Friday, 23 January 2015

The Difference A Year Makes...


It has been a bit of a hectic week
 filled with lots of summer shenanigans and a little light lobster painting
 after a few weeks of crabs, prawns and now a lobster 
 I am thinking it is time to rest the crustaceans
 though I am totally coming back to revisit them at some stage
after all I have fond memories of Phants and the whole lobster in the pool incident
which has me thinking of how I could paint a grasshopper/ lobster hybrid thing
amazing how long ago that was now
but that got me thinking about where I was this time last year

It is the one year anniversary of the last dose out of 16 rounds of chemo
and about this time I was feeling pretty fed up and over it all I have to say
not to mention I was dealing with the planning for upcoming radiation
which meant three planning sessions and getting fifty squillion little dot tattoos
and having the last remaining people in the country get to handle lefty
and generally it was all round pretty bloody awful
necessary and I will be forever grateful for such fabulous results... 
but looking back it amazes me sometimes just how full on and all consuming it all was

A year down the track I am healthier than I have been in many years
I have hair, and eyelashes, and I think the last bit of eyebrow is finally coming in
I have so much more energy and I remain cancer free which is a huge gift 
life is beyond amazing I have to say
I am surrounded by extraordinary friends
an incredible online tribe of fellow artists and creatives that mean the world to me
Phants and Sinus, and Mushu remain the centre of my world
and I wake up every single day so thrilled to be in survivor mode
and have the chance to be painting, and writing and spending time doing what I love
not to mention doing work for companies like GoodnessMe Box
which has been a great challenge and inspiration

If you had of told me this time last year that I would be sitting here feeling so good
I possibly would have whipped the scarf off my head and tried to shove it up your nose
but here I am and it is glorious 
The difference a year makes is quite something... happy painting all...xx

Friday, 16 January 2015

A Crabby Week ...

This week it has been crazy hot and humid
 that awful paper never drying humid
 which has played havoc with my current obsession with all things crustacean related
but I got in nice and early this morning and finally got this crab out of my head
which is quite a line to write isn't it
now I have images of crabs running around up there
maybe they can chase out the hamsters that make my brain spin a mad amount

I have no clue where the crabs and crustacean thoughts came from
I am not a huge lover of them, though Sinus would exist on nothing else given the chance
and we had a bad experience with a rogue crab appearing out of nowhere
in our house when we lived in Florida
which resulted in much squealing and jumping on chairs
it was eventually rounded up and chased back into the estuary we lived on
but it was quite the thing
we also had rogue coconuts appear in our car space regularly
but that is a whole other story

For the last week or so I have been doing a series of sketches in one of my books
mind you I chose the one I hate the most as it sort of absorbs the paint
and the colours are always more muted than I like
but despite being annoyed every time I use it, I continue to paint and draw in it
no clue why except that now it has so many in there that i feel the need to fill it

So the two crabs arrived first
then the prawn turned up on a page
quickly followed by another crab
which is not my favourite sketch I must say
it looks mildly menacing 
but it didn't stop me jumping in and doing the large one
which I love

I used 640 gr hot pressed paper to combat the humidity
and I do love working larger
so it was fun from beginning to end
and there is one part I am really loving
see the legs in this part... loving them

I am thinking that i may have this crustacean obsession put to bed for the minute
although I am starting to think lobsters
so maybe not quite yet
happy painting all...xx

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

What We've Been Up To...

I am back in the studio and painting again finally
it has taken quite a few days longer than I had planned
partly because I got in and decided to clean out a few drawers
which led to the whole room exploding into a cloud of paper
that coated the floor and made walking in and out a trial in coordination
that proved to be a bit beyond me and led to Phants finding me sitting against the wall
looking faint from lack of tea and chocolate
she had been drawn to my location by the snorting and laughing 
brought on by watching the mutt try to walk out of the room
on a floor that shifted below his paws like a maniacal travelator
the poor little mite face planted three times
though he retained an admirable amount of dignity throughout

other distractions were the heat and humidity
which has meant copious amounts of swimming has been required
plus when the pool proves inaccessible 
due to the sun turning it into a heated spa in the middle of the day 
we also had a new aircon installed and this sucker is insanely powerful
I am still debating as to whether it is a sign that it is cranked too high
if when the mutt walks into its cooling stream
it makes him look like he has his head out the car window

though he looks a touch homeless at the moment as I decided he needed a bit of a trim
due to the heat and as the groomer wasn't available
I had a bash myself... turns out I am not an undiscovered dog grooming legend
unless you like your dogs tufty, in which case I am a genius

so between dog grooming and swims Phants and I have been hanging out in the aircon
or as we like to call it ...The King Family Ice Bar
and like all good bars we have had many a deep and meaningful chat
we have broached heavy topics like 
what would happen if we gave the dog a squirt of nasal spray
and don't panic, we aren't actually planning on doing it
but just imagine his surprise at the intrusion

not to mention filling his mouth with whipped cream out of a can 
when he yawns... that would be genius
though he might just love that one as he has quite a sweet tooth 

one conundrum that went unsolved is why the wonder mutt can go from a dead sleep
to upright and clawing at your legs in two seconds flat
at the mere suggestion of a biscuit or cookie being consumed,
but you can physically lift his ear and call his name down it and he doesn't stir
we tried cracking bikkies in the ice bar
he went from asleep to full alert and at Phant's feet in 1.3 seconds
his time when a biscuit is crunched in the next room
 was only marginally worse at 1.6 seconds
and from down the hall, around the corner and down one flight of stairs
it would appear he actually made time stand still
or perhaps I just forgot to do the timing thingy on the phone
either way it was an impressive time let me say

but all this aside I did get in and finish off a few perfume bottles on my desk today
they are more trial sort of practice ones and will be revisited as both were fun
and on finishing I went through the whole nightmare 
of trying to remember to put 15, not 14 in the signature bit
though it kind of works as some of these were started last year, so the combined squiggles of 14 and 15 over the top is quite appropriate
happy painting all...xx