Friday, 19 December 2014

Girlfriend Club

Every Friday Sinus Man and some mates, who are known affectionately as the girlfriends
 meet at Celtic Corner for a drink or two
Now this whole thing is shrouded in mystery
as whenever we ask what was discussed we are met with nada, nothing, no details
we assume they speak the universal language of men
and grunt at each other and discuss sports type things
while affectionately slinging rubbish in that way that men do when they truly care
Phants and I have discussed that maybe it is all a bit more mysterious
and have spent many an afternoon wondering what may be going down at the bar

Phantom Steve thinks they sometimes sit, have tea and cakes and braid each other's hair
or maybe have a little shrine built to the oracle that is Taylor Swift
or they all secretly speak Russian and discuss complex maths problems,
ways to hack governments, who killed JFK,
how to launch a low cost airline that is actually viable long term
or perhaps they are just having a knitting circle while pondering life's big questions

I tend to think they lean towards scratching their nether parts while burping
or perhaps plotting their takeover of the cricket commentary from the current blokes
of course maybe they are discussing tools and home repairs
which is mildly hilarious as I don't know that Scary is any better in this area than Sinus
I have fond memories of the pair of them trying to assemble a bbq
it took forever and a day and required many beers while the air turned blue
having said that I may be selling a few of the girlfriends short
as I know have no clue whether Brian, Niall or Jase are secretly adept in such areas
and I have no clue because the first rule of girlfriend club
is, of course, never discuss girlfriend club

The fact that I was allowed to do a quick sketch of the bar for Christmas cards from Sinus
feels kind of huge... and they look kind of cool if I do say so myself
The girlfriends meet up today for the last drinks before Christmas
and I feel mildly honoured to have been allowed to have had any small part
of the sacred and mysterious goings on of the men folk

plus I got to use my new Japanese watercolours
which are all sorts of cool and have fabulous strong colours
I do like the large pans, and I also discovered Fineline Masking fluid pens this week
dear god where have these little beauties been my whole life
I have been masking anything that sits still on my desk
well except for this sketch
 and the one of the golf club I am drawing up for Sinus' work cards
and the sketch of the watercolours
so maybe I haven't been using the masking fluid so much at all it turns out

But overestimating masking fluid use aside
I have had fun doing some more structured sketching for the cards
I am enjoying the different style and concentration that it requires
and it is a nice distraction from trying to work out how to put up my post on Monday
which will contain my interview and giveaway for Soul Food 2015

Had I told you all that i was teaching at Soul Food next year?
well I am and I had to do a filmed interview
which in typical me fashion was shot with the ipad the wrong way round
and is slightly off centre and has led to much teasing from Sinus and Phants
regarding my apparently gloriously nasal tones
nasal tones aside I will be running a giveaway for a place in the whole course
so swing by Monday to enter and have a giggle at my chemo tinged spikes called hair
in the mean time I am off to finish the clubhouse painting... happy painting all...xx


Jennifer McLean said...

hey, what a great idea for cards for Sinus! So cool. I'm a little in love with your new watercolors, especially the container they're in. Like you, love the size of each color. Have fun! Hugs to all.

Valerie-Jael said...

Lovely painting, those new colours look good! Valerie

Neesie said...

Guys gatherings are a complete mystery... my guy is off out tonight and the only way I can find out anything is to gentle ask open questions before he crashes in a boozy snoring stupour when he returns!
Love the idea of the cards and those colours are devine. Fantastic paints that make me smile just to look at them.
Can't wait to see your interview on Monday.
Enjoy your weekend :D

Paper rainbow said...

I think you should organise a paint party gatecrash of the Celtic corner to find what goes on there! :)
It looks a very nice place to while away a few hours.... warmest wishes for the festive holidays x

PaintingWrite said...

Tracey this is my favorite ever post of yours right now-girlfriend club-that's hilarious and i laughed at phantom Steve's idea of them braiding each others hair!! Brilliant. What a fantastic painting as well-sinus's mates will be well chuffed to have their watering hole immortalised so beautifully. I didn't know you were doing soul food-so many online at friends are teaching at this next year! I'll Def be along to see your video and try to win a free spot (although honestly i still don't really know what it actually involves! ) xx

Sirkka said...

Lovely works of the girl friend corner! Merry Christmas!

Netty said...

oooh new paints, we love new paints. Love the post and your new artworks Trace. Stopped by to wish you a Happy Christmas and a great New Year. Hugs Annette x

Marianne said...

Beautiful art...
I really love your style.

Unknown said...

Wow .. .looking great, your images and great for you to be a Soul Food Teacher ... I love that ... I am so happy with my Japanese Watercolour You can see them used here

Sinderella's Studio said...

Once again you started my day with a smile. Having sat at the bar wuth the boys many a time, realizing my being there dies change things a bit - they hardly talk to e as Chelsea other. They sit scratch burp and throw out random commentary. My husband says it is just a decompression and bonding thing without anyone calling it that.

Sinderella's Studio said...

Oy I need to proof read before hitting send.

Jackie PN said...

I lol at your descriptive post about the club and the antics!! Or dream-pt up antics, I should say!
Love the watercolor and the cards- what a special gift for the girls-
even if they do scratch and burp- I am sure they will love these cards! xoxo

sheila 77 said...

Your new watercolours sound marvellous - do I need another set of watercolours? Santa?
In my experience (when I was working) guys talk about much the same sort of thing as girls do - maybe more so. Maybe that's just in Scotland. And depends on the guys. I think Phantom Steve has some things right - third, fourth and fifth lines.
Looking forward to seeing your video and following your lesson next year.

Linda Kunsman said...

your new watercolors-and that masking fluid pen sound fabulous and I know you will use them magnificently! LOVE your latest illustrations-they do make great cards! Looking forward to Monday:)

Geckostone said...

OMG I almost choked on my coffee laughing at your post!!!!Your watercolors are beautiful!!! I have to try those masking pens. Deb

Šolanje na domu-Waldorf said...

Your posts are always so entertaining. :) Love your illustrations as well!

Giggles said...

I suspect the girlfriends sit around having grunting Tim the Tool man did!! And bragging about who has the biggest tools! Just my two cents!

Oooh I am excited about seeing you in person...the mystery veil finally lifted... This truly is Christmas for me now!

Wonderful cards they are gorgeous!

Hugs Giggles

Clare Lloyd said...

fab work as always

Catharina Engberg said...

Loved all your new paintings! Merry Christmas to you Tracey!

Marji said...

The Girlfriends will be thrilled with their clubhouse Christmas treat this year. The more structured sketches are really lovely. Those new Japanese water colors are beautiful to look at not to mention what beauty they can bring with your masterful brushes :). Tanqueray? Wondering how it will fit in to the next works :). M.x

Joy Murray said...

Merry Christmas, Tracey! Thanks for all the merriment you share all year long. Your painting is always so lovely and lively. I'm glad you're a part of my reading and art life.

Polly Birchall said...

Sounds like a den of inquity to me!!

TwinkleToes2day said...

Hillarious! You could do stand up comedy I reckon if you ever wanted a second jobb, lol. You never fail to make me smile. The girlfriends will 'totes adorbs' the cards ;)
Your new paints are luscious and look forward to many more posts showing what they can do.
I am totally 'there' on Monday, hoping I can win a spot on Soul Food and to enjoy your interview. Have a great weekend Tracey ((hugs)) xox

Lindsay said...

Heheheh typical men! Your story made me grin... you are a real storyteller I must say. Love the sketches and I think your new watercolors look awesome!

Carol said...

Love the Christmas cards!!!! That's a pretty cool set of watercolors too.. ♥

Rita said...

Those cards are absolutely perfect for the mysterious girlfriend club!! They turned out well as your painting of the card and supplies, of course. Enjoy your SoulFood class and all the ladies. Sounds like fun. :)

Ritu Dua said...

Bright...beautiful and absolutely awesome!

Alexandra MacVean said...

I'm loving your new watercolor set! Ohhhh....I need one of those! Hee Your cards are FABULOUS! Congratulations on the Soul Food! I'm so happy for you and all you've overcome, big sis. Love you very much! xx

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous watercolors of the club. Whatever it is that they do there. LOL xox

Cindy D. said...

Totally beautiful and lively painting of the bar. And your crazy theories about the content of these secret meetings are hilarious. I agree, it's most likely either terribly boring (scratching and burping), or wildly mad (decoding indecent Illuminati communications).

Sandra Busby said...

Ooh... I nearly missed this! The cards are fabulous! And if you do ever work out the mystery of men and what they really get up to when we're not about, do share!!! Xx

JKW said...

The painting is wonderful and will make a very sharp card. Funny, I just found out about masking fluid too. Grief, what a find. Merry Christmas and Blessings,Janet PPF

jane and sisters said...

Thank you for your participation in this amazing workshop process in the new year. I am anticipating having fun and not being so concerned with the outcome.