Friday, 8 May 2015

Too Much Yeast, Too Little Bowl...

Some weeks are so messy and insane and magnificent all rolled into one
 that you just have to sit back and take a breath and enjoy it
 This has been one of those weeks... full of wild and wonderful happenings
 like heading out for Japanese just so I can get one of these bottles to paint
 I had been obsessing about it ever since I saw them last time we went
 so off we go to Motto Motto again just so I could get one
 it was worth the insane sugar high from drinking the stuff to get the magical bottle to paint

I have to admit to having a soft spot for Japanese restaurants where they yell at you on the way in and out... I think all restaurants should adopt that practice...
lucky for me Sinus and Phants are used to indulging me
and we spent a very pleasurable drive home working out what we would yell at people if we owned a restaurant... I can't remember what we came up with thanks to the remaining sugar high, but they were all suitably hilarious at the time.

other work, whims and obsessions this week
have seen me working like a wild paintbrush wielding dervish
I have painted up my latest food obsession which is green smoothies
a little frog goes a long way it turns out ...

I do wish Phants was young again so I could tell her that I whacked Kermit in the blender
One of my proudest parenting moments was a four year old Phants asking a butcher if the tray of cutlets was Mary's lamb... it is sad I will never get to hear that four year old cutie ask for a Kermit smoothie...
when I said that to her the other day she just shook her head
and said something under her breath
I thought I heard the words Sad and Cow muttered but that couldn't be right could it

Kermit smoothies have been needed though because it has been busy
I have been preparing some of my perfume bottles for a digital exhibition in Jeddah
recorded videos for the class announcement next Tuesday
yep... I am teaching a class!
taped my contribution to a different blog course
prepped three more illustration projects
and I worked on an illustration job that saw me painting rosebuds, coconut palms,wild strawberries and one horned rhinos just to name a few

add to all that I came into the studio to see the drawing of the one horned rhino giving the hairy eyeball to my pen which led to a whole morning amusing myself while I worked by imagining the conversations between said rhino and pen during the night
come to think of it maybe I did hear Phants refer to me as a sad cow after all

I also was subjected to some random conversations with Phantom
who appears to have been having a rather abstract thinking week

a proofed a short story she wrote for her narrative class about someone live baiting zombies on a conveyer belt which was hooked up to a generator to create zombie power

there was a long conversation about whether the shirt she was wearing was a shirt or a sweater... I came out on the side of sweater/jumper
Phants chose to disagree... for a very long fifteen minutes

then the other day she walked in out of the blue and just said
too much yeast, too little bowl ...then turned on heel and left
still have no clue what she was referring to as it is one of our favourite quotes from the Gilmore Girls and is pulled out at various times... and not always in reference to cooking
 but I admit it has been preying on my mind at weird times

Come to think of it that is what I would yell at people when they came into my restaurant
Too much yeast, too little bowl...that would be genius wouldn't it
and on the way out I would yell my other favourite Gilmore Girls quote...
Yeah, I'm not feeling so good, I have a haunted leg
I really need to think seriously about buying a Japanese restaurant
It may just be my calling...
Happy Painting all...xx

Tuesday's post link is here if you missed it...


Unknown said...

I love how wildly busy you are in everything you love. I'm watching my week fritter away as my girl has a fever for the last several days. I thought I'd get so much done with her laying around like a fish..not so.
But maybe it will turn into a blog post. Minus any art photos...

minnemie said...

Heeheeheeheee, was it Mary's Lamb indeed!? Beautiful bottle... now I am thirsty. And that rhino has some character!

Giggles said...

Wonderful humour!! I thought for sure you had a new pet Rhino...only because that's all that Sinus would let you have...since he poo pooed the tiny horse and baby goat!! Men always want big dogs...I say big dogs big poos... but now I'm thinking since your Rhino is eyeballing the may just be a hallucination the after affect of one of your tea and chocolate combinations!! Love Japanese food too!!

Hugs Giggles

Kate Robertson said...

Love the humor of your post, you are a delight. I'll think of green smoothies as kermit ones from now on.


Clare Lloyd said...! Fab colours! Happy PPF

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

Congratulations on your upcoming art classes! Your students will be very blessed to learn from the master of watercolors that you are. Happy PPF! #23

Neesie said...

A great giggling start to my Friday Trace. As usual there's no way anyone could predict what's coming... sad cows, Mary's lamb, Kermit, ranting restaurants and rambling rhino's! Sugar highs help of course 😜
Poor Kermie... now I know why I don't have green smoothies!
Fantastic bottle too. It sounds like you're super busy but don't forget to squeeze in a little relaxing time.
Enjoy your weekend xoxo

Unknown said...

wonderful and delightful post and illustrations! Thank you for sharing!

My name is Erika. said...

Yup, those bottles are pretty nice, and you are bottle drawing expert so I think you deserved that trip. Plus you got to have some Japanese food, I agree-Yum Yum. Congrats on teaching that class. Hope it all goes well. Have a super weekend.

Sandra Busby said...

Um... Tracey... Have you been drinking? Or had Kermit been hitting the Vodka shortly before you shoved him in the blender?! I actually feel a tad drunk just reading your blog post! Mind you, it is Friday, all be it morning, but still, Friday is drunk day if there has to be one! :0)

Linda Kunsman said...

Me thinks I hear the sugar high in this post:):) Fascinating illustrations this week Tracey, and congrats on your teaching job-awesome!

Anonymous said...

After reading this I need to find some sugar, loved Gilmore Girls. And your bottle and the painting of it. xox

rose AKA Walk in the Woods - she/her said...

Love your paintings.
And you humor!

Faye said...

Beautiful job on the rhino, Trace. And the Japanese drink bottle is really neat. I checked out your masking tips and really learned some new stuff about Friskit. Thanks for sharing.

TwinkleToes2day said...

Oh my dear Tracey, you surely do cheer me up, which is sorely needed this week after a shitty week full of migraines. It gets to the point where I convince myself I am having a brain seizure and wont see the week out. Just in time for them to stop. Then I'm left feeling UgH! I am so very glad you have had a great week and I can't wait to hear more about this class you've been videoing for. Have a super duper weekend and 'Don't tickle sleeping dragons!!'

Viola said...

Beautiful bottles and I love the fresh colors!

Tammie Dickerson said...

Hilarious!! I love the way your mind works!! There is no yelling at people as they arrive and exit here at the Japanese restaurants - that is crazy town!

GlorV1 said...

Love the bottle and the rhino. You've been busy and that is good. Have a wonderful weekend.

Carol said...

More great art and amusing tales you tell :) Would so love to hear the rhino conversation too. Your bottles fantastic as always :)

Barbara Dane Lapins said...

Love your writing. Your humor is the best medicine for a cold that hitched a ride back with me from Las Vegas, and just won't give up with the mucous production. And now it's Spring and as one weather reporter said, "there is a pollen tsunami in Connecticut". But the blossoming trees are spectacular viewing through my itchy, watery eyes. :-)

Michellem said...

So inspiring to see how you are willing to wreak havoc with your blood sugar to have the bottle to paint! LOL

Lynn Cohen said...

I always enjoy the clean lines of your work, always so recognizable where ever I see it. Keep the humor rolling, it keeps us going!

Fallingladies said...

Your painting glows just as much as the photo of the drink! Wow!
It's funny, i have never been yelled at at a japanese restaurant....?... .?.......
I enjoyed checking out all your latest posts, beautiful stuff, and i think it is wonderful you are being fearless with your art and teaching. I have been planning an ecourse myself, just need a bit more time.
And...I really enjoyed your class in soulfood!

Nordljus said...

That is a beautiful bottle. I can't remember any screaming, or pretty bottles, but I still dream about that Japanese restaurant in Plymouth, four or five years ago. Best food ever, and they didn't even have sushi. I could do with one of your juicy Kermit smoothies now!

Unknown said...

Sounds like youare all fun to bi with :))

Tinna ✐