Friday, 31 July 2015

Sinus And The Creepy Ice Cream Scoop...

One of the things I love about staying in a beach house is that there are always oddities that the owners obviously feel no holiday home should be without, and in this case it was this weird ice cream scoop. It was downright creepy, not to mention it was mildly obscene as it felt a bit wrong to be holding it around its weird little bulging body parts, plus its feet are reminiscent of butts... so all round a strange inclusion, but hey whatever floats the owner's boats right. All in all it was a pretty decent break, a jigsaw was started and not finished, books were read, candy was consumed, rubbish was talked, beaches were walked, we got lost, we grumbled about the rain, we watched crap tv, and some good, we chatted, and annoyed each other and played small but gloriously childish pranks, and chased every bit of sun we could find, but there were two things that dominated... one was the weird little ice cream guy, and the other was a bloody pinball machine.

Renting a beach house which has weird acoustics which also had the oh so charming existence of a pinball machine smack bang in the middle of the bloody house, meant I was constantly woken up from my naps by the rather disconcerting feeling that I had in fact been asleep on top of said pinball machine. It was loud!!! Like scary loud which meant the soundtrack for the week was the not so joyous sound of pings, slaps, that weird flapper/flipper sound, bongs, and raised voices and taunts being levelled at each other by Sinus and Phantom... I swear sometimes it is like having two toddlers in the house not a father and adult daughter. Phantom showed quite the aptitude for it, and Sinus had his competitive streak in full view as they had epic battles outdoing each other, flinging taunts and teasing with abandon, not to mention one fabulous example of family harmony which resulted in me banning them both from playing for at least an hour and sending them to opposite ends of the house. I was allowed one game, which lasted all of two seconds, and then I was forever prohibited from repeating such embarrassment. No taunts were issued, they just said I was to never do that again in their presence.... ever... bit harsh really

Of course they didn't play pinball the whole time, and the beach was explored whenever the sun came out, but Sinus decided to bring along the ice cream scoop. Seriously, that is weird right... anyway I had made the mistake of reminding him that friends of ours take a garden gnome on holidays... which is genius in my mind... and he decided that we too needed a mascot, so creepy ice cream scoop came on our walks. not just on our walks,but he was photographed along the way.  Sinus ignored our protests that he would look weird walking along with an ice cream scoop, and of course he not only bought it along, and photographed it, but he also had the scoop chatting to us... dead weird... but some great photos came out of it

and no one can say Sinus doesn't commit to a shot because that sand was cold...

Weird ice cream scoop even kept me company while I did the only sketch of the trip. It was a very quick one, as I am not great at public sketching at the best of times, but add in the whole weird scoop sitting near you and chatting to you and it was quite the thing really. 

I tried edging away from him,  to try to distance myself from the weirdness, but Sinus kept moving him closer so in the end I gave up and just dashed off a quick sketch and retreated to the car... at least holidays are never boring I suppose and best of all creepy ice cream scoop is back in the drawer where he belongs.

happy painting all...xx

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

My Week On A Page #1...

my week on a page #1

hearing ... pinball flippers
dreaming about... donuts
finding... crap shells
drinking... ginger tea
reading... guilty pleasures
loving... Delicious Skin body balm
not finishing... jigsaws

Thursday, 16 July 2015

In Progress...

We are heading off on holidays
  which is kind of awesome as it has been insanely busy for all of us
  but it also means that manic last minute crazy packing that we are all prone to
 well by us I mean Phantom, Sinus and I
 I am sure you are all list makers, and organised as all get go
 but we are the throw it all together at the last moment and see what happens packers
 now this usually works fine and it is always fun to unpack at the other end and see what we  have forgotten....or added
 and the rest of the time is spent being constantly asked if we may have picked this or that
 and marvelling at the wild and wooly things that were packed
 mind you if Sinus forgets to pack underpants again and doesn't come clean about it for three days again my head may possibly explode...

This time I decided I may as well take the haphazard packing thing for a bit of a run
and seriously considered packing an unfinished canvas
not a teeny tiny canvas like the one above that was the inspiration for the large one
oh no... I considered taking the whopping canvas from the top pic... it is huge
so huge you run into walls trying to carry the thing because you can't see over or around it
I even got as far as taking it out to the car to see if I could stuff it in there
but alas unless we left Phantom at home it just wouldn't fit so it will continue to be perpetually in progress it would appear
of course by the time I then removed all the brushes and paints I had packed I found I had extra room for more yarn so it is looking like a sketching, reading, walk on the freezing beach and crochet sort of holiday...which sounds pretty awesome

Of course like all great family holidays there will also be games of cards that end in recriminations, shouts and possible blood feuds
a jigsaw that will be started and abandoned as we all realise we are rubbish at jigsaws
the house we are staying in has both a pinball and a space invaders machine
which should be fun for about a day until either the noise from it drives me insane
or Phantom and Sinus end up on the verge of killing each other
at which point I will be forced to be referee as if they were two children
rather than father and daughter
fun and games will ensue no matter what
in short it is going to be magnificent I am sure
happy painting all ... xx

Friday, 10 July 2015

Tea Break....

The weather is all sorts of awful
 cold, grey and threatening to rain
 which just tops off being an epic bag of snot at the moment
 and despite bringing up half a lung with every cough
 and having to wade through drifts of tissues
 I am getting little or no attention whatsoever
 from the unsympathetic sods named Sinus and Phantom
 so I did what I always do when things are a bit rubbish
 I went hunting packaging and inspiration at the grocery shop
 and boy did I hit paydirt... this tea from Madame Flavour is not just pretty to look at
 it is delicious in the extreme and totally paint worthy
 almost enough to make you feel human.... almost

Not much else was painted this week
there were some iced tea cans finished off from nexba
which makes me dream of being warm again plus they are great fun to paint
it is quite satisfying seeing a little collection starting to form

there were a few other bits and pieces for some ongoing illustration projects
and some sketching and gathering of ideas
but sort of a quiet week really
which given the snot fest is totally appropriate

Happy painting all...xx

Friday, 3 July 2015


I finally have a hobby... and a real hobby too... not just sleeping, collecting vintage chemistry equipment,  telling atrocious jokes, stalking Clooney, reading Russian literature, contemplating the life of gnats,or gazing at my navel which are just some of the topics I normally declare as hobbies. Of course I also sometimes declare that making up random hobbies is my hobby, but that does some people's heads in .... big time...

Finally having a real hobby is quite the watershed moment for the person previously known as the Queen of Pinterest fails I tell you!!! I am not crafty... in fact sewing is a blood sport in my hands and recently after a very frustrating afternoon trying to teach me to knit, Phantom forcibly removed the knitting needles from my hand and declared she would stab me with them if I attempted knitting ever again. So it was with mild trepidation that my good friend Rach and I headed off to take  a crochet class at Sidestreet Vintage a few weeks ago... but it was great fun... plus we only got in mild trouble, although looking back I seem to recall I was the only one who got the stern reminders about shoddy technique lol... and they were very tolerant of Rach and I, who even on our best behaviour can be a handful, though I must say we did behave ourselves exceptionally well.... perhaps we are mellowing. 

Aside from managing to make it to the end of the class and not being kicked out for giggling, snorting and inappropriate comments... we actually had a great time and didn't suck at it at all. Rach is actually very crafty and competent in all other things yarn and sewing related... which makes me think she may have been foxing a bit... but a patient teacher who indulged us made the whole thing great fun... and I was pretty excited to be able to declare at least mild competence with the basics...but the thing that got me to actually pay attention and want to be good at it was these beauties.... the colours of this yarn are insane... bright and vibrant and truly perfect for a colour whores like Rach and I. We stood before that joyous wall of colour, looked at each other and quietly giggled like mad women, knowing this was meant to be... 

Since that glorious day I have been crocheting like someone possessed, well at least someone possessed in the evening while the football is on, and it must be magically making me easier to live with as Sinus and Phants ordered me some more yarn to keep me going and basically are now feeding my habit like crazy which is great fun all round...  Am I good at it? ... nope... is there any chance that I will ever create anything beyond a dodgy blanket?... not likely... but am I having fun?... you betcha baby... well except for the whole managing your yarn thing

In class we were shown how to get the yarn from the centre of the ball so it didn't roll all over the place while you were working, which sounds great in theory, but in practice has led to me pulling half the ball out trying to find that end , not to mention I magically get tangles no matter what I do which lead to much hilarity from the peanut gallery, and there may have been an incident where I somehow managed to get tangled in half a ball of yarn so thoroughly that I couldn't get out of the chair without being unwound. But that was only one small incident so I am declaring myself generally competent and let's leave it at that.

Happy painting all...xx