Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Swifty Paris...

I needed a bit of pretty in my days
so I painted up a bottle of Paris
not that my days have been awful or ugly
I just felt like dipping into some pinks
Pinks have been on my mind as the bougainvillea are blooming like crazy
and the frangipani over the back is in full glorious colour
the smell is amazing and it is a riot of hot pink and orange
and I do love some electric colour
there is never a day that can't be improved with a bit of bright colour 

The day hardly needs improving as it is a studio day
but the colour is a mood lifter anyway
which can be scary as I started in a good mood
and there are times when you can just tip over into the maniacal
not that I believe there is anything wrong with those crazed moods
where you feel like singing but it does worry the daughter and dog
as I am completely and gloriously tone deaf
and I have been playing that bloody Taylor Swift 1989 CD in the studio
so I am slaughtering song after song
with my enthusiastic renditions

There is actually a bigger issue at stake with the whole Taylor Swift thing
as I must admit I have never been a fan
not that I have actively disliked her or anything, just would never have it on in the studio
until this one... it is glorious, unashamed pop music
and I will also come clean and say I may have been a bit wrong about the girl
I used to think she may just give the mutt a run for his money in the lack of brains area
but a bit of instagram and tumblr stalking shows that she may in fact be a genius
she is witty, she bakes, she takes adorable photos with her parents and pets
and she has no trouble making fun of herself
I may have to agree with Phants and consider that she may in fact be an oracle
and it may be going a touch far but you never know
good Old Swifty is a surprise packet
and she made painting this up a breeze

So with the ipod on repeat I am off to go and attack some of the teacups and mugs
I have drawn up this morning
happy painting all...xx


Maria Medeiros said...

One of my favorite perfumes! :D Lovely!

Sinderella's Studio said...

I now must go get the cd. ;)

Jennifer McLean said...

Isn't it funny how we elderly..ehhemmm, seem to have a little prejudice against the younger singers. I'd bet she is a smart little thing. I mean, anyone who can write her own songs when she's but an infant then I'd have to think I'm just getting too old. GOD, I hate admitting that but I have to as I turn up the TV again!! Hugs sweetie, and to all.

Barbara Dane Lapins said...

What you do with pen and watercolor is wonderful! I can feel the texture of the glass. And the color - a jolt of pleasure, very much appreciated with the frigid cold weather we are having with only a few remaining colorful fall leaves stubbornly holding on to their branches.

VonnyK said...

I have to admit, I used to cringe when I heard Taylor Swift, too country for me but now she's more pop I like her too. Lovin the pinks in the perfume bottle, so much like spring.
Von xx

Belinda Basson said...

PINK! Now that is my colour. Getting my hair re-done in a week or so to honor My friend Claire on the anniversary of her death on the 8th. As for Paris, I am not a perfume feind, but I do love the city! Brings back wonderful memories of being their with my DH 15 years ago. Oh what it was to be young and in love!

PaintingWrite said...

Couldn't agree more wuth you on the vibrant colour thing-it sounds amazing there with alk those flowers in Bloom. You know it's funny i almost bought that cd the other day but in the end i got one that P!nk Just made in collaboration with a fellas called dallas green. It's all acoustic and Dolly-really gorgeous but anyway I digress-we saw Taylor Swift on the Graham Norton show recently and she was really funny and wiry and totally down to earth and i have to admit i love her shake it off song so maybe I'll get her cd after all! Also can't wait fire meagan trainir's Cd to come out-you know that song all about the bass-i love it! As for Paris-that makes me think of many years ago when my friend used to wear it-it was quite strong if i remember correctly but lovely? I love the colours -gorgeous coral-i think this might be my favourite bottle so far.

PaintingWrite said...

God i really need to spell check! Wuth is obviously with, Dolly should be folky, wiry is witty and fire is for!!

Anonymous said...

Always a laugh here. I used to think she was a bit of a ditz, but I too have changed my opinion. She seems rather quite nice. I don't listen to her music much but singing away is a good thing tone deaf or not. Lovely pinks. xox

Sandra Busby said...

Ooooh... Do I recognise one of those tea-cups...? I LOVE your pink perfume!! I once painted a whole sketchbook page in pink, just to uplift my day - and it worked! There is something about pink that is so cheery - There is no doubt I am a girly girl - and I will happily murder a Taylor Swift song too! "I knew yoooou were trouble when you walked i-iiin... so shame on you yeah..." Tra-lala-lalaa... Yes, my guilty shame!! ;0)

Jackie PN said...

What beautiful color!! I do not know the parfume - but could almost smell it through your painting!")

Anonymous said...

What is the pink you used? I love Opera Pink and found it was fugitive and so am looking for another bright pink!