Wednesday, 17 December 2014

A Few Quick Cuppas ...

I am all fresh and fruity and luscious and lovely just like my tea
 because our new mugs tell me I am
 These cute little mugs from Jamie Oliver were in the supermarket
 and they were just too perfect not to come home
even better is that they have very flat butts on them
which is a great advantage to the chronically clumsy
especially as they have been spending time being balanced on the side of the pool
while we spend the glorious summer days soaking up the sun
and avoiding the fact that Christmas is only a week or so away
since using these as our pool mugs I haven't spilt one drop of tea in the pool
a small Christmas miracle all of its own

Between swims I have squeezed in a few paintings for the Cuppa With Friends Project
I love this one sent in from Annie Marks
I love old ink bottles and thought it would be cool to draw it upside down
so the ink could pour out
of course it may just have been that I drew it on the paper upside down
and I am now covering my arse
but either way I like the end result

  I loved this one from Snap Lane
though this is the mark 2 version
as the first one got dropped in the water container on my desk just as it was almost finished
but for once I didn't curse my lack of coordination... well not too much
as it was a delight to paint up and I feel like I have the colours better this time round 

This final one I post with a heavy heart as Margaret is no longer with us
Sadly she lost her battle with bloody cancer this week
which saddens me more than I can explain
I only wish I had posted this one in time for her to see it
as the lovely emails and thoughts that she sent my way
during my own treatment and recovery meant the world to me
she will be missed...xx


TwinkleToes2day said...

Oh bugga!! Blood cancer is a sh!t to hell and back!! I am sorry for the loss of your friend.

Your cuppas are fantastic, especially the ink one, which is painted perfectly the right way up in my humble opinion, ;) xox

Jennifer McLean said...

Damn! I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend who gave you such comfort over your own treatment. I hate thinking of you in pain and doubly bad, to lose her to damn cancer. I wish we could wipe it from the planet! It's such a scourge. Hugs to you and I'm betting she loves the cups and I'm so happy that making gorgeous painted cups makes you happy Trace.

Carol said...

Sorry for the loss of your friend. It's never easy.
Your cups are fantastic ♥ I love the ink one a lot!!!!

Unknown said...

Un pensiero alla tua amica, le tazze sono bellissime e uniche!!

Neesie said...

If I could have one Christmas wish that would come true I'd wish for Cancer to just be wiped out. It takes so many of our loved ones. I'm so sorry to hear your friend Margaret lost her battle. She'd have loved you painting... its such a beautiful tribute to her.
On a lighter note I love to hear about you bobbing about in your sun filled swimming pool... honest I do! :/
Fantastic art as usual. I'm having such withdrawals because I just can't get to paint at the moment. I must be so unorganised :(
Take care and keep cool (not that you're not cool anyway my friend)

PaintingWrite said...

Oh Tracey i started reading this part in the usual upbeat way of all your posts but I'm so very sorry to hear about your friend. Cancer really is a c word. What a shame she didn't sees the cups you painted for her as they're every bit as lovely as all the others you've posted here. Xx

Sandra Busby said...

Oh no... That is very sad... and for you it must really hit hard :0( Thank God you beat it Tracey and we are all thankful for that! It sounds like she was a lovely person too. You mugs are all beautiful! I have one almost the same as the one with the robin on, but it's pink! I can't imagine swimming in a pool at this time of the year - Too bloody cold!!! I am wearing three layers at the moment and I am indoors!!! xxx

cjsrq said...

Such a lovely tribute to your friend, Tracey. I am so sorry that you have lost a dear friend.

Unknown said...

i'm sorry for the loss of your friend...she would have loved the painting!

Snap said...

So sorry about your friend. She would have loved the cups. Inky is wonderful and thanks for my little bird!
Merry Merry and a big Ho Ho Ho!

Anonymous said...

Oh so sorry about Margaret. She is hopefully seeing your beautiful art from where she is now. Snap's cup is so Snap. I am sure she loves your rendition. Inky coffee on my desk right now. xox

Polly Birchall said...

So sorry to hear about your friend, she would have loved these cups as much as you have painting them.

minnemie said...

Oh Trace...I am so sorry...wish I could hug you...

Jo Murray said...

It's so sad to lose a friend, but she will be remembered with love. Your cups are just great!

alarmcat said...

so sad about your friend...but your paintings are so lovely.

Lynn Cohen said...

Your drawings and cups always delight me Tracey! Love the flowing ink, so important for our drawings.
I'm sorry to hear you too have lost a friend to cancer. My heart goes out to you and I send you my gentle hugs. I too pay tribute on my blog this week to the loss of my Patty. This is the hardest part of life I guess. Saying goodbye to those we love.
Wishing you a warm and happy Christmas, and a Peaceful and healthy New Year!

Linda Kunsman said...

I am so sorry for Margaret's loss of life. Your heartfelt tribute by way of sketching her cups is beautiful Tracey. Your mugs are all just wonderful but I LOVE the clever way you did the ink botttle one!

Rita said...

Sorry your friend did not live to see her beautiful cups painted. All your cup renderings are smile inducing. Hope you stay cool over there. :)

Trece said...

I sent Margaret a card a wee bit ago. Sadly, I don't know if it got there before she died. F*CK C*NCER. And I just learned today that Wendy Pettifer has also just died. Be gone, 2014!!