Tuesday, 2 June 2015

My Favourite Colours...

I have to come clean and say this painting wasn't supposed to look like this
  and it certainly wasn't supposed to have a dirty great border
 it was supposed to be a little sketch of my favourite watercolours
 and just for the record they are

Transparent Pyrrol Orange by Daniel Smith
Windsor Blue Green Shade Winsor & Newton Professional Series
Cobalt Teal Blue by Daniel Smith
Hansa Yellow Medium by Daniel Smith
Payne's Gray Winsor & Newton Artists Series
Permanent Rose Winsor & newton Artists Series
Pthalo Blue (red shade) by Daniel Smith

but it all went badly awry towards the end of the painting stage
because I may have happened to make a giant cup of tea
so giant small animals have disappeared in this thing
mice could do the backstroke
not that I want mice in my tea
in fact not a fan of mice at all
but it is bloody huge
so huge that it is a two hander to pick up when full
and I may have been a bit bullheaded and tried to pick it up in one hand
and managed to dribble tea all across the painting
which may have looked sort of nice if I had left it be
but I tried to not so gently clean it up and I then smudged it
and then in an attempt to fix the smudges it may have started to look like a dog's dinner
 so black sort of rescued the whole thing nicely thank you very much
happy painting all...xx


Jennifer McLean said...

were you silly enough to use the cup I sent you for Christmas??!? I figured you'd use that as a fish bowl, hehehe. Seriously though, that painting looks awesome, can I steal your idea, Trace? I love it and funny enough, you and I love the same colors. Weird. So many people choose the Phthalo blue green shade, but I, like you, like the blue shade better. Gorgeous choices. I do love color. :o)

Unknown said...

Great save! I have one of those soup bowl tea cups, I've never attempted to paint and drink with it yet, very brave of you!

TwinkleToes2day said...

OOOPsy!!! Hope our day gets/got much better xx

Linda Kunsman said...

brilliant illustration of the paints and tubes Tracey! And thanks for sharing your favorites.

Anonymous said...

that is such a cool idea!!! Don't worry about slip ups, the funny thing is they only appear disastrous to the one who makes them, to the outside world it never looks like a mess, its all art baby, lol,
take it from the worst mess maker who ever lived,, ME!!!

Unknown said...

Which is worse: dribbling tea across a painting, drinking paint water OR putting your paintbrush in your tea/coffee cup?
Nice save!!

PaintingWrite said...

Well if you hadn't fessed up to your epic teacup fail I'd never have known! Great painting regardless. X

Anonymous said...

I love gawking into other artists' workrooms and they paints they use is a treat. I am shocked that with your vibrant love of color and mine we have NO favorites in common. Can you believe that? I may have to steal this idea and paint my favorites so you can see . . . I may have to try Pyrrol Orange because I don't have it like I need another color. Huggs

PS I went looking for my cup you painted but cannot find!

Penny Lee StewArt said...

Love your style, and your choice of colors! Happy accidents!

cjsrq said...

Even your little accidents look great!

Rita said...

OMG! That is so funny! But your mistake turned out quite nicely. I see you favor Daniel Smith and Winsor Newton. Those are lovely bright, rich colors. :)

Sandra Busby said...

How frustrating for you!! That happened to me once when I was using a ruler to cut a painting without realising that the ruler had a blob of Alizarin Crimson on it!! There was no saving the painting though... In your case the black is quite effective I think! Looks fabulous! Nobody will ever know :0)

Robyn Wood said...

oops....not that we would have known if you didn't tell us:) Love the tubes though, spilling paint out everywhere. Such a colourful collection.

Unknown said...

I love that painting, and I think
the great border fits great :)

Tinna ✐