Friday, 30 October 2015

My Week In Progress...

So the whole creative whiplash situation got a bit mad during the week
 I have a tendency to wildly overestimate the amount I can take on and get done
 and it usually end up with me covered in paint and muttering like a madwoman
 while the house dissolves into a mess of unwashed clothes
 half arsed cooking, and a mess of dust bunnies take up residence
 but having said that I still got a shite lot done 
so maybe there is something to be said for impossible lists
I'm not saying that my sanity is intact
or that I have been a complete ray of sunshine
but hey that list took quite a beating so let's say it was a positive week

 Helping me through the whole glorious mess was a few little treats
 like this raw chocolates from Loving Earth, which were awesomely delicious
who knew that healthy type chocolate could be so freakin delicious
plus I got to sugar up on some Arizona iced tea
Now let me explain that a bit because we have been heading down the sugar free road
well not sugar free entirely, let's call our efforts somewhat sugar free
so to have one of these iced teas was like injecting the stuff directly into my veins.
I was hopped up like a toddler who has scoffed a bucketful of red food colouring
I had a chipmunk voice happening and I swear my hair was actually dancing on my head
it was pretty full on actually

The reason I subjected myself and my loved ones to a mad sugar high like that is because
I have a bit of a ritual for each quarterly cancer testing results appointment
because no matter how good you feel and how much you know all is going great
there is always that little whisper at the back of your brain saying maybe the cancer is back
which kind of leads to a stressful few days coming into getting the results
So my ritual for when I get yet another all clear I usually treat myself to an iced tea
it is kind of weird how important those rituals become to getting through the whole process
and I do wish I had a more interesting ritual, maybe one involving getting a massage, or being showered with gifts and and things like that
but the upshot is that I am not very accustomed to the sugar these days
so this was like crazy sweet
and now I am at a bit of a loss loss as to what to do next quarter.
I am not sure I want to face the sugar buzz again
so maybe I will settle for painting the bottles instead

So in between all that fun and games 
I managed to get quite a bit done on a big order of large abstract canvases
there is still a way to go
and 3 foot square canvases are quite a challenge, but it is a fun way to spend the days
I sit outside and paint with a bucket of tea and my ipod jammed in my ears
It is actually quite lovely with the fresh air and breeze 
the only downside is that if I'm not looking at the canvases
 then I am looking at the garden/ jungle which is inspiring a lot of thoughts and ideas based around foliage and those luscious big leaves I am surrounded by
and so the large watercolour at the top of the post is underway
in fact I am going to get back to it now

happy painting all...xx


Valerie-Jael said...

Lovely work, love the leaf. Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

Rita said...

You have been so busy. I think the tea is a good celebration but, if it's too much, a tea painting would do. Your chocolates made me hungry. You have so many projects going at once--wow! Let the juices flow!! ;)

Jennifer McLean said...

Oh, don't you HATE it when yet another previously joyful thing falls by the wayside when you say to yourself, "It just wasn't as good as I remember it". I hate that, damn healthful eating! It kills so many naughty habits.

If it ever happens to chocolate I'm protesting, lol. Love the great news about your health. I love things like that, just makes the world smile a little brighter, I must say.

C-granny is so impressed with the canvases. Just yummy.

Giggles said...

Wow Tracey good for you! We have totally cut down on sugar too...and now everything is much sweeter. However one must have a celebratory sweet every now and again! Lovely artwork!

Hugs Giggles

Gloria j Zucaro said...

So happy to hear another good report card for you! I am glad you have gotten so much done, but don't overdo so that it is no longer fun for you! I am wondering if you have been reading any good books lately? Maybe your next good report could be a day off for reading with your feet up, tea and chocolate!

Nadya said...

Woo Hoo on another all clear!! Love your work, as always - those tea bags & chocolate ... mmmm ....
virtual hugs,n Happy PPF!

sirkkis said...

I love your tea painting - it tastes and looks delicious. The other art is fab, too.
Happy PPF xx

Clare Lloyd said...

Loving all the bright colours. Good luck with those canvases! Happy PPF

Jaz Higgins said...

You're inspiring me to get my painting butt into gear this weekend! I really need to kick the sugar habit too...

well, in moderation of course. I think giving up sugar all together is outrageous! lol :)

so glad to hear the tests are all clear. xo

Karla B said...

Gorgeous art, Tracey!So many beautiful things to see.Happy PPF!

My name is Erika. said...

I know what super busy weeks are like. Yours sounds like mine- only yours sounds better because at least you got to paint and have more studio time than me. Hope you get everything done.

Unknown said...

You make me feel better knowing I'm not the only one whose house goes to shambles when in an artistic groove. Love the fabulous green on the leaf. The details on Arizona tea bottle is phenomenal! Inspiring post this week. thank you! diane #22

Studio Kaufmann said...

What?? I didn't even know there was such a thing as healthy chocolate. I'm gonna be all over this like white on rice!
Sounds like you've had a madly productive week. I can't do that much art at once I go completely mental...have to pace myself.
Happy PPF

Marji said...

I love the elements I'm seeing on those big panels. Glad to hear the list took a beating and you are making great headway. Sugar always seems like the good boost when time is tight, but you are right to kick the habit. I tend to turn to coffee for my afternoon pick-me-up... Not much better I'm afraid. Thinking of you tons. M.x

Christine said...

lovely work, a well deserved treat until next quarter!

Deepa Gopal said...

Arizona Iced Tea picture is AWESOME! Loved it! So is the WIP!
Loved hearing your outdoor painting experience, such luxury is missing here!
Happy PPF!

Anonymous said...

wow so many wonderful projects, I love your chocolate art!

Krisha said...

So HAPPY to hear you got an other ALL CLEAR report!!!
Yes, it so good to hear that there are large dust bunnies taking up residence in other people's homes too, while the MOJO is in the house.
Great post.....GREAT art.
Thanks for sharing.

Faye said...

Love the tea bottle sketch, Tracey. I am trying to cut back on sugar because 1) it makes me fat, 2) it upsets my tummy a bit, and 3) it's not good for the teeth. And I could go on and on. But raised from infancy on sweet ice tea, it is really hard to drink unsweetened tea for me. I can and I enjoy the rich flavor of the tea itself when I do drink the unsweetened kind. You are an inspiration. Maybe I will try harder so that celebrating with sweets will truly be a celebration.

Jo said...

It is so true that when you cut down on the sugar and then have some it's soooooo sooooooo sweet. But i don't blame you for wanting to treat yourself after getting the great news!! AS a former massage therapist perhaps you'd consider that next time. The benefits are so wonderful. Get a massage and then have something sweet. :)

Indira said...

Love the Arizona tea bottle painting. Glad your test went well.

Ilona Heimböckel said...

Beautiful art you have done! i didn't know grown ups would drink that kind of stuff ;-) I have never tried it, it looks a bit too colourful for me… :D
Good to hear your test result was all clear!
I'm very curious about the canvases, will we get to see the finished work some day?

Happy PPF and greetings from

Neesie said...

Brilliant to hear your fantastic news Trace, I'm thrilled for you
Wow, you don't 'alf cook on gas misses, when you're under the hammer!
Gorgeous tropical leaf (I love these) beautiful canvas and that Arizona Iced Tea bottle is pure brilliance!
You Rock!!! xoxo

Beth Niquette said...

Your artwork is so inspiring and I love your posts--today's post made me smile. Thank you! Have a lovely week, my charming, talented Friend!

Viola said...

Lovely paintings as always :) that ice tea looks yummi! I try to avoid sugar, not working all time, but am trying as best. I just now said no thanks to a chockolate cake ;) I'm glad you're feeling fine, even though bad thoughts come and go.. And - I'm not doing my best to clean the house! Ups... ;D

Irene Rafael said...

Cutting back on the sugar intake, specifically hot fresh chocolate cream croissants every morning with my cuppa was one of the hardest things for me to do. But, you know how it goes, health does come into the mix. Now for those rewards or treated, the sweet is very very special. I love seeing your large piece and sketches. The Arizona tea is spot on. Congratulations on the all clear! You deserve a celebration.

Kate Robertson said...

Lovely work this week. I am always enchanted by your art.

JKW said...

Love the individual leaves on the leaf. . . Palm Tree, right? The sugar (some) is much better for a body than artificial, but unsweetened is much better. Love your work, it is always so real. Blessings, Janet PPF

Anonymous said...

Your Tea Bottle Sketch is wonderful. I like the idea of just drawing simple and daily things, like a drawing of your life.
I try to cut back on sugar as well, mainly because of an medical condition. I used to be very strict about it when I was first diagnosed. But it is getting harder and harder. Sometimes I just need my chocolate. ;)

Sandra Busby said...

Paul and I will do our usual detox in January. No bread, pasta, potatoes, processed foods or alcohol during January. Lots of exercise, plenty of fruit and veggie smoothies and some spirulina thrown in! In fact, we just bought a Veg-I-Spin', which makes 'Spaghetti' out of vegetables! Sounds interesting! Paul has far more willpower than me, but if he's on a healthy diet, then it's easier for me to join him than to cook two different meals! My goals are more art related this year. I can't wait to get in to the new studio!! Meanwhile, yes I can totally imagine how the lead up yo your appointments must feel. But they say laughter is the best medicine and I am convinced this has been so true in your case! Your are going to smash through that five year barrier no problem! Xx