Friday, 17 April 2015

Some Thoughts on Chocolate...

It is no secret that I love chocolate
 in fact there are times when I do believe I may have existed on it alone
 but times change and I now aim for a more balanced diet
 which means that at times I now supplement chocolate with other food groups
such as vegetables
 and real vegetables... not pretend veg like corn chips or tomato sauce
  hey if there is veg in the title I am calling it veg

though if I am totally honest I love vegetables and always have
 for many years I was a vegetarian
 but that doesn't mean that at any time I would have picked veg over chocolate
now however, things have changed... seriously... stop snorting
I am trying to come clean here with you all and your scepticism is a touch off putting

What happened was that while I was being treated for breast cancer
I found that chocolate tasted pretty awful... which was scary in and of itself
plus the only food group that never made the nausea worse
that never once upset my treatment induced glass stomach was vegetables

despite finishing treatment a year ago
 I have found myself unable to shake the veg habit
so in the last few days I decided to test myself and draw up some Easter chocolates
and yes I chose ones that I don't particularly like
and some of them are off limits because they have gluten
but in the past that would have been no impediment
chocolate reigned supreme no matter what

but here is the proof that you can actually grow and change
because I painted the bloody things without sampling one
weirdly the white chocolate one did get consumed though I have no clue by whom
as both Sinus and Phantom swear it was each other
and quite frankly I don't care to know who it was as I would have to think less of them for eating the stuff... I will say it here and now... white chocolate... not chocolate in my book
but all other little snack bars were intact and remain so even now... just not interested
and even more shocking is that I have had green vegetable juices twice this week
I carrot believe that I have done that
and while I am on the subject I am in need of vegetable puns so lettuce get working on that
ok maybe I am taking it a bit far now
but veg is my new best friend

So instead of beeting you up with more vegetable puns
I will reassure you it is not my only friend and I still love and adore chocolate
I just get it in a different form these days
and it is with this stuff ...Crio Bru brewed cocoa
awesome stuff and I have also done some illustrations for them which has been great fun
 because the packaging is almost as delicious as the flavour
which is choc full of antioxidants and things
so wins all round... happy painting all... xx

Tuesday's blog post...
I actually blogged on Tuesday as well this week
and am going to attempt to get back into the twice weekly swing of blogging
and plan to use Tuesday blog posts for a bit more about how I do things,
what I use and some tips and tricks... maybe even some videos
so ask away if there is something you have always wanted to know
not saying I will get to it any time soon, but you never know... xx


ZenziB said...

Here's a veggie pun: Eat every bean and pea on your plate. Not so appetizing but it is another of the weird sayings my dad had.
Also: lettuce turnip and pea. Ahem. Enough bathroom humor. Please go on about your business. 😉

Ayala Art said...

chocolateeeeeeeee!!! I do feel the same way! yummmm!
oohhh those vegetable puns are great lol

Giggles said...

Lettuce turnip and pea was also a favorite of my mothers...silly what we remember. A large amount of our grocery bill is produce and every single piece of uneaten fruit is frozen to the point that we have no room in our freezer because of smoothy fruit! I have always preferred fruit to chocolate, but when I want chocolate I want chocolate right NOW.... so we always have a huge resource. My bestie says she could never keep a stash like we have. Glad you are veggin out!! Great chocolate illustrations though! And white chocolate is gross... it is NOT chocolate...

Hugs Giggles

Clare Lloyd said...

Yummy art work!

PaintingWrite said...

I admire your restraint in not eating all the chocolate. It's funny that it tasted so awful during your chemo (maybe because of all the chemicals and whatnot in the ingredients?) I have to say that before as soon as a new chocolate bar came out I'd have to sample it but now as most of them have milk in, I just don't even bother. I do get excited if I discover a bar I can eat although most tend to be dark chocolate.
Anyway, I love your illustrations that you get to design illustrations for all your favourite healthy food companies! and I'm very impressed at your dedication to vegetable - even I don't drink green smoothies! and I agree with you on the white chocolate - not chocolate at all!

Sandra Busby said...

There is no way on earth I could paint these without eating them! In fact there is little food I could paint because I have a weakness for food of any kind!! That's why there are no food related paintings on my blog - I have no willpower! I'd have to paint the empty wrappers! I LOVE chocolate too - and just looking at these has turned my mouth into a shower unit!!! :0)

Unknown said...

If I would be a food painter I'm sure I would have painted empty packages of the chocolate :-D
I'm looking forward to all Tuesdays from now on :-) Because I love the way you paint and will be happy to find out more about it :-D
Thank you very much in advance!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Tinna ✐

Karla B said...

Gorgeeous art!Love chocolate!

Linda Kunsman said...

really awesome illustrations Tracey!! I'm such a veggie person so I could skip those chocolates for the most part. Peased to have stopped in to catch some of your veggie puns too:)

Jackie PN said...

Your puns cracked me up- I have to use some on my hub! heehee
I agree White chocolate- not chocolate!!
Great paintings btw!! xo

alarmcat said...

i'm not familiar with the candy you've painted. But I'm sure I would LOVE them :)

bellefrogworks said...

When I was a kid I loved chocolate - but now not so much. I think your body was telling you something during your treatment - but a sweet is a good thing now and then - chocolate or not. Unfortunately I am a glutton - so if I start to eat junk that I like - I have to eat it all!!! And I agree - white chocolate is gross (how can white be chocolate anyway - chocolate is brown!) Enough chatting - love your chocolate illustrations and proud of you for not eating your still life models. LOL

My name is Erika. said...

I think chocolate would be hard to give up, but I know my sister-in-law has found a similar thing with her breast cancer treatment also. Maybe it tasting bad once is enough to stop the desire to eat it, even when it is right there in front of you. I love the drawings, and see how you paint first and then add your dark lines. have a great weekend. And keep drinking that coco (it is probably actually as good as chocolate.)

Carol said...

Love the "Chocolate ART" and all of the "VEGGIE" puns ♥ As a younger person I was never a big chocolate fan... your gasping I know :) But as I grew older I developed a taste for it ,only to find out I'm allergic to the stuff and can only have it in moderation. At lest it's not a bad allergy that prohibits any indulgence :) But I know for a fact that a 2 lb pound bag of M&M's nibbled on through out a good movie can send you to the hospital. Serves me right for eating the whole bag I guess.

Penny Lee StewArt said...

I absolutely love your style and all of your illustrations. The candy bars are not familiar to me either, but maybe they change the names in your part of the world. Do you use Golden Liquid Acrylics? I love those! and watercolor and pen/in is wonderful! Thanks for posting. I am Vegan and I still love chocolate, just not milk chocolate. I make my own with coconut oil and raw cocoa powder, agave and vanilla. Yum.

Paper rainbow said...

I've been veggie for 30+ years almost vegan. Bar my one weak've guessed 'chocolate' I am always intrigued by the different chocolate bars available in various countries. Whenever I am on holiday I bring back chocolate...sad I know :). I also was interested to read when you were ill you went off it. I am a great believer in that your body knows what foods will help and hinder healing.

Unknown said...

Lovely work, Tracey!
I am sad to say that chocolate is no longer my friend. Seems I don't get along with dairy. I can have it in small bits....a few dark chocolate almonds with sea salt do the trick. But not the whole jar. Bummer.

WrightStuff said...

I see you are sprouting puns - a turnip for the books or totally expected? As I read through I thought to myself "that's shallot of good puns, I wonder if I can beet them. I have bean to work though and am a bit tired...

Sorry, back now. Had to take a leek...

Jennifer McLean said...

interesting that you mention palette changes. C-granny and I were just talking about the this morning. We discussed that Christmas this year is going to be SO different. Our tastes have changed so much and we just don't like the indulgent things that we used to. It started when we made a batch of nachos a week ago as a treat. We used healthy stuff, but just the combo of meat veg and cheese with good quality tortilla chips wasn't as good as they used to be. It started a conversation about how much our palettes have changed in four years, after going gluten free. I even understand your chocolate change. Any chocolate just isn't good enough any more, i don't like cheap chocolate any more and I actually LIKE dark chocolate, who knew??! Veggies-good, chocolate-still good, health is the goal. Harrah for you my friend. hugs.

Catharina Engberg said...

Good it´s 12.30 am and that I am stufft with loads of pop corn, otherwise I would run to the store emediatelly to buy som Marabou-chocolate (mint crisp, because it´s my favo)
Love your paintings! Hug.

VonnyK said...

I am a vege lover but chocolate reigns supreme. Next time I carrot think what to bring for our cuppa morning, I'll bring you celery sticks cos you can't beet a good bit of celery. Of course you can dip it into chocolate and peanut butter sauce.
Have to say I'm super impressed that the chocs are still in their wrappers.
Luv Me.

Katie Jeanne said...

Your puns cracked me up. Eat some chocolate for me, please..I'm allergic to it. Sniff, sniff. Boohoo. Gives me hives. :/ Life isn't fair.

Rita said...

The only chocolate bar I recognized was Cadbury, but they all look yummy. I think maybe it's an unexpected blessing to want to eat veggies instead of chocolate...even if it doesn't seem like it. ;)

Unknown said...

loved your last tutorial so tips and tricks away. thanks!

Neesie said...

Beans that you don't like the choccie anymore Tracey,
peas feel free to send them to me ;D
Even your illustration looks good enough to eat for me... I'm now heading off to the fridge to find my hidden stash. Oh and by the way...white chocolate does it for me! Ever since I was a wee toot in my pram when my Mum used to give it to me, so it wouldn't make as much mess as the other kinds.
She was switched on for sure.

Artsy Matilda said...

Tracey, You are precious. As is your art. Thank you for always leaving me with a grin after I read your posts. You are a most inspiring artist and soul!

Unknown said...

Hi, came here while doing some blog hopping :) Love the way you draw and paint! I'm your new follower :))
Have a beautiful day


Christine said...

Beautiful renditions of chocolate and vegetables! Interesting that you no longer enjoy chocolate bars, that is a plus maybe!

GlorV1 said...

Oh I just love your drawings so much. You bring life to those candies.:) Have to check on that drink, sounds interesting. Have a great day and take care.

denthe said...

I am still waiting for the day that I will prefer veggies to chocolate ..... Love your illustrations :-)

Alexandra MacVean said...

I too am a chocolate lover and I too, have found myself eating more veggie type meals the older I get! What the?! :D Fabulous you've posted twice this week. It's lovely seeing you in the news feed once again. Always thinking of you and sending you love from afar. xx

Michellem said...

Hi - my name is Michelle and I am a candy-holic. Doesn't have to be chocolate per se but the more sugar the better - I thought as I grew older I'd get over it a bit but it seems not to be the case - sigh. . .

JKW said...

I ate the white chocolate ;) I truly love caramel better than chocolate these days (retirement) . . .very strange to me. I was always a cho co holic. . . it was the caramel that turned my head. Love the blog, this is great. Blessings, Janet PPF

Karen Smithey said...

As always, I love reading your blog and looking at your cool paintings! I was just pondering on my blog about how often I need to write to make it a habit. For me, if I don't do it everyday I will just let it slide, but I am thinking now that I read what you write that I could write every day but only post two or three times a week...

Can you hear my brain grinding its gears?!>