Friday, 10 July 2015

Tea Break....

The weather is all sorts of awful
 cold, grey and threatening to rain
 which just tops off being an epic bag of snot at the moment
 and despite bringing up half a lung with every cough
 and having to wade through drifts of tissues
 I am getting little or no attention whatsoever
 from the unsympathetic sods named Sinus and Phantom
 so I did what I always do when things are a bit rubbish
 I went hunting packaging and inspiration at the grocery shop
 and boy did I hit paydirt... this tea from Madame Flavour is not just pretty to look at
 it is delicious in the extreme and totally paint worthy
 almost enough to make you feel human.... almost

Not much else was painted this week
there were some iced tea cans finished off from nexba
which makes me dream of being warm again plus they are great fun to paint
it is quite satisfying seeing a little collection starting to form

there were a few other bits and pieces for some ongoing illustration projects
and some sketching and gathering of ideas
but sort of a quiet week really
which given the snot fest is totally appropriate

Happy painting all...xx


Rita said...

Sorry you're sick, but you paint and sketch better sick than I could ever do in the peak of health--ROFL!

Clare Lloyd said...

Hope u feel better soon. Super art work. Happy PPF

Abigail Davidson said...

Hope you feel better soon -- gorgeous art as always!

Louisette said...

Lovely,greeting from Belgium.

PaintingWrite said...

hope you feel better soon. I can sympathise but only to a degree because at least you can still paint with a snotty nose - I'm going stir crazy with my painting arm out of action and you've just described yet another Scottish summer - we had hail stones on Wednesday!!

mandysea said...

num.... I think I'd really love peach iced tea!! Love your tea packet painting - its very bold and gorgeously striking! hee hee... a true artist - 'hunting' to buy subjects to paint! LOL. Love it!
Hope you feel better soon - not fun.
Sympathise with the weather .... Tasmania is pretty bleak at the moment too.

Giggles said...

Awe feel better sweet stuff!! Your art is stellar!!
Hugs from the forest fire laden hot spot across the waves!


Sandy said...

I love her teas the pear one is my favourite. You certainly have different packaging that we have here in Australia.. You drew them so well, looks awesome.
Happy PPF
Sandy :)

Gillena Cox said...

oh the watermelon tea sounds strange and interesting; luv watermelons

have a nice PPF

much love...

Faye said...

Get well soon, Tracey. Love your tea container. I never think to paint things like that. You do it so well.

Gloria j Zucaro said...

Hello Tracey, I hope your cold just disappears! Your art is wonderfully clean and colorful as usual.

Linda Kunsman said...

wow Tracey-your fabulous illustrations surely hide the fact that you're not feeling well-they are brilliant! And I would LOVE to try that tea-would even buy it just for the packaging:) Feel better soon!

cjsrq said...

Feel better soon! Love your art as always!

Stephanie Bird said...

Glad to find your blog again. I use to visit when I was more active on Creative Everyday. Take care. I hope you feel better soon but you could never tell you're sick from your art.

Jo Murray said...

I sympathise, having been confined to barracks for a while with a lergy. You, however, are unstoppable and SO talented. Enjoy your tea.

Unknown said...

Love the bleeding paint colours :-) It makes the pictures look very juicy!

Unknown said...

Lovely paintings, but I am sorry to hear you are sick. Our home just finished with my husband having pneumonia. What a year for colds and flu!!!
Feel better soon!

Unknown said...

Lovely how the teabag and cans
turned out. The cans really look
very delicous! :)They make me
want to try them :))

Have a beautiful weekend Tracey!
Tinna ✐

Unknown said...

Oups... of course I want you to
get better really soon, so you
can leave those two without attention
when it hits them ;) :D

Jo said...

And still you painted just as gloriously as always despite all the snot?! I hope you feel better soon.

Anewdawn 16 said...

ur post is always a wow post !!! :)

Carol said...

Sorry you are not feeling well! You did some great painting though and I know just the process helps you forget you don't fell so good. You're cold there and it's blazing hot here. I'm not complaining though as the sun is actually shining and that has been a rare event this summer for us.

Sandra Busby said...

Oh dear, poor you! You do sound pants! I'm glad you found something to cheer you up! Last time you had a cold you were painting tissues and nasal spray! As always your paintings are uplifting! Hope you feel back to your usual self very soon! xxx

Lynn Cohen said...

I do hope you are feeling better by now! Glad you found lovelies to make even more lovely with your drawing impliments! Wishing you a better week.