Thursday, 16 July 2015

In Progress...

We are heading off on holidays
  which is kind of awesome as it has been insanely busy for all of us
  but it also means that manic last minute crazy packing that we are all prone to
 well by us I mean Phantom, Sinus and I
 I am sure you are all list makers, and organised as all get go
 but we are the throw it all together at the last moment and see what happens packers
 now this usually works fine and it is always fun to unpack at the other end and see what we  have forgotten....or added
 and the rest of the time is spent being constantly asked if we may have picked this or that
 and marvelling at the wild and wooly things that were packed
 mind you if Sinus forgets to pack underpants again and doesn't come clean about it for three days again my head may possibly explode...

This time I decided I may as well take the haphazard packing thing for a bit of a run
and seriously considered packing an unfinished canvas
not a teeny tiny canvas like the one above that was the inspiration for the large one
oh no... I considered taking the whopping canvas from the top pic... it is huge
so huge you run into walls trying to carry the thing because you can't see over or around it
I even got as far as taking it out to the car to see if I could stuff it in there
but alas unless we left Phantom at home it just wouldn't fit so it will continue to be perpetually in progress it would appear
of course by the time I then removed all the brushes and paints I had packed I found I had extra room for more yarn so it is looking like a sketching, reading, walk on the freezing beach and crochet sort of holiday...which sounds pretty awesome

Of course like all great family holidays there will also be games of cards that end in recriminations, shouts and possible blood feuds
a jigsaw that will be started and abandoned as we all realise we are rubbish at jigsaws
the house we are staying in has both a pinball and a space invaders machine
which should be fun for about a day until either the noise from it drives me insane
or Phantom and Sinus end up on the verge of killing each other
at which point I will be forced to be referee as if they were two children
rather than father and daughter
fun and games will ensue no matter what
in short it is going to be magnificent I am sure
happy painting all ... xx


Clare Lloyd said...

Enjoy your holiday. Look forward to seeing how your art work turns out. Happy PPF

Neesie said...

I used to be a week before kinda packer but something's changed and I'm not sure why, because I go away next week (to my sister's... by myself... whoopydeewow) and haven't organised a thing yet. Not even got the suitcase size sorted. I'll either be without knickers or something equally crucial due to minimal room or trying to cram a case into that impossibly small area of everyone's head. I can see disaster looking. I'm flying so I've got to sort out size soon... it does matter apparently.
I love the thought of your beach getaway spending feudal time together. I hope you've got a great pile of books ready.
Enjoy my friend... and don't worry about me floating away in this torrential rain today. I'm hanging onto the guttering!

Jeannette said...

love your flying cups,so lovely.
happy ppf.

oxo jeannette

Jennifer McLean said...

I hope you have the best time ever. You deserve it, like a celebration of life after that spectacular news of your two year scans. Should I expect a pot holder?? ;o)

PaintingWrite said...

Wishing you a fabulous holiday Tracey, all the better after your fantastic news. xx

Unknown said...

Hi Tracey, wish you and your family
some very happy holidays! :))
I'm already looking forward to hearing
all about your fights and forgotten things :))
And maybe you can crochet some undies if they
preferred to stay home :D

Have a great time and don't forget to come back! :)
Tinna ✐

My name is Erika. said...

Hope your holidays are to someplace really fun! Love the cups too!

Christine said...

Enjoy your holiday! Nice WIP.

Faye said...

Love the stack of cups! Have a wonderful and relaxing vacation time. Surely there will be stores around to buy underpants, should that need arrive for any of you.

Linda Kunsman said...

wonderful teacup art Tracey-wishing you all a most fantastic holiday!!

Unknown said...

I love your cups & utensils, the way they dance across the surface :-) The large one would be a great statement piece in a dining/breakfast room or a cafe!

Giggles said...

Happy Hooligans....I mean holidays!! Cupcake was howling when I read about Sinus and the forgotten underwear... probably because she carries a spare in her purse for that reason, and it's probably the first thing to go in her case when she travels! Now that the knitting frenzy has taken hold it should be very relaxing! Enjoy!! Thanks for the giggles!!

Hugs Giggles

Lynn Cohen said...

Bon Voyage! Dare say you'll be art journaling along the way? Alway a joy to view your art here! Such style!

Kate Robertson said...

Have a great holiday. I just got back from a long one. They are wonderful but its nice to be getting back to normal life. Enjoyed seeing the beginnings of your art. Teacups always make me smile.


rosy durand said...


rosy durand said...

I understand that you are on vacation; I wish you beautiful moments.

mandysea said...

Aha! I'm that kinda packer... and it wont change! Travel is much the same - book the first coupla nights and go from there!
Love your teacups.. and look forward to seeing them finished. Have heaps of fun while you are away! We are definitely frozen here in Tassie!

GlorV1 said...

Hi Tracey. Hope you have a very enjoyable vacation. Enjoy! Love your cups, always fun. Take care.

Stephanie Bird said...

I like the direction this is headed in. Lots of movement! (Visiting from PPF)

Sandra Busby said...

Well it is a well deserved holiday! My head spins when I read about what you've been up to over the last few months! Have lovely time! :0)

Unknown said...

Here's a new reader for you Tracey :D
The old one burnt her fingers on fb ;)

Have a happy holiday!