Friday, 27 March 2015

Blue Arsed Fly Part 2...

The blue-arsed-fly-styled running around has continued into this week
 I thought last week was busy until I hit this week
 and it has been taken to a whole new level
 when you add the need to film a lesson for Soul Food 2015 into the mix

To call myself a technological black hole of nightmare proportions
would actually be underplaying my ability to make cameras lose photos,
new fancy schmancy rice cookers to implode and computers freeze
but I pushed all this aside and gamely jumped into the whole thing
with uncharacteristic enthusiasm and admit that I learned some gems along the way

I learned that if you invite one chin to the party then all the others turn up as well
It is most disappointing to see them all there

I learned that half arsery and not planning leads to having to move the camera and set up and take things down a million times

I learned that even attempting to be "normal" and not muck up and play the fool is really really hard, and is totally exhausting

 not to mention that armpits shots happen more often than you would think
and they are not my best angle

It is also inevitable that just as you get to the end of a great take
you will do one of the following
spill tea
have the back door neighbour come out and yell at the kids
or have the sort of hot flash that has you doing a credible impression
of an ice sculpture in the Sahara

but all in all it came together
and I learned that editing is not actually impossible
that you can make something out of nothing
and that the whole thing was actually fun... like lots of fun
so much fun that I decided to also try to immortalise the camera I used
and while I actually kind of prefer the sketch stage above to the finished piece
I don't hate the finished sketch by any stretch

So filming done, I used the extraordinary amount of time it takes to upload the things
and painted up the blue arsed fly, finished off last week's Assam tin
and got started on some of the commissions on my desk
so all in all quite busy, some may even say gloriously so
happy painting all...xx


Giggles said...

What a crazy fun post starting with the fly, then the camera! As for the double is a trick for taking photos and I imagine the same could be true with the camera...ALWAYS have people take your photo when THEY are standing on a will be amazed.... same with the camera...have it way above you rather than eye level...In fact make it a rule to never let anyone take your photo unless that camera is way way above you!! Best photo ever taken of me was when Cupcake surprised me in a bathroom stall by standing on a toilet looking over and photographing just my face looking up....we laughed for days!! Hope it works for ya!

Hugs Giggles

froebelsternchen said...

fabulous vibrant paintings again! I love them!

Unknown said...

Love your fly, and that blue colour.
Happy Friday!

Unknown said...

Thank you for the big smile on my face! :)) First I didn't get it about the chins (who is chin?...) but thanks to Giggles now I know. Well, they are having a party at my place as well. But from now on I'll remember to only have my picture taken sitting on the toilet :D
I love that fly! It's gorgeous! Even though the colours tell me that it's a yucky one ;) Just love your style of painting!
Can't get over it :))
Hope you didn't forget to eat some vitamins while you were so busy :))
Have a great time

PaintingWrite said...

I'm exhausted just reading your post never mind doing all the things that you've had to do Tracey!! Your blue arsed fly is fabulous and I love that you painted the camera you used to film yourself. I'm not signed up to the soulfood classes but I'd quite like to see you do your thang as I imagine it'll be very entertaining! BTW I love that you have a bonsai called Phillip!

Unknown said...

OMG, your to funny! I've done videos using my iPad and must admit the editing isn't as easy as they make it out to be. My hubby (professional photographer)keeps telling me to use a camera similar to your drawing and use that soft wear on my laptop to edit.
Love the fly.

My name is Erika. said...

Glad you showed us that fly this week! And your lessons on filming were pretty funny-but oh so true. Have a great weekend.

Šolanje na domu-Waldorf said...

I'm always in awe with your watercolors but that fly is just amazing! :)

Sirkka said...

Really amazing paintings, love the blue colour you use.

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

It's always exciting to try something new. I've never done much filming, but it sounds like it was fun. Blessings!

Barbara Dane Lapins said...

Oh, Tracey, what a wonderful way to start my day. We're leaving shortly for Harney and Sons Teas in New York to stock up on our favorites, and I thought I'd give a quick look on Facebook before leaving. The first posting that pops up is your glorious fly, topped off with your hilarious blog. The chins made me laugh out loud. That's why I love turtle-neck shirts and sweaters, and would wear them all year long, if didn't get so darn hot in the summer. The only problem is that each Spring I discover the chins multiply during their hibernation. You are so funny and as always your paintings are terrific.

Clare Lloyd said...

wonderful work. the blue arse fly made me chuckle...a phrase regularly used in our household! Happy PPF

Marji said...

Gee, and you got a blog post up too! Phew, I'm exhausted just reading this. The fly is marvelous and I love how his arse is just glowing from all the frenzy. I would love to see the finished video as I am sure it is more fabulous than the wonderful rendering of the cam. M.x

Linda Kunsman said...

Fab sketches!! Good for you to take on the video creating-I can't imagine what it takes even when you're experienced with it. I'm sure everyone will LOVE it!

Unknown said...

I have to BRAVE. To jump into the arena of filming oneself. Well. Something I have thought of to add bits to my blog to boost it's fun factor but never have done.
Love your art and honesty.

TwinkleToes2day said...

Soo so funny....the Blue A Fly reference had me chuckling aloud, but then Wee man wanted to know what was so funny - and as a**e is 'a swear' over here, (well in my house, due to little Mr Copycat), I had to try and show him your fly whilst explaining that you felt you were doing so much work, so quickly to get it finished, you felt like a fly buzzing around so quickly. *sigh* Kinda the same, but pretty lame and he didn't think it was funny at all, "You're silly granny" - yeah I know, lol.
I love the painted fly anyway and the camera is very cool indeed.
It would be so cool if you were able to offer your Soul Food videos separately from those art classes once Soul Food was finished? Just putting that out there ;)
Have a superb weekend Tracey {{Hugs}} xox

GlorV1 said...

Wow, that fly is buzzing! A really great job. Hi Tracey, hope you are doing good and it sounds like you are really having a blast. Enjoy your day and loved all your work as always.

Kate Robertson said...

The fly is great as is the camcorder. I sometimes find the editing, uploading and all takes more time than making the actual video. I am sure it came out great.


Anonymous said...

Ewwwww the fly, love your work, hate flies. Can't wait to see your soul food lesson, will be so out of my comfort zone, but what the heck, it will be a blast. xox

Jo Murray said...

You always make my day with your drawings and humour. For heaven's sake...write a book!

Catharina Engberg said...

I love that fly ;)

bellefrogworks said...

I haven't been around too regularly - but when I am I "need" to visit you. Your humor puts all the silly crap into perspective. I kind of hate the way the chins stick together like that as well. I see all the selfies on FB from people older than me (almost impossible) and wonder if they hurt themselves trying to get the angle that shows the least face sag. All I know is that the few times I have taken a selfie - well I almost had to destroy my phone. It's good to be busy with all the right stuff - the fly is terrific and I really like the camera!

Faye said...

Wow, Tracey, you are really adept at the camera now. I usually just muddle along with my old - and I mean really old- digital camera. The first month I had the thing, dh dropped it on a concrete floor and the battery hinge sprung. For all these years I have held it together with shiny metal duct tape. I could use his camera since he's gone, but I really love the way mine can put photos on my blog. Anyway, I love the fly painting. Only you could make a fly look good!

Maria Medeiros said...

Amazing! :)

minnemie said...

I hate flies... especially the squished oozy kind that the boys tend to smash against the windows and collect in competition style😝. But I love yours! Who knew a fly could be pretty? And that it is a DEAD pretty fly is even more attractive😉. Glad you had ended up having fun this week!

Joy Murray said...

I know being filmed can be very nerve wracking but you seemed to have carried it off with your usual grace and character. I love the blue blob on your blue arsed fly! You share so much beautiful work, I'm delighted to hear you're teaching. As for double chins -- if you don't judge them harshly you see they give you presence and dignity. My two chins told me so :)

fairy thoughts said...

ha ha super busy post ...I cannot even imagine trying to film stuff let alone edit it too. love the blue ased fly.... I feel like that too.

Anonymous said...

That fly is so handsome!! And I like the way you've used those soft colors with black.

Had fun reading your post, your humor appeals to me, something very familiar in seeing the world.

Unknown said...

I love how beautifully you illustrate and describe your world around. Thank you for sharing it

Unknown said...

Such fun post Tracey :) I don't really like any insects (accept butterflies) but when they are very well painted on paper they don't give me shivers. Looks like I'm not only one finding camera work difficult :)

denthe said...

that fly looks amazing! Seeing it like this even makes me like flies ;-) Haha, love reading about your adventures with the taping of the Soulfood-lessons! I can relate ;-) Can't wait to see your video!

Silke Powers said...

You had me laughing out loud! Thank you for that! Especially when I got that "chin" wasn't a person... Took me a while. :) Your art is wonderful as always. Especially that blue-arsed fly. Fantastic!! xoxo Silke

Viola said...

An amazing drawing of a fly!
Oh you are making a film how to draw? Interesting! In the same workshop as Denthe I guess.. the Soulfood.. Wishing you my best, and I am sure you do, even the Sahara ice block! :))

Viola said...

even though the S ice block.

kat said...

You've been well busy and I love your descriptions as you take us along your journey!
Your art is always great, that fly really jumps out and demands attention, fabulous!

Sandra Busby said...

It's awesome that you are so sought after!! At this rate, those of us who are lucky enough to own some of your originals might soon find that they are worth billions!! Love the blue-arsed fly! And thanks to Nicola McLean, who advised on a fabulous gadget called a GoPro, I now have one on order for my birthday so I can make my own time-lapse videos. My previous attempts on an iPhone were shocking!! So might be looking for some tips some time ;0)

Tammie Dickerson said...

Your fly painting is FANTASTIC!! I love the colors and the fluid parts that bleed out onto the paper! The camera and tea tin are also rich in color! How cool that you are taping - that sounds so fun, and daunting at the same time! I have not yet attempted that, but have thought of it a time or two! I think your work is just getting stronger and stronger :)

Anonymous said...

As always, you bring smiles. And enrich my knowledge as I'd never SEEN a blue-arsed fly! I want the tin. Love the colors and the tiger.

Fallingladies said...

I am in soul
Food this year and have been looking forward to your lesson, of course
Now more than ever! Love your camera sketch and of course the
Fly as well!!!

Jenn Jilks said...

I really like your style!!!