Friday, 27 March 2015

Blue Arsed Fly Part 2...

The blue-arsed-fly-styled running around has continued into this week
 I thought last week was busy until I hit this week
 and it has been taken to a whole new level
 when you add the need to film a lesson for Soul Food 2015 into the mix

To call myself a technological black hole of nightmare proportions
would actually be underplaying my ability to make cameras lose photos,
new fancy schmancy rice cookers to implode and computers freeze
but I pushed all this aside and gamely jumped into the whole thing
with uncharacteristic enthusiasm and admit that I learned some gems along the way

I learned that if you invite one chin to the party then all the others turn up as well
It is most disappointing to see them all there

I learned that half arsery and not planning leads to having to move the camera and set up and take things down a million times

I learned that even attempting to be "normal" and not muck up and play the fool is really really hard, and is totally exhausting

 not to mention that armpits shots happen more often than you would think
and they are not my best angle

It is also inevitable that just as you get to the end of a great take
you will do one of the following
spill tea
have the back door neighbour come out and yell at the kids
or have the sort of hot flash that has you doing a credible impression
of an ice sculpture in the Sahara

but all in all it came together
and I learned that editing is not actually impossible
that you can make something out of nothing
and that the whole thing was actually fun... like lots of fun
so much fun that I decided to also try to immortalise the camera I used
and while I actually kind of prefer the sketch stage above to the finished piece
I don't hate the finished sketch by any stretch

So filming done, I used the extraordinary amount of time it takes to upload the things
and painted up the blue arsed fly, finished off last week's Assam tin
and got started on some of the commissions on my desk
so all in all quite busy, some may even say gloriously so
happy painting all...xx

Friday, 20 March 2015

Busier Than ...

This week I have been busier than a blue arsed fly
 in fact I had grand plans of painted a fly with a blue butt
 to highlight just how mad the week has been
but it turns out I have been too busy to draw just how busy I have been

plus I found out from Mr Google that the saying is running around like a blue arsed fly
and while I have been doing a lot of running around
 I am gutted that I have been using the wrong saying...and for years too
mind you the busier than sayings are all oddly horrid and mildly inappropriate
so I am thinking I may just stick with my blue arsed fly
busy week means I have an unfinished painting to share of some amazing tea tins
plus a little sneaky look at the amazing project that has taken up so much of my time
not to mention I have spent quite a bit of time trying to decide whether this bunny bowl
is crazy creepy... or totally genius

I am tending towards genius
because throw some mini chocolate eggs in there and it is going to be perfectly Easter
but come Halloween I can use it again
and serve spaghetti in it to recreate glorious bunny guts
which will be creepy, but also totally seasonal
 double duty bunny bowls has to fall into the genius side of the ledger right...
happy painting all...xx

Friday, 13 March 2015

The Things We Do For Friends...

I needed to go to my happy place and paint my new mugs
  after a mildly traumatic morning in the studio yesterday
 I started by breaking my favourite hair band before I had even put pen to paper
 which is a tragedy of epic proportions as I only have one
 and I just have enough hair grown to actually get in my eyes so it is still exciting to need it
 after more than 18 months of either being bald, covered in stubble, or very short hair
 it is a thrilling shock to look down and have something flop into your line of vision
 so I was reduced to clipping my hair back with a bulldog clippy thing from the studio
 which would have been all good if it wasn't for me dropping Phants to the train station
  and popping in to get an iced coffee all with the bloody bulldog clip in my hair

I followed this fashion faux pas with spilling the stupid iced coffee
all over the freshly cleaned kitchen bench
and in the process of cleaning that up I knocked the giant peppermill over
and somehow it managed to explode peppercorns all over the place
those suckers spread let me tell you
so I sorted that and then headed into the studio to attempt to tackle a self portrait
Paint Party Friday turns four this week and the theme is self portraits
now I hate drawing and painting faces at the best of times, let alone my own
 so it is a testament to how awesome I think this tribe is that I even attempted this thing
and it was a challenge that drove me to three cups of tea 
which on top of the half a cup of iced coffee
 had me popping and whizzing like a lightning bug
which is possibly not the most conducive state to paint in
but here it bloody is
sans bulldog clip because after a time it starts to hurt like crazy

I used gouache,ink and acrylic and concentrated on this crop because it was taking forever
like it could be the 5th birthday before I finish it forever
but aside from the time it took I have to admit it was fun  to do something a bit different
not that I want to do it again any time soon
but PPF's birthday doesn't come around every day does it
and on Friday the 13th no less...

So I settled my frayed nerves and reassured myself that I am still speedy with paint
by drawing and painting up the two new mugs
and adding another layer to the latest perfume bottle painting
but the whole time I was thinking about how awesome it is to have the meet up at PPF
how many truly wonderful friends I have made, 
how many times I have been inspired and supported, and just had fun
so a huge thank you to Eva and Kristin who host this wonder every week
and give us all such a fabulous place to meet up
happy birthday PPF...xx

here is Tuesday's post link in case you missed it...

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Tea-rex Versus The Teatanic...

It is no secret that I like good tea infuser pun
 as I have painted them and written about them before
 there was Crime Scene Tea Party which featured Freaky Pete and Sharky
and then the Mana-tea/ dugong farce of November last year
The latest punny infusers are glorious additions to the tribe and make me insanely happy
I give you Tea-rex and the Teatanic... they are bloody awesome aren't they

Things are awfully quiet in the studio without the studio mutt
so I am taking any company where I can get it... even tea infusers are fair game
it turns out that Tea-rex is quite the philosopher and has plenty to say on almost anything
Teatanic is a lot more sedate and has little to add to any conversation quite frankly
but he is a mighty infuser and so I let him off on being light on in the conversation area
Teatanic also manages to hold a buttload of leaves
which means I will be able to float him in my clear glass tea pot
well I haven't done it yet, but that is going to be awesome when I get around to it
but they are both very worthy additions to my growing collection...

it does get me thinking though about who would be top dog in the tea infuser stakes
Sharky is impressive... well he is a shark fin
and seeing it float in your cup is endlessly amusing
plus you get to hum the Jaws theme which makes any day better
but seeing the Teatanic floating there with its butt up in the air is also smile inducing
I did attempt to sing that awful bloody song from the Titanic movie while it was infusing some tea... not a good choice for someone who is enthusiastic but tone deaf... it was so bad I have banned myself from ever doing that again!!!
Sadly Freaky Pete is looking a bit sedate next to these beauties
even though stuffing his shorts with tea is fun, it isn't quite on the same level fun wise
but at the end of the day I think that Tea-rex may have my heart for now
the little arms, the grinning face and tea filled belly are just adorable

so without further ado I am going to go and refill his little belly with leaves
and get back to some painting
This perfume bottle is on the table and should be just about ready for another layer
happy painting all...xx

Friday, 6 March 2015

What's Been Happening ...

You would think that after the magic beach break we had
 I would come home mentally and physically refreshed
  after all I am one of those mentally hyperactive types at the best of times
 and other than walking on the beach, and swimming
  I was horizontal for the better part of every day
 but instead of coming home like an energizer bunny on steroids
 I came home a touch subdued which was a bit puzzling at the time
  I put it down to missing the Wonder mutt and all that horribleness 
 but it turns out I was busy being a human petri dish and was incubating an epic flu

I didn't get the pretty flu either... you know where you sort of lounge around feeling a bit off
oh no I got the truly disgusting whole shebang
for a time I seriously considered whether I had some serious ebola type bug
though that may be due to the fact that we binge watched Helix on holiday
so my mind was on worse case scenarios big time after watching that show
and yes I can be that psycho and dramatic
after all a little light hypochondria isn't unexpected after the last 18 months

I even had man flu moments where I think I may have actually groaned out loud
 and courtesy of having a butt load of lymph nodes removed and zapped by radiation
I now get a rash all over lefty and the left hand side of my torso as the lymph nodes that are there can't work hard enough to clear all the crap which is a whole new joy
we are talking a rash that made me look like I have walked into a ketchup fight
or perhaps am an extra in a Quentin Tarantino movie... it is quite something to see

So I promptly went to bed and slept away the better part of a week
while the rash appeared and generated an ungodly amount of heat
I swear I could have been rented out as a snow melter, 
which I know lots of you could do with at the moment
I could have just swanned through those drifts and with a flash of what remains of lefty
those pesky snow drifts would have melted away in seconds... like a superpower

but with an awesome amount of sleep I started to recover nicely
and managed to get in and do this pen drawing of the perfume Sinus got me for Christmas
it had started as a watercolour but I learned from my lesson during treatment
I know better than to attempt to use watercolour in bed so I finished it off with a ballpoint pen
it was perfectly therapeutic working in pen
and I quite like the effect of blending watercolour with ballpoint
plus I preserved the new white duvet cover which we have on the bed
well white with one or two little teeny tiny pen marks... adds to the charm of it I am sure

So I am now firing on all cylinders and back in the studio and working on lots of fun projects
some I of which I can happily share like this illustration for Delicious Skin
which is a skin care that smells like chocolate... seriously... it is amazing
and I have been in a frenzy of drawing, sketching and painting
including that blue Elie Saab Resort Collection bottle that is just crying out to be painted
so I am going to leave you there and get back to it
Happy painting all ...xx