Friday, 15 May 2015

Two Things I Am Looking Forward To ...

There are two big things I am looking forward to at the moment
 the first is Spring
 which proves what a complete and utter cold weather wimp I am
 because we have had two cold mornings
  and a lot of people would scoff at what we call cold
for us bloody unbearable freezing is anything in single figures or low teens in celsius
which is high forties, low fifties in fahrenheit if my maths is holding out
and despite the days making it back into the low 20's/ 70's... I am freaking out
and am already pining for Spring
of course Spring only lasts for two days
and then we are into the full drenching heat of summer
at which point I will instantly start to complain and bitch about frizzy hair
and burning my butt on a searingly hot car seat
but deep down I will love every pool, sunscreen, iced tea and sun soaked minute of it
this cold stuff is completely rubbish in my book
and even painting up magnolias hasn't warmed me up
which is doubly rubbish, as I love magnolias

the other thing I am looking forward to is that I get to fulfil a long held goal 
one that I have hung onto for many many years
ever since I first started teaching many years ago in fact
I remember thinking that life would be immeasurably better if I could teach in pajamas
I mean who doesn't love their pj's... I seriously love them
and there isn't much in life that isn't made better by donning those fabulous daggy duds
catastrophes are averted, hearts are healed, aches relieved, all the ills in your life disappear
the world is just a better place when you are in pj's

So in the spirit of my post about pushing it out there and taking on opportunities 
I agreed to teach an online class over on Community Thrive this June through August
It is called Delicious Paint
and I have spent the last week starting to film and prepare resources and things
and the whole bloody lot has been done while in pj's
It has been nothing short of glorious
and I realised that other than the bits where I talk to camera
I can, in fact, do all discussion boards, teaching, emails, mentoring 
and all that good stuff while in my pajamas
I am seriously happy about that... fuzzy socks will be donning my tootsies
my favourite old sweater will be worn endlessly, and if it gets too cold
I can actually stay in bed and teach
and if that isn't a perfect life then it is pretty bloody close

So if you are interested in joining me as I teach you in pajamas head to the last post or click on this link and follow the links for more details... there's even a video... and though I am not wearing pajamas I do have a bit of light bed head!!!
happy painting all...xx

PS I just realised not only can I teach in pajamas... you can learn in them... it could be a pajama party class... now that sounds like fun...xx


Sinderella's Studio said...

I love hot hot hot! I complain all WINTER. CONGRATS on your online class!

Jennifer McLean said...

I am readying my pj's as we speak. They'll be washed and all comfy, ready for class. Speaking of pi's, cgranny has never been a pajama kind of girl but for christmas last year I got her two sets of flannels because, like you now, she's always, ALWAYS cold. I got her two sizes too big so she can slouch and curl up in them, never feel like they're tight. They're so cute on her! One pair has puffy white clouds all over them and the other pair are bright red christmas pajamas that say "Merry Christmas!" all over them. She complains they're silly but I know secretly she's smashingly thrilled to have yummy soft cuddly pi's to cuddle up in. :o)
See you in class!

Jackie PN said...

I love pj's and pajama parties and classes you can sit through in pj's!! teeheehee
I again lol when I read this post- your sense of humor cracks me up Tracey!! I am with you- enuff is enuff of the damn cold stuff- bring on the heat baby!!
Your Magnolias are just stunning!! xo

VonnyK said...

My pj's aren't warm enough, will tracky daks, fluffy socks and twenty jumpers do? I always have bead head so that's a no brainer. I've even wondered about how I can get my canvas to sit up in bed so I can paint in there. This cold is ridiculous, how do people survive in places where it snows? I'm with you Trace, bring on spring and hurry up about it! Love your flower and your lessons will be fantastic.

Rita said...

Totally agree! The world is a better place in your PJs...or, in my case, usually a nightgown.
I wish you the very best with your PJ class!! :)

froebelsternchen said...

Great news! Have fun in your pyjama's!
Wonderful artwork !

Clare Lloyd said...

Beautiful blooms. Happy PPF

Neesie said...

I'm ready and waiting in my onesie Trace,
or is that a little too keen? I'm with you on the theory that the world's alright viewed in onesie/pj's. The trouble is I'm changing into them earlier and earlier each evening and reluctantly peeling them off after breakfast. I'm beginning to self-combust as (I hate to tell you) we're warming up here, so I may have to buy some special class pj's... crisp cotton maybe?
So excited for you and looking at your brilliant magnolia I'm hoping you can perform magic so that some of your talent may transfer through the airways to me.
See you in class :D
Happy PPF

Sandy said...

Looks like a fun class your sketches are wonderful.
Happy PPF
Sandy :)

Nordljus said...

Beautiful magnolias! I love all the blossoms and flowers in spring, but I'm probably the only person around here who's already looking forward to the end of summer. And it hasn't even really started yet. Those 29 degrees C we had the day before yesterday was already enough summer for me.

PaintingWrite said...

Yeh, I have to tell you Tracey, I am finding it difficult to summon up any sympathy for your Australian 'cold'. It's May and still bloody freezing here - there was a ground frost yesterday morning when we were walking the dogs ffs!! As for pyjamas - I am totally with you on that. They're my favourite item of clothing and I have more pyjamas and slippers than I do going out clothes as I discovered when I went to look for something to wear to a wedding reception we're going to tomorrow night and discovered that I sold all my posh frocks on Ebay when we moved to Scotland figuring I'd never need them as we never go out! Oops, the only downside to living somewhere with only 2 clothes shops when all the stuff you ordered online arrived and is too big (Do you think the bride would mind if I rocked up in my fleecy pyjamas?) Love the magnolias. Good luck with your class - not that you'll need it as it'll be booked solid and you're awesome. x

Laila said...

I have come to realize I live in the wrong spot of the world. I love HOT summers and all we get is rain. But , I'm the only one who can do anything about it, so I've stopped complaining. More often I think that there's very good weather outdoors to stay indoors.
Can't wait for your class to start, but I'll have to get my pj's ready.
Love your magnolias, they're such beautiful flowers.

Giggles said...

Yep I have more night/paint shirts than anything so I am all over the wearing pjs all day...faking people out that it's a shirt dress with paint spatters on all of them... I do however have a huge pile of brand new ones just in case I should ever need some non paint stained ones!! Like for a I continue to buy them when I find ones I like... they have to be dark....preferably black...mostly all black.

As for the cold, cupcakes dad came for a visit he wore his coat the whole week he was here in 20 Celsius. She was laughing at him...he was freezing since he is from a very warm climate!!

20 is my perfect weather and room temperature!! Magnolias which have come and gone are my favorite spring tree bloom!!

Enjoy teaching! You are amazing...I watched the carrot master was good!!

Hugs Giggles

Suchi said...

Wearing PJ is one of the most comfy feelings in the world, you bet! Tracey, the magnolias you painted are bautiful and the colors are soft and happy!
Suchi xx

My name is Erika. said...

Beautiful flowers this week. We had such a bad winter this year that I can understand your impatience. I'm checking out your class- it looks fabulous. (Especially since we aren't required to dress...ha-ha- love the idea of talking a class with the instructor in their pjs.)

Jeanet said...

I'm always in awe of your art. It is so gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

TwinkleToes2day said...

Most gorgeous Magnolias Tracey. Sure wish I could smell them. As with everyone else, I'm all for the PJ wearing. I maybe leave the house once a week for my kitchen volunterring, but that's not on this week as the church is using it all, so my PJs are the most worn item I have. So, yes, getting srty farty in PJs should be compulsory, lol. Wishing you ALLLLL the best for your class. You rock! {{Hugs}} xxx

Linda Kunsman said...

The magnolias are gorgeous! How awesome that you have an online class going AND you can wear your PJs along with it. I'm sure this is going to be one large rockin pajama /art party!

rose AKA Walk in the Woods - she/her said...

Such lovely magnolia blooms! And yes, spring has been taking her time, arriving and departing in fits 'n' starts in many places ... enjoy the transformation: In whatever form she takes!

And it would seem that you ARE!

Barbara Dane Lapins said...

Tracey, is there anything you can't draw/paint? Love the magnolias. They are one of my favorites. Here in Connecticut, the lilacs are in full bloom and their wonderful scent puts me in a happy place. Love the PJs. Three cheers for anything with an elastic waist. :-)

GlorV1 said...

I love pj's and my son just gave me a very nice pair this past Sunday. Very thin material and great for Spring. Have fun with your teaching classes.

Studio Kaufmann said...

ooh so jealous!! you're living the dream, teaching with warm tootsies in fuzzy socks. I bet you're a great teacher. I am on the other side of the world we just had spring for 2 days and now we're into scorching enjoy the cool days. Happy PPF

Kate Robertson said...

Your magnolias are beautiful, For me its lilacs too. Just a few bunches of flowers and the whole house smells wonderful. Happy PPF


Faye said...

I absolutely love those super beautiful flowers!!!

Faye said...

I absolutely love those super beautiful flowers!!!

Jo said...

Gosh! I love your drawings/paintings. I agree. Nothing better than creating in your pjs. Your on line class sound wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I know you are finding it cold but honest, thats not really cold, come see me, I will show you cold, lol,
I love your blossoms today,, I always enjoy my visit with you,

Marji said...

The idea of a pajama party class just sounds brilliant! Magnolias are lovely and it is hard to believe they didn't trump the pajamas. I hope your class is a sell out and a grand pajama party!

Anonymous said...

That beautiful magnolia has the promise of spring in it. It's been so cold, rainy and grey here in Finland, it's still pretty cold but it's green everywhere and even the cherry trees are in blossom!

Christine said...

Beautiful magnolias Tracey! Tracey, your fall season is just beginning, lol, spring is a long way off. Enjoy your online teaching, it's the way things are now.

Karen Smithey said...

The magnolias are gorgeous, and I love the idea of a pajama party! Brilliant!

Sandra Busby said...

That does sound perfect! I live in my Onesie! I not only live at home (obviously) but I work from home and my art studio is at home. We have secluded woods behind our garden where I walk the dog and I do most of my shopping online (crikey - reading that back I sound like a bloody Hermit)! It would be very tempting to never get dressed at all as in my book, there is nothing more comfy than my Onesie and my cozy bed socks! So, I often paint in my Onesie and sometimes I even work and walk the dog in it too! I have been caught out a few times by the postman which was a bit embarrassing... Yes, I would say I spend more time than most in my PJ's and there is nothing more comforting - It's like wearing a hug! I LOVE your gorgeous painting, however you get no sympathy from me re the weather!!! I reckon you'd last 5 minutes living where we do and we live in the hottest part of the UK, known as the Sunshine Coast!! It was glorious over the weekend - Mid 20's, so I was basking in the sun! But today it is completely pants - wind, rain and cold. Can't wait for it to brighten up again!! :0)

denthe said...

Those magnolia's are simply beautiful .... I remember when I was living in Queenland I couldn't wait for spring to come again. And now living in Belgium again I long for the fall and winter in Queensland and wish it could be like that here in winter. Oh well .... Teaching in your pajama's and staying in bed sounds like a perfect solution to me ;-)

JKW said...

Sounds like you live where I do. Our last winter (3 years ago we had 29 degrees). This is the 3rd hot year for a winter and 90 degree Aprils before going into 90-100 Summer until November. I love hot but would like a reprieve. The flowers are absolutely beautiful. Congrats on starting an art session. Yikes, I don't have PJs . . . .Blessings, Janet PPF

Šolanje na domu-Waldorf said...

What a great opportunity to teach in your pj's :) congrats!

Unknown said...

Love pajama days. I have comfy clothes I have set aside to paint in. Saturday mornings are my painting mornings.
If I could paint better, I would take your class. For now, I enjoy stopping by your blog and enjoying your beautiful work. This week's magnolia branch is just what I needed!

Gillena Cox said...

happy PPF

much love...

Teresa Arsenault said...

Congratulations on being featured at PPF. This is all kinds of lovely. It is so soft and beautiful, it just lifts my heart.

Unknown said...

Good luck with running your class. It sounds really good and you are very talented and creative artist!

Unknown said...

Would love to join in that class,
but simply can't afford it :(
Wish you all fun learning in your
pajamas :))

Tinna ✐