Tuesday, 1 September 2015

My Week On A Page #6...

It started with the shoes and exploded into a very minty week...
 loving... new studio shoes
 dusting... fake succulents
 which just happen to be in perfect mint coloured tins
 using... my new mug
 smelling... the most delicious candle
 starfruit and citrus... it's like summer in one sniff
 freaking... out at ants in the car
 note to self... remove all wildlife before hauling half the jungle garden to the tip
 frustrated about... crap painting of my new teapot
considering... eating mint tea flavoured chocolate
which feels oddly appropriate 
happy painting all...xx


TwinkleToes2day said...

Only YOU will think the teapot painting is crap :P Lol That chocolate looks too lush to resist; did you? Or did you indulge? Is it good? I too would freak out if there were ants in my car! Eek! Not that they're horrible per se, but thought of them getting on me while I'm driving is too much! Your candle sounds lovely! I can't eat citrusy things but I adore the smell of them. Your new shoes look very comfy indeed and the added mint colour is gorgeous! Hope the rest of this week is good to you :D xox

Neesie said...

Lot's of lovelyness this week... even the ants look cute! How do you do that? The mint green looks so fresh and summery. Just perfect for you. By the way I'm counting on you to get me through our winter here. I'm going to need lots of warm colour's... okay let's make that hot colours. No pressure 😋 Enjoy your treats and have a great week xx

Jennifer McLean said...

Ohh, you had me at mint tea flavored chocolate. YES PLEASE!! Loving your new mug, hey, matching your new studio shoes just makes you awesome. ;o)
Talk soon, I promise.

PaintingWrite said...

I love this-that minty green is gorgeous. The candle scent sounds divine and ants in the car or not I'm about ready to pack up and move in to your studio for the entire Australian summer, I'm sure you wouldn't mind and S would be grand looking after 3 dogs and a cat as well as working full time all through the long Scottish winter!

Sandra Busby said...

Ooh, I'm loving this minty melody of madness this week! Gorgeous! :0)