) is adorable.

Rita said...

My last red toaster didn't last long, but it came with little red toaster tongs and I love them and kept them after the toaster died! Use them all the time now. You're are cuter, though. Congrats on being so busy!! That's a good thing. :)

TwinkleToes2day said...

Heyyy, no fair!! I discovered toast tongs about a month ago, but mine are plain! No cute egg face anywhere in sight! Hurrumph!!
Have a great weekend Tracey which I hope includes some relaxing time {{Hugs}} xox

Gloria j Zucaro said...

I have never even heard of toast tongs! Yours' are brilliant, even with a little face. How cute! I will do without any noises attached though!

Renee Dowling said...

You had me smiling through your whole post. Funny. I have never heard of toast tongs, but now that I have, I think the idea is brilliant! Your drawing is so cute and whimsical, just like this post!

Thanks for sharing!

Indira said...

I don't use tongs at all but I like the idea. Your painting of the tongs with that little face is super cute.

Thanks for visiting y blog.

JillGA said...

This is hysterical and I love it! And I have sensitive fingers as well so I understand your plight. Love the tongs! Here is to many pain-free toastings!