Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Tea-rex Versus The Teatanic...

It is no secret that I like good tea infuser pun
 as I have painted them and written about them before
 there was Crime Scene Tea Party which featured Freaky Pete and Sharky
and then the Mana-tea/ dugong farce of November last year
The latest punny infusers are glorious additions to the tribe and make me insanely happy
I give you Tea-rex and the Teatanic... they are bloody awesome aren't they

Things are awfully quiet in the studio without the studio mutt
so I am taking any company where I can get it... even tea infusers are fair game
it turns out that Tea-rex is quite the philosopher and has plenty to say on almost anything
Teatanic is a lot more sedate and has little to add to any conversation quite frankly
but he is a mighty infuser and so I let him off on being light on in the conversation area
Teatanic also manages to hold a buttload of leaves
which means I will be able to float him in my clear glass tea pot
well I haven't done it yet, but that is going to be awesome when I get around to it
but they are both very worthy additions to my growing collection...

it does get me thinking though about who would be top dog in the tea infuser stakes
Sharky is impressive... well he is a shark fin
and seeing it float in your cup is endlessly amusing
plus you get to hum the Jaws theme which makes any day better
but seeing the Teatanic floating there with its butt up in the air is also smile inducing
I did attempt to sing that awful bloody song from the Titanic movie while it was infusing some tea... not a good choice for someone who is enthusiastic but tone deaf... it was so bad I have banned myself from ever doing that again!!!
Sadly Freaky Pete is looking a bit sedate next to these beauties
even though stuffing his shorts with tea is fun, it isn't quite on the same level fun wise
but at the end of the day I think that Tea-rex may have my heart for now
the little arms, the grinning face and tea filled belly are just adorable

so without further ado I am going to go and refill his little belly with leaves
and get back to some painting
This perfume bottle is on the table and should be just about ready for another layer
happy painting all...xx


Michellem said...

I LOVE Teatanic!! Totally made me happy and I had to show it to my husband - I don't even drink tea but I'd brew it if I had a Teatanic - I can almost hear you singing the theme song. . .

Jennifer McLean said...

you're gonna have to get Sinus to make you a peg board so you can display all your cool infusers in your office!! Cool office art, heheheh.

PaintingWrite said...

i love tea rex-not so sure about a tea infuser based on a major shipping tragedy But I do love your paintings of each one. i agree with Jennifer toy should have them all on display.

Polly Birchall said...

They are bloody awesome, as is your imagination!!!

TwinkleToes2day said...

TEA-mendous infusers and puns!! Li'l ol'd Tea-Rex has done it for me, I need to find me a new one for the laughs. I am amused by Jennifer's peg board idea and Vonny's Ice tea remark on FB is, as you said, Genius!
I see you have a sultry evening, yo could do with some iced tea I'm sure; I hope the air cools down a fair bit by bedtime ((hugs)) xox

Neesie said...

Tea-rrific post Trace... as always but I'm beginning to worry slightly. You are getting out an about and having conversations with real people aren't you? hehe
Gorgeous blue and I look forward to seeing further progress although I feel you maybe distracted by Tea-Rex.
Enjoy your tea which ever infuser you favour. They're all spectacular

cjsrq said...

Perhaps you should design a line of tea infusers yourself - I bet you could come up with some most unusual designs and stories to go with them! Love that perfume bottle!

Bartjan said...

Hi Tracey,

Thank you for the beautiful post and artwork!

I just bumped into this post because I have an google auto-search on 'teatanic' since I came up with it (check out the designer name on the right side of the packaging), and I wanted to let you know this totally makes my day :-)

I've reblogged it to my top-secret personal inspiration blog for future inspiration and energizing!

I wish you many happy cups of tea and even more happy hours creating in the studio. Ready the 'about you' chapter on your blog also makes me grin from ear to ear, by the way.

Thanks again for making my day!

Warm regards from the Netherlands


Sandra Busby said...

Haha! Where on earth do you find these weird and wonderful gadgets of yours?? I would love to have a good old root around your kitchen to see what other loony contraptions you have kicking around! Just adore the painting too :0)

Barbara Dane Lapins said...

I don't know where you find all these quirky infusers, but I love them, and your stories and paintings that go with them. Thanks for making me laugh loud enough to disturb my kitties from their late morning slumber.

Babzy the Elder, aka Barbara from Connecticut USA


¡el teatanic es fantástico!
me encanta tu imaginación

Unknown said...

You realize you are raising the bar pretty high with a mid week post, right???
I've never seen tea infusers like these-so cute and your painting. Oh, the colors are lovely!

Catharina Engberg said...

I like that theatanic infuser (my daughter sang that Titanicsong infront of the whole school (!!!) when she was about 11 years old, both the fact that she remembered the english words for the whole song and that she dared to sing infront of so many schoolmates, I can´t understand it to this day. And it was completely her own idea! Her teachers asked me if I thought that she understood what she was up to, so I had to take a serious talk with her. But she didn´t want to change her mind about singing no matter what I said. She would never have the guts today to do a thing like that, because she is shy. My goodness! I would NEVER do a thing like that!!

Unknown said...

Teatanic and t-Rex! Infusion made magnificent!


Linda Kunsman said...

I've never seen anything like this tea infuser-it's brilliant!!! Of course your illustration of it is quite marvelous too. Me thinks you should be illustrating some children's books:)

Kristin Dudish said...

I have no words for how much I love this post. (I'm sure you already know, though ;) )

Helen Campbell said...

I'm jealous of your tea infuser collection. Tea-Rex is awesome, as it Teatanic. And you paintings are amazing as always! :)

Helen Campbell said...

I'm jealous of your tea infuser collection. Tea-Rex is awesome, as it Teatanic. And you paintings are amazing as always! :)

Anonymous said...

The tea-rex is adorable :D Where can I get one? I really love how you turn daily life things in to paintings, they are always amazing to look at ;)