Friday, 7 November 2014

But It's A Dugong ...

Sometimes I get to the end of the week and it is a bit tough
 to find something to write about and illustrate
 not often mind you, but it does happen
 this week was not one of those weeks
it opened with a very frustrating discussion with Sinus Man about this new tea infuser
I showed him and commented how not much makes me happier than a good tea pun
which led to a bit of a puzzled look and head scratching from Sinus

the ensuing conversation went something like this

look at the newest infuser thingy ... I love a good tea pun infuser don't you?
tea pun? ... it's a dugong where is the tea pun in that?
it is a manatee...  spelled m-a-n-a-t-e-a...  get it
but a manatee is a dugong right
yes, well at least I think it is, if they aren't the same thing they are pretty bloody close
so it IS a dugong...  a dugong isn't tea pun related you know
but its not a dugong it is a mantea
but you just said they are the same thing, so it is a dugong
for the purposes of tea drinking it shall remain a manatee in my eyes
you mean a dugong pretending to be a manatee...

at which point I threw my hands in the air and retreated back to the studio
mind you that might have been his plan all along
as he was doing some serious couch surfing while watching 50 sports channels at once

other possible blog topics this week included the dog being in a weird reclining phase
that is seeing him lying constantly on his back... legs straight up in the air
he looks slightly like a cow that has been tipped
but I secretly think is allowing his very smelly bottom burps greater room penetration
which is leading to eye watering stench value

plus the first mangoes are in the market
which leads to sneaky sniffing of the fruit
in the hopes of getting that first waft of wonderful summer scent
 you can look a bit odd taking in gulping snozfulls of the fruit
so you have to be a bit stealth about it
but at least I wasn't the only one I spotted doing it the other day
and while I admit the gentleman I saw doing it looked decidedly mad
he went for the two handed major sniffage and sigh
whereas I went for the casual passing sniff
which I am sure I carried it off with style and charm

plus I finished drawing and painting up some artichokes which means that all week
I have had Sinus' stupid artichoke joke in my head
no I am not going to tell you the joke because it is truly appalling
plus if I did then Sinus would take it as a sign that he was secretly hilarious
and much bad joke telling would ensue
and I am not quite ready to forgive him the manatea/ dugong debate just yet

happy painting all...xx


Jennifer McLean said...

Hahahahahahahahaa! Seriously, can I have a life like yours?? Even if I can just borrow the mutt for a little while, I'd have blog fodder for YEARS. It is a Manatee, you win.;o)

TwinkleToes2day said...

I'm with Jenn, it is a manatee, lol.
Your blogposts are wondrous, and tonics for all ails! Doctors should be prescribing them, like, read two blog posts to releive slight stress, three, for stress & a headache, four for snotty cold and a headache.......well you get the idea. Everyone would be much happier. Mabe not cured, but happier about feeling sick, lol. ((hugs)) xx

Jackie PN said...

omgosh- I laughed so much and so loud that my channel surfer had to come into my studio to see what was making my so giddy!!! Tracey, a superb post!! And the pooch pose? Now I know why my pup does it!
you made my day!
hugs xoxo

Krisha said...

ROTFLOL!!! What a hilarious post, I almost choked while laughing so hard! Great always.

Have a great weekend!

Marji said...

The perfume bottle is stupendous and the artichokes - well, amazing is almost close to what they are. I didn't know manatees had cute smirks like this one nor did I know they are also called a dugong - no matter - who wouldn't love a manatea to share studio time with!? ♥♥ it all! M.x

Unknown said...

You are so funny and always make me smile.I was thinking about you just yesterday and you remind me of an author called Erma Bombeck.I think you should totally write a book .With your illustrations and funny stories ,it will be a sure shot hit.

ann @ studiohyde said...

LOL ...your posts are always a delight to read and enjoy your artwork :-)

Unknown said...

It is not only great sense of humor in your posts but fantastic world of illustrations as well. Thank you for sharing with us.

PaintingWrite said...

I've never heard of a dugong-is it an Australian thing? Because I've never heard of it, you're right is a manatee -which i absolutely love-they'd adorable as is your tea infuser. I want to know the artichoke joke. Brodie often lies with her legs straight up-we think she looks like a startled goat-google fainting goats they're hilarious! I dint think it's for dating purposes though as sometimes she makes a little pimp and actually turns round to look at her own bottom in confusion! ! Beautiful artwork as always Tracey-your perfume bottles are stunning.

PaintingWrite said...

God autocorrect melts my head! Dating should be farting!! Lol!

Sirkka said...

Lovely art work of yours!

BLOGitse said...

hahahah :) what a post with your amazing works!
Manatee is 'manaatti' in Finnish but we don't have manatea! :) :)

my blog - > BLOGitse

My name is Erika. said...

Nice story. Made me smile! Great drawings. You have a talent for tea things...and I really like that!

Margarita said...

Ja, ja... Brillante su juego de palabras. Decididamente es un manatea. No haga caso de marido frente a televisión. Usted me alegra este viernes con su humor y sus dibujos, Tracey. Y no, no le sirva el manatea, ja, jaaaa...


Sandra Busby said...

Well I have seen a Manatee when we were in Florida, but I have never even heard of a Dugong before! So yes, it is definitely a Manatee! Dugong is just some random made up word, surely?
Sherlock spends his whole life upside down. I think he was an Australian dog in his last life which would explain it! But you are right, it does have definite disadvantages, particularly when he has his but on my lap directly under my nose! I swear Codi wasn't like that... It's got to be a man thing! ;0)

Nordljus said...

What a wonderful infuser! So sweet. I only know them as manatee, so that must be the right one :) Is that a Moleskine watercolour sketchbook you're using? I really like how you're composing your paintings in this format.

Faye said...

Love the manatee infuser. I guess I have a low sense of humor because I have always loved puns. Your artichoke painting even without the joke is beautiful.

Linda Kunsman said...

I know when I come here there will always be laughs, that wonderful wry humor of yours, and more gorgeous art! those artichokes are amazing and I love that manatee and mug-what fun!

Jo Murray said...

Hi Tracey...your blog is always good for a laugh...sometimes at just the right time. Your manatea, both real and drawn, is so amusing. Where did you find it?

Carol said...

I know I can always count on you to bring a smile to my face :) You've made a otherwise dreary day down right sparkly ♥

peggy gatto said...

I have your dog's cousin!!!
Always love your art and enjoy my visits!!

Christine said...

Lovely art Tracey! said...

Ha! Never ever heard of a dugong, so it must be a manatee! You tell him your readers have voted in your favour! Awesome paintings as usual too :)

Giggles said...

Man tea...what could be better? Love the play on words.. such fun are you and your schnauze man!! Obviously the happy sniffers!! And the artwork is a super bonus to all the fun happening at your house! Now I have a craving for Artichokes! Mango salad is on the menu for tomorrow!

Hugs Giggles

Michellem said...

Silly man!! While I knew the word dugong, I don't think anyone in America uses it. BTW - according to Wickipedia the Dugong and Manatee are in the same animal order but aren't the same animal. I do believe the Dugong is even uglier. . .
We were able to enjoy seeing Manatees in Blue Springs, FL one day. Amazing sight!

Unknown said...

Your to funny... Love your blog and of course your illustrations. So glad I discovered Friday paintings

JKW said...

The little guy (tea defuser is adorable. I would want tea all the time just so I could see him. Blessings, Janet PPF

Anonymous said...

Sweet tea pun, not so sweet pup with his perfuming the room with noxious gasses. Mind come around and sit next to me for that beloved act then promptly walk away. xox