Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The Cheese Burn ...

Tea cup from Brianne at Sweet Limes
So one week in to the relaunch of the Cuppa Project
and I am already a day late on posting the week's paintings
I actually have a pretty good reason for this for a change
well maybe not a good reason, but a reason other than being half arsed

mug from Brandi Phillips
I had plans to post yesterday
and was on track to share the amazing teacups and mugs
that people have shared for me to paint
when I got the dreaded cheese burn
yep I am that person who seeing dripping hot cheese
oozing out of the side of a grilled cheese sandwich
and tries to catch the molten cheese in two fingers and burns the bejeezus out of them
worst thing was I wasn't even trying to snaffle the cheese as a cooks treat
I was actually trying to save the recently scrubbed kitchen benches from a greasy drip
and scrubbed and gleaming benches deserve to be protected at all costs
those benches had gone a bit feral over the few days I spent battling a plague like flu
which I secretly think I caught via email from a friend who has just had said plague 
and it would appear that no one else in the house knows how to clean down a bench
so once they were all gleaming and shiny again they deserved protecting

mug from Kristin Dudish
so I spent the rest of the day being a tad pathetic
and using it as a glorious excuse for doing bugger all
should I hang out the washing?... nope...cheese burn
should I get in and paint some of the commissions waiting on my desk?... cheese burn
should I answer the fifty squillion emails waiting for attention?
are you kidding ...  I have a cheese burn people
should I fix global warming, or various political nightmares that the news is full of?
well I would except for the fact that I have a dirty great cheese burn

mug from Leslie Armstrong
add to that I got in a sneezing war with the dog due to the sinus nightmare that is spring
and sadly I do believe he won as he managed to get in the last sneeze

plus I spilt my cup of tea, dropped my banana while attempting to peel it one handed
and the house was devoid of chocolate

so it was quite the day and excuse fest wasn't it
plague, lazy arsed daughter, husband, dog sneezes
kamikazi bananas, spilt tea, a chocolate shortage
and most importantly the cheese burn

lets hope today is less action packed
happy painting all...xx

Mug from Debbie from Zenzi B studios


Anonymous said...

I think another possible career move for you would be in providing excuses for anyone for a fee. No two ever alike!

Jackie PN said...

What a great selection!! Does that one really have that rooster hanging off the edge like that?!! Too cool!!
I love each one Tracey! Great job!

Jo Murray said...

Mugs, teacups, and a laugh (at your expense, sadly)... my day is off to a good start.

Joanne said...


Jennifer McLean said...

I hate those damn cheese burns! It would be even worse in a gluten free toasted grilled cheese sandwich. GF bread gets like hot coals so it heats that cheese beyond normal. good excuse for a nothing day , I say. :o)

Sinderella's Studio said...

Like I told you - you make me smile everyday. And even if I don't have the ever threaded cheese burn - I might use that!

TwinkleToes2day said...

Ouchy! Such a silly way to get yourself a 'snow day' tho' Tracey, jeez! Lol. Hope it's feeling better and you can get on with your work ((hugs)) :o) x

Unknown said...

Cheese burn, too funny. I hope your day is much better today. Happy painting. Xx

Darnell said...

You are mad as a box of frogs, my darling! The way you carry on, no one would believe you survived nuclear chemo and cancer!! Then again, we can all admit a cheese burn IS pretty nasty ... love, Darnell

Michellem said...

A cheese burn sounds worse than the dreaded papercut! I'd protect clean surfaces too - at the expense of my own digits!

Boo G said...

I've never heard is called cheese burn but it's the prefect name for it. You once again brought me the first smile of the day. You are so darn funny. I bet you are the best mom. So glad I read the blog because the title didn't go with the lovely cup at the top of the page. I will laugh all day over the kamikazi banana. wa haha ha

Linda Kunsman said...

these cups are just awesome Tracey!! I love how you showcase/frame each one differently. And thanks for putting a huge smile on my face again with your wonderful humor!

Lynn Cohen said...

Love your cups, art, stories, and sending kisses for your darn cheese burn!

Serena Lewis said...

A delightful selection of painted mugs! I think the owl is my fave.

OUCH on the cheese burn, you poor thing! I have a terrible habit of burning the top-side of a finger, or two, on the oven racks. Burns are the worst! :(

Have a beautiful day! xx

Unknown said...

What wonderful pieces of art!I love your excuse.I thought I was the master at making really elaborate excuses for skipping work,but your excuse is wonderfully creative and of course hilarious.By the way I am not laughing at you,the hot cheese must have hurt.

Neesie said...

Ouch! I'd heard that chocolate is fantastic for cheese burns, so no wonder you were suffering with not having any to hand... you poor thing.
I don't want you to think I'm unsympathetic but you've given me such a giggle even at this early hour and we're in for dark rainy weather until at least Monday... so bless you :)
Gorgeous artwork to feast my eyes on such fantastic vibrant colours too. xoxo

Sandra Busby said...

For some reason I kept reading that as Cheese 'Bum' and it took a while to realise the word was actually burn! My brain is playing tricks with me! Love your cups - All so quirky and fun! I am behind with absolutely everything and instead of feeling bad about it, I am just giving myself permission to take a break. It is nearly Christmas after all! :0)

Debbie Nolan said...

Tracey - hope your burn is better today. Amazing how burns can really hurt and cheese really keeps the heat. The tea cups are looking delightful. Take care friend and have a great day.

BLockHEad said...

I want the rise and shine cup!

sheila 77 said...

What a laugh, Tracey. Loved seeing the painted mugs, my favourites are the first and then the second, first is fabulous.
Did you say something about a cheese burn?

Anonymous said...

Got to admit that rise and shine mug is quite fun. Try and stay uninjured for a bit? Or is that too much to ask. Bruises abound from house construction mishaps round here. xox