Friday, 13 November 2015

The Warm- Up Sketch...

Do you remember a couple of months ago I said I had been busier than a blue arsed fly?
 Well that was nothing.
 The last two weeks been crazy busy, hugely fun, completely out of control
 and totally glorious
my brain has been a bit all over the place and jumping from project to project
which led to me drawing this into my sketchbook upside down
but I kind of like it just like that actually

as glorious as it has been it hasn't exactly been blogging friendly
and I haven't had much time for painting just for the fun of it
but the work has been fun so that is ok... sort of
I really miss my friends and blogging when things get a bit mad...
However I did start this little number as a warm up this morning
well it started as a little number
and then it sort of grew until it is kind of large
but I will need warm ups for the next few days so it will pull double or even triple duty...

I love using warm up sketches to start my day
as I get to draw out  any creative stiffness and loosen up and get into the groove
these sort of projects that are a mix of loose paint, and line
with careful, observed tone are just perfect
because it hits all the skills I am going to be using later in the day
plus they often turn out as some of my favourite sketches
amazing what happens when you have no expectations isn't it
now I just have to hope I don't muck this up over the coming days...

happy painting all...xx


  1. Happy painting to you too. Keep on having fun

  2. This looks amazing Tracey ! Happy painting!!!

  3. Great way to start off your day! As a person who can't draw, I find it remarkable that you can take something as simple as a tube of paint and turn it into a awesome piece of art by sketching it! And it's only a warm up! Hope this week runs smoother and is less hectic!

  4. Glad that you've enjoyed busy life. The paint tubes show that it's true ;)
    Have a happy PPF and weekend♥

  5. Always enjoy reading your posts. I love the idea of a warm up sketch and this one is just lovely. I can see why they often become your favorites - this one certainly would be one of mine. Enjoy all of your busy fun days!

  6. Good to hear you're having fun, glad you popped over to catch us up!! Lovely painting...very inspirational! Keep on enjoying!!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. Oh my gosh Tracey, these sketches of the paint tubes are STUNNING!! They are like photos of the actual thing, I mean, how you get every itty bitty detail so perfect is beyond me! I could just study and look at this over and over. Happy PPF!

  8. Happy PPF, nice to have time to run around and look again! Matisse Acrylics -- must be a down under thang! Love reading our blogs, always.

  9. In all your craziness, your art just keeps getting better and better. These tubes are awesome...and who but you would even think to paint them? Happy PPF

  10. Gee, that tube has had a work out these past few weeks. Glad to have you back - been missing you - m.x

  11. Wonderful work!! I have never used that structure acrylic paint - how do you like it? How stiff is it? Stiffer body than heavy body acrylics? I am using acrylics this month for a portrait class - so I'd love to know! Happy PPF :)

  12. If I managed to produce a warm up piece like this one... it would be my masterpiece! Fantastic and in awe... as usual.
    Don't work too hard xx

  13. These are fantastic Tracy. I had to keep going back to see if any of these were real or if they were all drawings. Fascinating detail you've created.


  14. love the texture. thanks for sharing.

  15. Wow your warm ups are pieces of master art. Glad you are busy and having fun too.

  16. I agree - the 'no pressure' approach is often the way to do something fabulous! And you did :0)

  17. Warm up pieces are like real pieces of art. Great!


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