Tuesday, 15 September 2015

My Week...or two... On A Page... #7

So I ended up taking two weeks to do this week on a page
 due to website building melting my brain and things
 but here it is...

sneaking... Snow pea crisps

how could I not buy them... look at the colours and the packaging
how do they taste you may ask... oddly like asparagus

eating... the first ice blocks of the season
coconut yogurt, strawberry and blueberry in case you were wondering..

trying out... new paints

bit scared of... Blk. alkaline fulvic water
it is black!!!!... black water... have to get Sinus to try it first

playing with... drippy chairs
lots of drippy chairs

smelling... green tea and lemon oil

loving... my new pineapple mason jar thingy
how could you be anything but happy when you have one of those in the house
happy painting all...xx


Unknown said...

Adoro il modo in cui trasformi oggetti quotidiani in opere d'arte!!!

Sandra Busby said...

Looks like a colourful week you have had!! Must be all that spring sunshine... Here Autumn has put it's big boy pants on! Yep, it has arrived in full glory! My week on a page would be muddy wellies (that also leak), Inside out Umbrellas and wet dog. Humph! xx

Jennifer McLean said...

don't you just love that they're making crisps and chips out of all kinds of things?? LOVE it! Everything else sounds exciting, interesting, useful. The black water?? Hmmmm. Totally on board with someone other than YOU trying it. :o)

Rita said...

Black water!?! OMG! That's scary!
Love everything else. I hope you are getting your website issues all behind you soon. I could never figure that technical stuff out--at all. I can barely figure out the "easy" stuff I should know--according to Dagan and Leah--LOL! ;)