Friday, 5 June 2015

The Pug Life Chose Me....

Some people know me so well it is scary
  the mail man delivered an amazing little box the other week
  and inside was a lovely surprise from Nic over at Nic's Earth
 she got me a Pug in a Mug tea infuser
 how adorable is he
 I am loving stuffing his lower half full of my favourite tea
 and then sitting him on my desk to infuse and keep me company
how could you not love this thing... he hangs there on the side of the mug
tea infusing out of his butt and just cracks me up
Nic you are a treasure... seriously awesome

I have been playing with different names, trying them out
and while Stanley has been getting quite the run lately
I am thinking he looks more like a Wayne
I adore him so much I keep him in there once the tea is infused
and just spin him around to the other side
which means I am getting my nose butted by a pug butt as I drink
not to mention I am hopped up on tea that is so strong I may actually be bulletproof
it is just win after win I tell ya

which is a good thing... the being hopped up thing that is

not the bulletproof.... although that would be cool wouldn't it
although as an aside can I say the bulletproof thing always made me wonder if that meant you were immune to all projectiles... or just bullets 
like are cannon balls bullets? ... or could they take you down
or even worse, it would kind of suck if a bullet wouldn't take you out
but someone throws a pea at you and you would be down like a pack of cards

but I digress ... I was saying it is good that I am hopped up
because I have these awesome students taking my class at the moment
and they are freaking me out with their enthusiasm, willingness to try new things
and sheer creative wonderfulness
the classroom is hopping I tell you
the collage below is just a small selection of their brilliance
they are so productive I could make about 10 collages by now
there is a week left to sign up and we have a few spots left
 details are up the top
happy painting from Wayne and I ...xx


Jennifer McLean said...

Pug butt, hehehehe. Ya glotta love friends. I'm all for the bullet proof but I wonder, does that mean they can't give you a shot like for immunity to a myriad of diseases. That would suck, bullet proof gets you small pox, measles etc. Huh, that super hero trait would kinda suck. ;o)

Rita said...

What a perfect gift. Wayne the pug? It's catchy.
Enjoy your class and the wonderful students. :) :)

Ayala Art said...

Looks fantastic... better than the real thing! ;o)

Nordljus said...

What a sweet gift! Pugs are just adorable, whether real or in a tea cup infusing your tea.

Clare Lloyd said...

He is cute! Happy PPF

PaintingWrite said...

Ha, I love Wayne for his name - hilarious!! I'm glad he's infusing tea in such an efficient manner that it's getting you all hopped up! It looks like your class has been very fruitful so far (sorry - I don't even like puns!) xx

My name is Erika. said...

Yup, he's a Wayne. How cute! I'm your class and loving it. Give yourself a pat on the back for great teaching...but I still want to see your teaching in your pj's. Ha-ha.

Giggles said...

Oh Tracey how fitting that Nic would send you that perfect infuser! Especially being the animal advocate that she is!! Such a treasure!! Love for the butt...You crack me pun intended!!

Hugs Giggles

Özge Başağaç said...

Before i discovered your blog i was not even aware of the tea infuser world. Now i know it is a flourishing form of art on its own :) Love your painting as always. I love the colors, i love the expressive lines. Happy PPF :)

Laila said...

One thing is for sure, your posts always makes me laugh. In opposite to one of your other visitors, I love puns, but fruitful- nope too late for that. Beautiful cup and "tea cosy".

Faye said...

That is so hilarious! I've never seen a tea diffuser that wasn't the little roundish metal thing. Your painting of your gift is brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Cute as ever pug. I know someone in your class, Erika above. They are all loving it! xox

Anonymous said...

oh my lord that is the cutest tea infuser, lol,

such beautiful work your class is producing, I wish I could join!

Linda Kunsman said...

what a lovely gift from Nic-she is a sweetheart! he is adorable. Sadly I have not seen any of these type of infusers here in the US:( I remember someone from the UK sharing their manatee infuser. No surprise you have such talented blooming artists in your class-you are an extraordinary artist and teacher! Only wish your class would have come at a different time for me. Perhaps you'll offer it again sometime?

Beth Niquette said...

I adore your pug in a mug! lol What a talented artist you are. So whimsical and charming.

Kate Robertson said...

Wonderful and delightful sketch. Wayne is perfect.

Kate Robertson said...

Great job on the drawing. Wayne the pug is so cute.

Fallingladies said...

i am so happy to hear your class is going so well. you deserve it! and , wow, so cool.... the pug tea diffuser!

Jo said...

Your description of your pug in a mug was quite amusing. I hope I get to take one of your classes one day.

JoZart Designs said...

What about Percy for the pug? Can't see him as Wayne, I'm afraid but he is seriously cute. Great to get gifts just because!
jo x

Sandra Busby said...

I reckon he looks more like a 'Dave' to me! Haha, I wonder where Nic came across that one!! Awesome painting of the li'l dude! I'm glad the lessons are going well... As if they wouldn't! :0)

Abigail Davidson said...

Absolutely adorable and your illustration rendering is right-on! Lovely!

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I love, love, love your pug tea diffuser. You painted him beautifully as well. Enjoy your tea and hope you can keep his little bottom off your nose. LOL!

JKW said...

What a glorious gift. . . a pups. Good painting of it. Blessings, Janet PPF

Unknown said...

I just love that Wayne :)
And I'm going to try to draw an onion,
love that :))

Tinna ✐