Friday, 22 May 2015

Flaking on the Flake...

This poor painting of a box of Flake sprinkles is a reject
 not that I hate the painting or anything
 I just couldn't end up using it as part of Delicious Paint
 because I forgot to hit record for great chunks of painting
 like the bulk of it... no clue how it happened
 but it turns out I was a flake when it comes to recording the flake
 so flaking out on the flake means I at least have a painting to share
 as I have been buried in filming and editing and all that fun stuff
 so it all worked out nicely in the end

Maybe being flakey isn't always a bad thing
after all it is a good thing if you are a piece of cooked fish isn't it
and it is usually a very good thing when it comes to chocolate
but sadly they don't quite work the same magic as sprinkles
I have long been a fan of crumbling the odd Flake over some ice cream
or perhaps yogurt if I am going for a health food treat lol
so you would think that pre crumbled sprinkles would be perfect
but somehow it doesn't quite taste the same
perhaps it is revenge of the Flake bar
because let's face it, you have to be monumentally lazy to not crumble your own flake
these things are so fragile babies sneeze and they disintegrate
so it serves me right I would suspect

Flaky video recording aside the filming is all done and dusted
and I am beside myself with excitement at it all starting in a bit over a week
For those of you joining me I am posting the supplies video
so you have some time to get everything in order before the classroom opens
after all I will only let you off from being tardy or forgetting supplies the first thousand times
after that I will be handing out detentions...
of course if you aren't coming to paint with us you might be interested in supplies I commonly use anyway
happy painting all...xx


Jackie PN said...

Flakes in a roll? In a box? with a fox?
heehee I have never heard of such a thing- but anything chocolate...mmmm!
Thanks so much for sharing the videos- you are awesome Tracey!! xo

cjsrq said...

thanks for sharing your supply fascinates me that you are able to achieve such remarkable colors with what seems like a limited palette when just looking at them on your plate. I'll have to look for those watercolors you use in the small round containers. I am not familiar with them.

Jennifer McLean said...

Ok, I officially love you! Who wouldn't when you give permission to go SHOPPING?!!? I already did. New brushes in the sizes my teacher recommended. ;o) Luckily c-granny found some smooth paper I had mistakenly bought years ago... even my fave brand, Arches!! who knew? You know me about supplies, it's almost the most fun about being an artist, other than actually using them. About the Flake, who knew you could break it up on ice-cream?? AAAh, you devil woman. putting c-granny's favorite indulgence (ice-cream) with mine (chocolate).. we're in trouble now! Hugs Darl, see you in a little over a week!

ZenziB said...

Your class is going to be such a blast! Hooray!

minnemie said...

Aaaahhh, drooling over here...I have not seen, never mind tasted, a Flake for at least 12 years now... the very sight (and thought) makes me weak with nostalgia. But flaked Flake seems like a cop-out... Like they boxed the slivers that fell off the conveyer belt? Too bad about not hitting "record" - sounds like something I would do!

Christine said...

Nice painting, I've never seen flake sprinkes here.

Unknown said...

Hmmmm..flakes look like a food we need here in the States! Lovely work!

Rosie Kaplan said...

Love love love your cover picture.

PaintingWrite said...

Oh I used to love flakes. Not sure if they had them in Australia but we used to get ice cream cones from the ice cream van called 99s - they were that lovely whippy ice cream with strawberry sauce dripping down over your fingers and a flake stuck in the ice cream - they were divine if I remember correctly. Not sure about the flake flakes mind you - I agree with Min they sound like they boxed up the debris on the conveyor belt and made it a product!! Good luck with your class next week - it'll be a hoot no doubt.xx

Laila said...

It seems I'm well prepared. LOL. I wish I could do the letters as good as you, perhaps I'll have to bring forward that magic powder.
All your work has this "swoosh" of beauty, I hope to have a peek into your formula during class.

My name is Erika. said...

Wish we could get flakes here in my neck of the woods. I love flakes. And flakes in a box. to sprinkle on ice cream. Yum. Waiting for my membership in Thrive and I am joining your class. Can't wait.

Sandra Busby said...

Whenever you post a video I am compelled to speak with an Australian twang for the rest of the day, which can be quite fun because often Charlie will join in! Paul thinks we are completely bonkers! Love your Flake painting and love your video... I hope I don't accidentally not record my first one!!:0)

Linda Kunsman said...

Well now flakes could be tons o fun to play with (and eat of course)!If only we had them here...fabulous illustration, and thanks so much for sharing your go to supplies. And congrats on having your magnolia illustration grace the cover of PPF this week!

Gloria j Zucaro said...

I am so happy for you, Tracy. Huge successes for you in many areas lately. Enjoy!

GlorV1 said...

Love your flakes piece. I have never heard of them. Great video. Thanks for sharing.

TwinkleToes2day said...

Flake flakes? How silly and how lazy is that! Lol.
I remember different Flake adverts on TV over the years, and your post brouhg this one to mind
One for the artists around here?

TwinkleToes2day said...

ps - be careful - it's quite LOUD!

Katie Jeanne said...

You're going to be a pro at teaching, Tracey. Loved watching the video. Good luck!!

Marji said...

I have this vision of you painting up that lovely flake box merrily chatting about how to do it and methods and all that and no recording to capture it all. shame because I'm sure it was entertaining :) I've got my kit ready and I'm super looking forward to hearing your lovely voice and being under your tutelage :) M.x

Anonymous said...

Flakes on a roll, not seen it here. Best of luck with your class, it will be marvelous! xox

Anonymous said...

flakes sprinkles, wow, what next!
They do sell the bar here in the International aisles, anything Cadbury is fine by me!

I enjoyed the video so much, I use many of the supplies you have shown!!!

Irene Rafael said...

Love love love hearing your voice explain your tools. As for sprinkles vs flake...Im not picky and will take either if place in front of me.

Unknown said...

Here I sit in the middle of the night,
longing for some icecream.
Thanks! I don't have any around :((

Tinna ✐