Friday, 18 September 2015

Things I Love...

There are a lot of things that I love
  Tea, chocolate, Sinus and Phantom
  Not necessarily in that order
  Sometimes Sinus is rather annoying

But here is a bit of a list of others...

I love drinks with umbrellas in them
Doesn't matter what they are 
They could be turkey gizzard smoothies with a sprinkling of dead ants
But if it has an umbrella then I am going to be smacking many lips like crazy

I love the mini horse down the road
 it is elusive to spot
but makes my day everytime I see it

I love the word synecdoche 
I also like the words, trope, bouillabaisse and antiestablishmentarian

I love the banner I made for the website and etsy shop
no clue how to attach it in the right size etc
but love it none the less

Novelty duct tape
especially duct tape that has ducks on it... duck duct tape is a perfect item

I looove the bottom sheet of the bed to be perfectly smooth and tight
Like crazy smooth and tight
Forget bouncing a coin on that sucker
I want to be able to bounce an elephant
Or a small car
Top sheets can do what they like but the bottom sheet has to be perfect

They make my ovaries quiver

My sunburst granny squares
great colours and haphazard crochet all rolled into one

Lip balm
Burts Bees peppermint lip balm to be exact
I have always been lip balm crazy
The misplacement of such item is a cause for search parties
raised blood pressure and panicked voices in our house

I would love lip balm with GPS markers built in

yes it is a Bruce Springsteen song but I love Glen Hansard
and he is backed by Eddie Vedder... doesn't get much better than that
I would drive all night again...Just to buy you some shoes.... 
Why thank you very much Glen... I take a size ten
yes I have whopping huge feet... get over it


I love creaming butter and sugar together
Always the start of great baking
but also there is something about the grainy, lumpy beginning
Turning into that light smooth loveliness that is satisfying

I love segmenting oranges, or grapefruits
you get that fan type membrane insides left that you can flap about a bit
Weirdly fun

And my new pineapple mason jar drinking cup thing
I drew it up as part of my Week on a Page from Tuesday...
If I could work out how to add an umbrella to it it would be perfect

Happy painting all... xx


Linda Kunsman said...

what a real pleasure to read about all the things you love!! And that awesome cocktail...yum!

Jennifer McLean said...

Thanks a lot, mom just disowned me, she thinks there must have been a switch at birth... Donna says, "holy cow, she IS my daughter!" you both have size ten feet. My feet are a lowly 7.5, but the are wider than they are long, ;o). (much like the rest of me). I can't believe you have favorite words too, although I totally agree with you on bouillabaisse and antiestablishmentarianism, you mustn't know about my all time favorite word. I'll give you an out though because it's french for grapefruit. Pamplemousse, pronounced pomplamoose, and even better if you're having grapefruit juice as it now rhymes. Pamplemousse juice. Hehehe. Anyway, obviously we're separated at birth (ignore the fact you're a little older, i'll forgive you, lol). That granny square quilt is gonna be gorgeous, I must say and I'm not gonna gush about how good your banner is. I'll have to try that sometime soon. Hugs.

Neesie said...

Sorry Trace I didn't see my name there? You must have missed some of your post off. Gotta love all what you say except the kale... I'll give that one a miss if you don't mind. Maybe I could have two umbrella cocktails instead?
Love all of your illustrations and can't wait to catch up with your website and etsy shop. I've only been missing for a long weekend but feel I've missed so much. No flies on you eh? Have fun and a great weekend.
Chat again soon xoxo

VonnyK said...

I'm with Neesie, love all all the same things except the kale and maybe the words. Trying to spell is far too taxing on the brain these days and my tongue gets tied into terrible knots when trying to pronounce them as well. I have a penchant for those little umbrellas. I still keep them for years after I've used them, sad isn't it. The girls used them for their Barbie dolls but they are much nicer in a drink. I'm sure you can come up with a way to attach an umbrella to your pineapple jar. Thought about ducky duct tape??? Love your new website and shop, you're so clever.
Von xx

Giggles said...

You beat me to this post...I have been planning for over a year, every time I walk in my powder room and see my little owl towels. Good job it was so fun to know these fun bits about you!! Burts bees used to be Cupcakes all time favorite until she became allergic to almost all lip balms...she makes her own now... I also love to section oranges and grapefruit. I love your pineapple cup and have a plain cup with a lid that made my eyes sparkle when I first saw it! Great illustrations including your new banner! Can you find a place where you make badges to size it? Great post, thanks for sharing!

Hugs Giggles

PaintingWrite said...

I LOVE this list (apart from the turkey gizzard smoothie - no umbrella is going to make that appealing!! I love your new banner and yes, trying to get Etsy banner's to fit is a head melt. I also love lip balm - lip balm and hand cream are my absolute essential items and I have several of each floating around everywhere in the house and most pockets/handbags. Hurraw is the best - it comes in cherry with a little hint of colour - Love it!
I also love words - superfluous is one of my favs. Your pineapple cup is fab and I laughed at your description of puppies making your ovaries quiver - me too much more than any human baby on the face of the earth has ever done, I'm afraid to say!! Great list Tracey - you've now set me up for the day thinking about all the things I love too!!

Anonymous said...

It's happiness to have things one loves!!

Karla B said...

Gorgeous post, my friend.I don't like umbrellas much! Happy PPF!

sirkkis said...

I love your fantastic banner and the drink is and looks very tempting. Lovely post.
Have a happy PPF ♥

Carol said...

Wonderful post with great art and we love the same things ♥ Even the Kale :) I really really love the pineapple cup ♥♥♥♥

Studio Kaufmann said...

Fun list!
As I get older I love sleep...
let me count the ways I love you
and pillows and duvets
ooh I'm feeling tired
Happy PPF

Kate Robertson said...

I so enjoyed reading about what you like. All the illustrations were lovely. The Banner is beautiful. Patterned duct tape is so much fun.


Krisha said...

GREAT POAT!! LOVE all the positives, the paintings and the umbrella.
Thanks for making me smile.

peggy gatto said...

I like your silliness!!!
I am going to make a fun list, maybe keep a diary and add as fun things come up (sometimes I forget)
The smell of Aqua Net hair spray takes me away to the beach house 50 years ago.
Thanks for the inspiration !

Barbara Dane Lapins said...

What a wonderful post! We should all take the time to list the things we love. Love the art work, of course. I'm running out of adjectives to describe how much I love your work and blogs. :-)

Ayala Art said...

heehhehe those are some words! Awesome colors!

Rita said...

What a happy, happy post! Spreading the love, Baby! ;)

Marji said...

OK, I didn't know until this moment - but I love all those things too :) That banner is pretty perfect and your signature blue - M.x

Jo Murray said...

Awesome list !......but I think you missed chucking all that colour about.

Gloria j Zucaro said...

What a great "love list". You could get a tiny umbrella and attach it with crazy glue to the small edge of the opening where the straw goes in? Have another wonderful week,Tracey!

My name is Erika. said...

I want an umbrella drink now. I could stand to drink it at a warm beach, listening to waves lapping on the shore, the sun setting and making the sky all orange and pink and red...thanks for the little mental get away!

Jo said...

Hi Tracey,
I loved reading your post as always. I don't care for peeling or dissecting oranges and grapefruits- never have, never will. Can't stand the way the way my skin feels after doing so...... I love umbrella drinks. makes me think I've "really gotten away," when I drink them, and I always thought the word was "antidisestablish etc. etc. Guess I learned it from comedian George Carlin. Your post does cause me to sit up and pay attention or remind me of some things I love. Love your new banner.

Christine said...

Lovely drinks and great to hear things you love, what a positive exercise, I should try that. Nice post Tracey.

DVArtist said...

Just knowing the things you love brings out a part another part of you. Love your banner and your art.

froebelsternchen said...

You are so funny! Always adore your watercoloring!
Thank you for your lovely comment, it means a lot to me!

Laney said...

Well wasn't this a lovely little post to read? I laughed at your quivering ovaries. Kittens do that to me LOL. Your banner is great, too. Hope you get the sizes figured out. I cannot tell you how many hours I have spent trying to get banners to look right! Thanks for an inpsiring post. Antiestablishmentarianism is my new favorite word!

Nordljus said...

Love those greens in that fabulous drink, and your banner looks great! And what a great list. I couldn't live without lip balm, and skinning pink grapefruit is like meditation. Great words too, I'm always fascinated with words. One of my love/hate words is miscellaneous. Such a great looking word, but I can never remember how to pronounce it, no matter how many times I look it up.

denthe said...

Great post! So lovely to read about the things you love and your unique way of explaining it :-) That first painting is brilliant

Abigail Davidson said...

Aww such a fun post! I also enjoy the refreshing colors in your artwork!

carol l mckenna said...

And I love your style of art ~ Flowing and colorful!

Happy Week to you,
artmusedog and carol

Indira said...

What a fun post to read! I feel proud that I knew the meaning of those words though I use only "trope" regularly and never use bouillabaisse since I am a vegetarian. I love the look of the cocktail and that's all I can do since I am a teetotaler(big word!) Hmmm...what does quivering ovaries mean?

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Beth Niquette said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog! And I'm such a big fan of your artwork. This piece is no exception! Wonderful!

Julie Kirk said...

Thanks for joining the conversation on my blog! So I'm here with comment 96/300!

I loved this list. In my travels to find new blogs I've come across so many list type posts ... and the majority have made me switch off [I think people think that a list in and of itself is an interesting thing - despite the content of it!]

But yours was fun to read [I'm also learning that I much prefer bloggers who don't take things so seriously. Honest, open, vulnerable ... yes, I'll take all that ... but blank faced, detached, blogging-because-that's-what-people-do rather than make a real connection? No thanks.]

I love that there's a little horse down the road ... I'd back the idea of lip balm GPS ... I don't like synecdoche because it reminds me that I watched the movie 'Synecdoche, New York' thinking that, although it was weird, it would make me cool if I watched it. It didn't. and I still don't understand what it was I exchanged two hours of my life for ...

Julie :-)