Friday, 3 April 2015

Sinus The Easter Killjoy...

I feel I may be in for a disappointing Easter
 as it is has started with Sinus putting the kibosh on my brilliant plans
 these plans have been hatching for a week or so
 ever since Phants and I arrived home to the street in a mild uproar
 as a whole flock of burly men were trying to herd a mini horse into a yard
and we are talking mini mini horse
there are dogs bigger than this thing in our street
it is adorable, and surprisingly hard to herd it turns out
which was funny on a whole new level

so the mini horse lives at the house that used to have geese
and I must say if he managed to swap those noisy bloody geese for a mini horse
then I am popping out and buying some geese tomorrow
plus the horse has a cubby house for a stable... awesome right
so plans were that I pop down and ask horse owner man if I could borrow said horse
and then just have it at our place when our guests arrive for easter lunch... no warning
and no mention would be made... just feign complete nonchalance at its appearance
just have them arrive to find a mini horse in our yard... brilliant right 
though if I could convince it to curl up in Mushu's old bed it would be even better

Phants agreed that it was a brilliant Easter plan
and despite us having a very amusing few hours discussing possible names for the horse 
Cadbury, Wayne, Phineas, and Harvey were all in the mix...
but despite the genius of the plan I felt that Sinus may be the stumbling block
so when I ran it past him I also mentioned that it may be a dual purpose set up
as the grass in the back yard is so long
you need a scythe and a packed lunch to get to the shed
mini horse could take care of that at the same time
but in typical Sinus fashion he said a very definite no freakin way
and started muttering about horse dung and bloody stupid woman
and no amount of pleading from Phants and I have swayed him
he is resolute in the ruining of the greatest easter lunch entertainment ever

So I have had to console myself with some painting and drawing of easter eggs
I painted up the bunny I had bought for Mushu as he always got a gift as well
and I painted up the white chocolate egg that I got for Sinus
because I am never going to eat that sucker... white chocolate is not my thing
and despite what Sinus said I did not put my thumb through the back of it on purpose
it just turned out to be surprisingly hard to juggle... 
happy Easter all...xx


Jennifer McLean said...

My dear, you remind me of one of mom's best friends here in Canada. Sherry is her name. Several Christmases ago the mall where they both worked installed a new Christmas decoration showcase which intrigued Sherry. It was penguins (Sherry looooves penguins) with santa hats and red vests sitting in a real automatized ferris wheel. Sherry had a whole plan that Christmas, she would distract security by starting all the singing reindeer that were lined up in the front of the local drugstore in that corridor and Mom would be burdened with the task of stealing "Fred", the penguin in the third seat to the left of santa. It was hilarious to listen to her intricate plans on how to "rescue" Fred before Christmas was over. Hehehe. I love creative women. I think the mini horse would have been a better guest that some of the humans, gotta say. ;o)

Rita said...

Ah, you made my evening, my dear! Quite a good giggle over snatching the mini horse and all your plans. Love the Easter sketches...and have a good one!! :):) Say hi to Pheobe!!

Faye said...

Tracey, I love the bunny paintings. Well done. Hope your Easter feast goes off well, with or without the mini horse.

VonnyK said...

Aww, what's with Sinus. I would have gone with the plan. Horse poo is good for the garden and who doesn't want a free mow. I say distract him and get the horsey in anyway. That would be such a crazy thing for your guests and great for the garden. It's a win win, just get your chocy eggs off of him first :)
If all else fails, tell him to let the poo dry hard and then he can have some golf driving practise at home. Kinda like spreading the love.
Have a great Easter. xx

Unknown said...

Wonderful Easter paintings Tracey.

minnemie said...

An Easter horse indeed! What's not to love about that? Can't imagine why Sinus would turn down a living live-in lawnmower... must have more to do with the hole in his Easter bunny than he lets on;-)

Giggles said...

Omg you are could always rent a mini horse suit and let phantom meander around the yard and see what happens...better yet have sinus do it instead!! After all he rained on your Easter parade!! Have a great Easter anyway...your bunnies make my bunnies looks sick... Love them and you!!

Hugs Giggles

Clare Lloyd said...

Love the bunnies! happy PPF

froebelsternchen said...

Happy Easter Tracey! fantastic bunnies. Happy PPF!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'd love to have an Easter mini horse, but it seems I have to settle for bunnies.

Thanks for the laughs.

rose AKA Walk in the Woods - she/her said...

I don't do easter and I don't do commercial chocolates, but I do appreciate your sweet and artful creations! Enjoy your easter!

kat said...

Happy Easter wishes your way, these bunnies are so great!

Lorraine said...

happy easter..funny horse

Unknown said...

Thank you for all the stuff to laugh about, that made my day :))
Love your Easter bunny paintings!
Wish you and your family a Happy Easter!

My name is Erika. said...

Fun story about the mini-horse. Sounds like you live on an interesting street. Love your bunny sketches too. How fun for Easter. Have a great holiday and weekend. (Hopefully your plans will happen.)

PaintingWrite said...

Oh Tracey that's hilarious - I love Shetland ponies (if that is what the mini horse is!) I can just imagine folk arriving and seeing him wandering around and the vision of the wee horse curled up in Mushu's bed - bless!! I think it's a great idea and men have no idea - I wanted to get one (or a sheep) for our paddock to save Steve the trouble of having to mow the grass every week during summer but for some reason he wasn't having a bar of it (I think he enjoys using the ride on mower too much to hand the reins (geddit!) over to a horse!! Happy Easter - your illustrations are so gorgeous - I love the wee toy you got for Mushu - sweetness. xx

Carol Rigby said...

Awww! it would only be a little horse poo anyway. It's a good trade off for getting your grass 'cut'. Have a great Easter anyway. And I'm sure you didn't put your finger through the back of his egg on purpose. You wouldn't do a thing like that. Would you?

Jeanet said...

Okay I know this is all about your cute easter bunnies but can I just say that I absolutely adore your tea header and should you ever feel like selling a print (or file version since shipping would much likely be high) I'll be first in line.

Boo G said...

If you had posted this a little earlier we could have all sent letters to Sinus telling him why the horse was a great idea. Dang men... I think the mini horse visitor would have been a blast.

After seeing your bunny sketches, I think you could write a children's book and illustrate it. Your bunnies are so darn cute. Happy Easter!!

Jenn Jilks said...

What a fun post. Mini horses are popular in our neck of the wetland!!! Your artistry is wonderful.

GlorV1 said...

I enjoyed your post Tracey. I love those small horses and wish I had one, love your bunny. Happy Easter!

Helen Campbell said...

Golly, I think the mini horse is a great idea! Unfortunately, I don't count in this situation, do I? :)
Love your Easter egg paintings, Tracey. Wishing you a wonderful Easter weekend!

Jo Murray said...

Happy Easter or no horse.

ann @ studiohyde said...

I think the mini horse idea was a brilliant plan, you could have put bunny ears on it and everything...oh the possibilities are endless...but sadly not to happen. At least not this year!!! ummm, perhaps you need to work on this ready for next year aye!?

Carol said...

Love your Easter art and I think the Mini Horse idea was a great one :)

Kate Robertson said...

I love the stories and your eater art is so fun. Happy PPF


Cindy D. said...

What a gripping tale! Alas, the mini horse was not to be, and a tragedy it is. Holy cow, a mini horse. I want a mini donkey but so far it's been a definite "no".

Sandra Busby said...

a mini horse???? I want one!!! Where can I get one??? Mind you, I think Paul would be no less adamant that it was not going to happen. Even though I gave in to a dog... And then gave in to another dog... Chuh! Mind you, it's bad enough poo picking after a dog, let alone a horse, mini or not! Though some of the poo's Sherlock produces could easily be mistaken for a horses, I swear... And that's when Paul conveniently forgets that the dog was his idea and not mine! Maybe we should all stick to bunnies... Chocolate ones! And yours of course are perfect! :0)

Jackie PN said...

OMGosh!! These are way too freekin cute Tracey!! Love love love the bunnies! xo