Tuesday, 29 September 2015

My Week On A Page # 9 ...

My week on a page in tea and infusers...
 Earl of Grey in a lollipop infuser
   Oolong in the dagger
  Boulder Breakfast in the Tardis
 Pink Lemonade Green in the birdy
 Earl Of Grey again in the strawberry
 Summer in Provence in the little weird yellow thingy
 White Tea with Cucumber in the heart
 they grew across the page each day like a line up
 and I can't see a line up without thinking about The Usual Suspects
happy painting all...xx


Linda Kunsman said...

I have never seen any of these infusers-they are super and so are your sketches!

Kristin Dudish said...

So is that the Soze strawberry, then ;)
(Love your line up!)

ZenziB said...

I love this! Tea infusers are cool. I collect the vintage kind.

Alexandra MacVean said...

I just love your various tea infusers. Talk about a collection you could never go wrong with! Hee Hee Love how you laid out your page to illustrate as well. :)

Rita said...

You have the most awesome collection of tea infusers!! And you can draw and paint them like nobody's business, too.
PS I LOVED that movie!!! :) :)
Well, I love Kevin Spacey.

leekrek said...

Wow great drawings

Sandra Busby said...

You must have an entire kitchen draw just for tea infusers!! What a collection you have!! And i know you have plenty more because I have seen them in past paintings! Love it :0)