Wednesday, 19 August 2015

My Week On A Page #4...

 Scoffing... strawberries
  Trying not to wreck... new brushes
 Adding a moustache to... Pedro the Pinata
  he looked a tad incomplete and not really dressy enough for a 70th birthday celebration
  Watching... Grandma bash Pedro... who knew she was such a slugger... it was impressive!
 and slightly scary at the same time
 Decorating... cupcakes for Grandma 
 Drinking... Lady Grey Tea
 Coveting... orchids for Grandma
 Loving... new koh-i-noor brights

happy painting all..xx


Anonymous said...

Pinatas down under? Who'd a thunk it?

Koh-i-noor brights -- really, they are good?

PaintingWrite said...

I love this page on a week idea Tracey, what a great way to journal the goings on. Happy 70th birthday to grandma!

TwinkleToes2day said...

This is so fabulous!! I hope someone got a video of grandma whacking Pedro the pinata - awesome memory keeper. Happy belated birthday wishes to her. The cupcakes are cute and the Orchids are gorgeous. Hope your next week is just as much fun xox

Sandra Busby said...

Am loving your weeks on a page! It's a nice idea for a journal I think... Hmm... Yes I am inspired! Maybe I will start one in 2016! Sounds like you are inundated with things to do! My head is spinning! :0)

Unknown said...

Hi Tracey, love the new colours
you've got, they look really
beautiful! I think I need some
more information about colours,
I would like to buy some and
don't really know if I should
pick the tubes or the pots...
And I envy you for the strawberries
and the new brushes :)
Looks, like you had a pleasant
week again :))

Have a beautiful day!

Connie said...

Locks like a bright and happy week :)

Carol said...

Sounds like a good week :) Love Pedro ♥