Wednesday, 23 September 2015

My Week On A Page #8...

dreaming of a Mexican themed Christmas 
No Mexican Christmas would be compete without ceramic cacti right 

scoffing...Phantom's pecan biscuits/cookies

Loving... My Steep and Go iced tea tumbler

Coveting... Tiny tea cups
I bought them for presents and now really want to keep them

Adoring... Spring poppies


PaintingWrite said...

I've never heard of a Mexican themed Christmas but I'm very intrigued! I keep forgetting it happens during your summer so all the usual snow covered Christmas clichés don't apply! Pecan cookies sound good and I love that tiny tea cup!

Neesie said...

Mmm... I can almost smell those cookies. Another fantastic week on a page. Poppies and tea cup... who could want more? Gorgeous colours that have started my day off perfectly.
It's also funny because we have had an invite to a Mexican Christmas but in Mexico!
I'm off to finish my week page now. You're such an inspiration.
Catch you later xoxo

Sandra Busby said...

Christmas?? Gaaaaaagh! Christmas??? Did someone say... Christmas??????????? Oh dear, it really is looming isn't it! I'm planning on a wine themed Christmas myself! ;0)

Boo G said...

Suggestion for the future.... when you buy tiny tea cups as gifts... buy an extra for YOU!!!

Rita said...

Interesting combination, pretty, and colorful. :) :)

Marji said...

I think a Mexican themed Christmas sounds marvelous and warm :) Your spring poppies are incredible - same colors as our fall leaves, funny how that is. Looks like a beautiful week behind you. I love that you are keeping track of all the special things in a week's time. It will be fun to look back on. M.x

Linda Kunsman said...

a Mexican Christmas sounds like fun! Another great week of sketches-love those poppies!!

Anonymous said...

Grew up next door to Mexico and so a lot of our Christmas was Mexican and we went to a Spanish mass. I didn't hear an English mass until I was a teenager! Love the cookies (want now to dunk in my coffee) and LOVE LOVE LOVE the poppies.