Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Lessons Of The Week ...

It feels great to be back in the studio and painting again
 the last week has been hectic, and wonderful, and freaky and all sorts of crazy
 but great fun... plus I have learnt lots of valuable lessons along the way
 which is always a bonus

 I learnt that cleaning out one draw in the studio and having a sale
results in one clean and tidy draw
and the rest of the studio looking like it has been hit by a tornado on speed
though the whole risk to life and limb just getting into the studio makes it quite exciting

I also learnt that painting up a few things in the midst of epic mess is still possible
and actually calms the brain in a satisfying way
even when they don't turn out looking quite like I was seeing in my head
as in the case of these bowls... they are a move in the right direction
and the colours... I love this colour palette so much

In non art related learning I learned that the dog is, in fact
a dirty rotten furry little alarm bag who thinks it is hilarious to wake me at the crack of dawn
and proceed to jump on me and lick me
bloody mutt

I also would like to declare that the morning paper delivery bloke
has an uncanny ability to throw the paper into any and every ants' nest in our garden
which would be fine if the little alarm bag would go and fetch it for me
but no... by the time I am hunting through the garden he is asleep again
and I spend the next five minutes with a case of the heeby jeebies
as I imagine I am covered in ants

I was also shocked to learn that I am not an undisputed mini golf savant
I had this incredible undefeated track record 
partly because I have only played once in the last 23 years
but on that one occasion I happened to beat Sinus Man
 at the time he was a touring golf professional so it was quite the achievement
sadly it turns out that you may in fact need to have a game or two in the intervening years
if you want to retain those skills... it was a sad day that I lost my champion's crown

to make it worse, it turns out Phantom Steve may be an undiscovered mini golf savant
bloody child....

the final lesson of the last few days
is that the one year that I'm not militant about Christmas tree and decorations
going up on the first of December, the rest of the street goes light and decoration crazy
so we look like the horrid grinchy family who aren't getting into the holiday spirit
so I am going to go and start the untangling process for the lights
I seriously have no clue how they get so tangled just by sitting in a box
maybe this year I will nanny cam them to see what happens while they are packed away
in the meantime... happy painting all...xx


Jackie PN said...

Happy decorating! Love the blues & greens!xo

Anonymous said...


Trece said...

Wonderful, as always. I adore the color palette, and I love White Linen. Wore it all the time.
Now, I'm allergic to it. And the beat goes on. . .

PaintingWrite said...

I absolutely love this palette. I always think it's hilarious when you are paper boys in American shows throwing it from their moving bike-couldn't do that here or if would be a soggy mess before we got to read it! Reuben beats Mushu in the admitting stakes-he's started Barking & scratching at the door of the kitchen at any time from 4am onwards in a bid to get us to let him into our bed (which we used to until Skye came along as 3 dogs and 2 humans is a bit too much even for a king size). Doesn't stop him waking us up every morning though. Not cute. Glad you had a successful sale. X

PaintingWrite said...

Gah! Admitting should be annoying. I hate auto correct!

Unknown said...

As usually enjoy reading your posts.
love the drawings... so fresh and fun!
How did your sale go? I'm thinking about doing the same thing. Being a high school art teacher I have so many demo paintings they have taking over my file drawers.

Sandra Busby said...

I ask my self the same question every year! I always carefully loop the lights around my arm and put them carefully in a box, but every year without fail they come out looking like a birds nest that has been savaged by a cat and it takes me forever to unravel them! Then there is always the rogue bulb that doesn't work so I have to spend at least an hour twiddling them individually to see which one it is... Oh the joy!! Mine are going up this Friday over some Mulled Wine. So, in no time I should be suitably plastered not to care about these little conundrums! If we had a paper boy, Sherlock would just eat it (the paper, not the boy), so we don't bother! I LOVE your paintings and these colours too!! Gorgeous and summery as I sit here in twelve layers of clothing and sporting a red nose!! :0)

Belinda Basson said...

I need a nanny cam for many such things! I too have not got my lights or tree up yet...Usually it is done ON the 1st...this year my get up and go, has gotten up and left...perhaps I will do it this week-end? who knows. Love the colours you have used this week.

TwinkleToes2day said...

Loving the colours of those bowls Tracey and the perfume bottle is lush.
I've never had my decorations up as early as the 1st, but seeing as how the whole chore is preceded by a ton of housweork (it just is) then I tend to delay the inevitable as long as possible; except this year, Wee Man has deemed the 14th as the appropriate date, sooo, hey-ho a dusting I will go - ugh! I know, I know, it's all fine when it's done, but the thought isn't a pleasant one, really, is it!? Mind you, I have told him that he will be helping or the decs get delayed - hehehe ;)
I'm glad your sale went well, such a good way to make space for more art and to pay for more supplies of course ;)
**hugs** xox

Krisha said...

Wonderful post Tracey!
My tree is up and the GKs decorated it, for the first time ever! But I'm slow in getting everything else decorated this year. So I am right there with ya, not lights outside still all tangled in storage too....LOL

I really like your color pallet this week. Art always makes the soul happy!!

Jo Murray said...

You always get me off to a good start each day Tracey. Very amusing! I'd love to know what the Xmas stuff gets up to when tucked away out of sight...the mind boggles.

Netty said...

Great post Trace and lovely artworks. With or without your decs am wishing you a very Happy Christmas, hugs Annette x

Anonymous said...

Just adoring all the turquoise and blue gradients. Swoon. xox

Rita said...

So glad you are having fun in the studio, even if furball gets you up at the crack of dawn. ;)

Sorry you lost your title.

I'm for the nanny cam! I think those light have hoe down parties and are square dancing around in circles the rest of the year!

Watch out for those ants!! Love and hugs!!
Hey, Phebs!!

Šolanje na domu-Waldorf said...

Great illustrations as always. Love the color combo. :)

Marva Plummer-Bruno said...

Got my cards of your work today! Love them!!! About working in a mess, I work better in a mess. Weird, I know. I cleaned my art room and I haven't been able to do any art in it since!

froebelsternchen said...

so utterly beautiful Tracey!