Friday, 23 October 2015

Creative Whiplash...

To say it has been a manic ten days is an understatement
 I have been alternating illustration work, with some commissions
 and also preparing work for high res scanning to make high quality prints for the website
 plus I have been working on some large abstract-ish canvases for an exciting project
 painting abstracts is something I used to love, but it has been a while
 plus is the total opposite to everything else I have been doing
 which is sort doing the old noggin in big time

One minute I am working in a very controlled manner and working on realism
considering line, light and shade and all that good stuff
painting up this blue leaf for example
then I am printing it out and playing with hand inking them for future prints
I kind of like the idea that even prints can be individual and all a bit unique
then the next minute I am splashing paint like there is no tomorrow
thinking blocks of colour and texture, light and mood
I am getting creative whiplash in a major way
but that is half of the fun right

everything in my day is about opposites
mornings are in the studio working relatively small... A4 to A3 in size
working on keeping my eye in and controlled work
watercolours, and fine brushes, working from light to dark
then afternoons are out on the deck working on 90cm (36") square canvases and bigger
acrylic paint and big brushes and working dark to light
it is like I am two people
but it is kind of fun too...  like serious fun
that kind of maniacal cackling fun
which given our closeness to Halloween seems appropriate
though it may get a touch creepy in a few weeks

My days have taken on a sort of insane creative madness at the moment
I leave teacups all over the house
I don't know whether I am Arthur or Martha, or perhaps some other person I've not even met
my clothes are paint splattered, the floor is lightly speckled
my hair is a birds nest that needs a good hedge trimmer taken to it
my brain hurts half the time, but it is all bloody glorious

The only real downside to creative whiplash and working on large canvases  
is the whole getting them from the art shop into the car
I am not the tallest person and it is decidedly windy today so getting two 3 x 5 foot canvases into the car earlier was quite the experience
I almost took off at one stage
those things are like giant bloody windcatchers
happy painting all.. xx


Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I love all the cool color palette in all your refreshingly beautiful paintings. I loved the whimsical tale about getting your painting into the car on a windy day. Happy PPF and Blessings, my friend!

Christine said...

Lovely pieces Tracey! Glad you are being so creative all around.

DVArtist said...

Wow! I am very impressed with these leaves. They are intensely pretty. Is that possible?
Have a great weekend

Marji said...

Glorious! all of it. Love the big and love the small. You seem to be managing it all so easily. I love seeing the diverse range of your work. So much fun. And the thought of working outside on big paintings sounds very luxurious to me. Happy painting and hopes that things will find the fine balance where all is calm and bright.

Jennifer McLean said...

OMG, you're the flying Nun, minus the nun part, lol. Don't make a habit of it, hehehe. Gotcha, I never do good punning! Anyway my dear, you're awesome but then I don't have to tell you that. Oh, and did you know? You're working in mom and my favorite size, BIG. lol. Big and gorgeous. :o)

froebelsternchen said...

I would really like to see a whole day in your studio and also how you manage to put the canvases in your car!
Great art.. this abstract looks super!!!
You are pretty versatile in your art... this is super!!!

sirkkis said...

The huge canvas is great! Delicate leaf paintings.
Happy PPF ♥

Giggles said...

The ever fun Tracey...ENJOY! Make hay while the sun shines my dear!! You never know when that burst of creative energy will take a nose dive!! So happy to hear all this creative love talk!! Can't wait to see all the madness!

Hugs Giggles

Unknown said...

Sensational work. Beautiful colours, loose style ... pure freedom from any limitations. LOVE it! hugs, Donna

My name is Erika. said...

Enjoyed seeing your abstract, but I know what you mean about changing styles mid-stream. It always takes a little bit of focus for me to do that. Nice pieces overall. Enjoy your weekend,

Linda Kunsman said...

what gorgeous leaf art!! Loving the canvas too-glad to know you managed OK despite the forces against you !

Ginger said...

Always love reading your entertaining posts! Thanks for the peek inside your world and your creative brain. I get a lot of energy from jumping around to completely different projects and mediums in the same day - creative whiplash can indeed be a good thing. Enjoy the madness!

Susan said...

Love your leaves! And I totally know the "creative whiplash" affect. Be glad you can do both and keep on keeping on. Happy PPF

Neesie said...

Shame the wind was blowing in the wrong direction Trace, otherwise if your wind was like my wind (oh that just doesn't sound right does it...) you'd have possibly managed to pop in for a cuppa. Wouldn't that be fun.
You can hear within your words just how exciting all this creative whiplash is and how your loving it. I mean what could be better?
It's infectious and I hope I catch it real bad!
I L.O.V.E those leaves :D
Carry on with the madness honey... we're all excited for you xx

peggy gatto said...

Hey, the more you have to do the more you get done! And, oh boy, love your new art!!!

peggy gatto said...

Love the big canvas's and really love the abstract, dreamy colors!

denthe said...

Sounds like a lovely kind of busy-ness! Love your leaves, and the big canvas is looking interesting!

Kim Collister Studio said...

I like to pop in and see what your are up too. As always, it's amazing!!

Gloria j Zucaro said...

Tracey, It is so much fun to hear of your new adventures! I too am trying some new things. Thanks you for stopping by my blog today! I really like your new huge efforts. Perhaps when the wind blows hard you can use the 3 x 5 canvases as magic carpets to take you directly to the storefront!

Abigail Davidson said...

I always enjoy the vibrancy in your botanical art, and the larger painting has a beautiful palette! All lovely work!

Jo said...

AS always, Tracy, I love your sense of humor and it's wonderful that you are bouncing all over the place with wonderful versatility, even if you DON'T know who you are.

Faye said...

Wow, a 3x5 canvas is somewhat like a big sail! Glad you didn't get blown away! I love the leaves, the blue one and the green ones. You have really been a busy girl lately, sort of in a whirlwind, so to speak! I'm not so much into abstract painting although I'm trying to learn in the Saturday mixed media class that Jo is teaching.

Rita said...

Sounds gloriously invigorating and productive! Kudos! Opposites can make a perfect pairing sometimes. :)

Denyse Whelan. said...

Dare you to place a camera in the studio & let it record "your day" & then play it back at fast speed That would be an awesome view! Love your work & play!!

kat said...

So great to see you having so much creative fun, I love the look of that last piece and your organic pieces that flow beautifully are a treat!

Unknown said...

you crack me up.

Carol said...

I'm laughing at the image of you and the huge canvas flying over the parking lot as others run after you trying to grab your ankles and pull you down. Love the art this week ♥

Anewdawn 16 said...

lovely work as usual!!!

Robin said...

What a busy week you've had! Everything looks great and I am not sure how you can switch up what you are working on so fast. Maybe there are 2 of you? Hope you have a great and calmer week. I am catching up from PPF. I've been offline way too long. Rasz #60

Fallingladies said...

Great you are having so much fun!
... but glad you put some of your sizes in inches and feet, a3 means nothing to me!? (Now i feel so out of the loop)

minnemie said...

Those mono-blues are strong... I think mono is hard for the value changes it requires to make it work... and yours most definitely works beautifully!!

Indira said...

Beautiful colors in those leaves. Lovely to read about your creative week. It would be have been something if the wind had you flying with the canvas :)

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Beth Niquette said...

What an interesting narrative! Your work, as always is wonderful--your blue leaf makes me believe there must be a tree with blue leaves somewhere in the world. Your art is so inspiring!

mandysea said...

realism works for you... if that fern wasn't blue and was green, you could almost convince me it was a photo! You are THAT good! Gorgeous... love your green ones too! What a fabulous time you've had on paper - and splatter on clothes, walls etc!

Anonymous said...

"My days have taken on a sort of insane creative madness at the moment
I leave teacups all over the house
my clothes are paint splattered, the floor is lightly speckled
my hair is a birds nest that needs a good hedge trimmer taken to it
my brain hurts half the time, but it is all bloody glorious"

There is no better happiness than this -- 'cept perhaps love.
I can see you clearly, my friend, now that I've seen video.
Animated and loving this.

I am also fascinated by your canvases, so different than your watercolor!

Tracey FK said...
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JKW said...

Yikes different kinds of paintings on the same day. Good job. . .I love the different colors. Blessings, Janet PPF

Sandra Busby said...

Crikey! Just how many posts did I miss??? Gaaagh! It's been so manic here! I LOVE your abstracts! I was so exited to see them and they don't disappoint... I knew they wouldn't. It must be so much fun wearing all of those different creative hats! Xx